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  • CENTURY8503 Hilltop Dr., Ooltewah, TN 37363toll-free: 800/292-0330phone: 423/238-4171 fax: 423/238-5371email: [email protected] website: www.millerind.comcontact: sales department

    CHEVRON INC.7320 West Market St., Mercer, PA 16137toll-free: 800/886-6400phone: 724/981-7500 fax: 724/981-4425email: [email protected]: www.chevroninc.comcontact: Debra Liston

    CLIFFSIDE BODYP.O. Box 206, Fairview, NJ 07022phone: 201/945-3970 fax: 201/945-7534email: [email protected]: www.cliffsidebody.comcontact: Warren Greenwald

    DETROIT WRECKER SALES 19630 Fitzpatrick Rd., Detroit, MI 48228toll-free: 877/TOW-0030fax: 313/835-4838email: [email protected]: www.detroitwrecker.comcontact: Mike Farrell

    DUAL-TECH INC.540 Industrial Dr., Bean Station, TN 37708toll-free: 800/852-0345phone: 865/767-3456 fax: 865/767-3454email: [email protected]: www.dual-techinc.comcontact: Jo Ann Roberts

    DYNAMIC TOWING EQUIPMENT &MANUFACTURING INC.1120 East Brambleton Ave., Norfolk, VA 23504toll-free: 800/831-9299phone: 757/624-1360 fax: 757/622-0028email: [email protected]: www.dynamictow.comcontact: Anthony GentileShelly Schultz 757/803-4712

    HIDE-A-LIFT3058 320th St., Hull, IA 51239toll-free: 800/634-9340phone: 712/439-2236 fax: 712/439-2616email: [email protected]: www.hidealift.comcontact: Lee Bomgaars

    HOLMES8503 Hilltop Dr., Ooltewah, TN 37363toll-free: 800/292-0330phone: 423/238-4171 fax: 423/238-5371email: [email protected]: www.millerind.comcontact: sales department

    HY-TECH RECOVERY EQUIPMENT INC.3225 Reagan Dr., Ft. Worth, TX 76116toll-free: 800/969-8246phone: 817/560-4610 fax: 817/560-4611website: www.sneekerlift.comcontact: Tom Fox

    JERR-DAN CORPORATION 13224 Fountain Head Plaza, Hagerstown, MD 21742-2678toll-free: 800/926-9666phone: 717/597-7111 fax: 717/593-6184email: [email protected] website: www.jerrdan.comcontact: sales department

    KALYN SIEBERT L.P.1505 West Main, P.O. Box 1078, Gatesville, TX 76528toll-free: 800/525-9689 phone: 254/865-7235 x235 fax: 254/865-7234 email: [email protected]: www.kalynsiebert.comcontact: Wes Chandler

    KILAR FABRICATION INC.2616 North Main, Hubbard, OH 44425phone: 330/534-8961 fax: 330/534-8969email: [email protected]: www.kilar.cccontact: Bill Kilar

    LANDOLL CORPORATION 1900 North St., Marysville, KS 66508toll-free: 800/428-5655phone: 785/562-5381 fax: 785/562-4893email: [email protected]: www.landoll.comcontact: Jim Ladner

    LIFT AND TOW7660 Molly Pitcher Hwy., Shippensburg, PA 17257toll-free: 866/494-6500phone: 717/532-5558 fax: 717/300-3495email: [email protected]: www.liftandtow.comcontact: Cal Roth

    LIFT N LOCKphone: 913/238-4157email: [email protected] website:

    METRO TOW TRUCKS2759 Lancaster RoadOttawa, Ontario, Canada K1B 4V8toll-free: 866/924-1675phone: 613/223-0139 fax: 613/731-0653email: [email protected]: www.metrotowtrucks.comcontact: Nicholas Coad

    MILLER INDUSTRIES 8503 Hilltop Dr., Ooltewah, TN 37363toll-free: 800/292-0330phone: 423/238-4171 fax: 423/238-5371email: [email protected]: www.millerind.comcontact: sales department

    NRC INDUSTRIES INC.2430 Rue Principale, St-Paul dAbbotsfordQuebec, Canada J0E 1A0phone: 450/379-5796 fax: 450/379-5995email: [email protected]: www.nrc-industries.comcontact: Stephan Pigeon

    RATLER MANUFACTURING41 Granger Ave., ScarboroughOntario, Canada M1L 3K9toll-free: 888/887-7972phone: 416/285-1876email: [email protected]:

    TALBERT MANUFACTURING INC.1628 West State Rd., Rensselaer, IN 47978phone: 219/866-7141 fax: 219/866-7060email: [email protected]: www.talbertmfg.comcontact: Greg D. Smith

    TRAIL-EZE TRAILERSP.O. Box 1188, Mitchell, SD 57301toll-free: 800/232-5682phone: 605/996-5571 fax: 605/996-5572email: [email protected]: www.traileze.comcontact: Jan Oehlerking

    UNITED RECOVERY1443A US Hwy. 17S, Elizabeth City, NC 27909phone: 252/264-2300 fax: 252/264-2395 email: [email protected]: www.unitedrecoveryind.comcontact: Bill Benfer

    VULCAN EQUIPMENT COMPANY INC. 8503 Hilltop Dr., Ooltewah, TN 37363toll-free: 800/489-2401phone: 423/238-7227 fax: 800/960-6667email: [email protected]: www.millerind.comcontact: sales department

    ZACKLIFT INTERNATIONAL INC.1102 East First St., Cle Elum, WA 98922phone: 509/674-4426 fax: 509/674-5267email: [email protected]: www.zacklift.comcontact: Karl Bardroff



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    m a n u f a c t u r e r s h o w c a s emanufacturer index & showcases

    carriers 8,000 - 19,000 lb. deck capacity

    54 w w w . t o w t i m e s . c o m O C T O B E R 2 0 1 1 S O U R C E B O O K S E C T I O N


    Century has continued to lead the industry with itsLCG carrier that provides both lower deck height andload angle. The LCG is available in both steel andaluminum with many different options such as theSST (solid sloped tail) that lowers the load angle anadditional 3-1/2 degrees. Ease of loading andsecuring the load along with being able to transporttaller loads and provide better stability on the roadare a few of the advantages of the LCG. Call800/292-0330 or visit


    Chevron offers a complete line of carriers available inboth steel and aluminum. The popular Series 12 and16 LCG models provide 5 to 7 lower deck heightalong with a lower load angle. For those extra hard-to-load, low-clearance autos, the New Generation 2LoadRite with its unique drop deck design lowers theload angle an additional 3 degrees. Call 800/886-6400 or visit

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    ufacturersmanufacturer showcases

    carriers 8,000 - 19,000 lb. deck capacityDETROIT WRECKER SALES

    Detroit Wrecker Sales is home of the Low-Loader, thelowest load angle of any American-built car carrier.3-1/2 degree load angle. Visit us, check out our videos onYou Tube or call 877/TOW-0030.

    carriers 8,000 - 19,000 lb. deck capacity


    Jerr-Dans Pioneer family of aluminum carriers isexceptionally engineered, tough and reliable. With10,000-lb. capacities, these carriers feature Jerr-Dans exclusive, maintenance-free, No-Lube Best-In-Class carrier subframe. Every major joint requiresno lubrication for the life of the carrier. Decklengths of 19, 20 and 21 Deck widths of 96 and102 No-Lube slide pads on subframe Best-In-Class workmanship, paint finish and hose/harnesstracking system. Call 800/926-9666 or


    The XLP-6 series is available with 21 and 22 steel and aluminum decks, including the dualangle Shark models. The XLP-6 features a low profile subframe that lowers the deck height to approximately 8 above the frame rail andprovides greatly-improved load angles. Wheninstalled on a chassis with a 32 deck height, aconventional deck produces a load angle of 10.5degrees, while a dual angle deck has a load angle ofonly 8 degrees. All XLP-6 models have a 12,000-lb. deck capacity and can be equipped with a new 3,500-lb. wheel-lift. Call 800/926-9666 or visit


    NRC builds and designs steel carriers ranging from10,000 to 40,000 lbs., engineered to give youstrength, performance and safety. Combined with thelower deck stabilizer grips, the NRC Roller Guide isan exclusive and easy-to-use piece of equipment thatallows you to complete efficient and safe recoveries.As seen above, the 10,000-TB decks range from 18to 21 in length, and can hold a capacity of10,000-lbs. Call 450/379-5796or visit

    carriers 8,000 - 19,000 lb. deck capacity carriers 20,000 -25,000 lb.

    deck capacityUNITED RECOVERY

    United Recovery Industries introduces the LDS SeriesCarrier. LDS offers the very best in its class, featuresand construction. 19, 21 and 22 decks areconstructed of 3/16 smooth-deck with tubular crossmember giving a deck rating of 12,000-lbs. The LDSoffers low maintenance synthetic wear padsthroughout and grease fitting on all moveable parts.LDS is designed with one of the strongest subframesin its class. Call 252/264-2300 or


    Vulcan offers a complete line of quality steel andaluminum carriers with the features and options tomeet your transport needs. Vulcans LCG (LowCenter of Gravity) and the Vulcan Extreme Angle witha 6.5 degree load angle are two of the most popularmodels. Call 800/489-2401 or


    To solve your multi-use transportation needs,Century has introduced a complete line of 3- and 4-car carriers. Available with a steel or aluminum over-the-cab rack and longer bed lengths in sizes from 22to 30 along with a wheel-lift or tow bar for the idealmulti-car hauler to fit your application.Call 800/292-0330 or visit

    S O U R C E B O O K S E C T I O N O C T O B E R 2 0 1 1 w w w . t o w t i m e s . c o m 55


    Dual-Tech proudly offers a complete line of our well-knowncarriers that continue to provide the best possible load angleand lowest deck height in the industry. The newest carrierfrom Dual-Tech is the 8103 series which is a cost-effectivesteel unit in 19 or 21 lengths. The 1240 series features 102wide bed, removable rails, low deck height and ease ofoperation as standard options. Deck capacities for carriermodels are available up to 20,000 lbs. These U.S.A. builtcarriers are made for years of demanding daily use andtrouble-free operation. For more information visit our websiteat or call us toll free at 800/852-0345fo