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Manual de Usuario de equipo de potenciales evocados.

Text of EP10 Potenciales Evocados

  • Evoked Potential V10.012/09/2001

  • 2 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

  • 3 Potenciales Evocados V10.0


    DESCRIPTION Page #Index 3

    Evoked Potential main window 5

    Heading Bar, Status Bar, Menus Bar 6

    Menus, File Menu 7-8Record Menu 9Edit Menu 10 11View Menu 12 13Tools Menu 14 17SetUp Menu 18 19Help Menu 20Start Collection 21

    Quick Keys Help 23

    Electrodes 24-26

    Technical Specifications 27-29

    Install the Software 30PCMCIA Installation 31-32Setting Up the equipment, externalconnection


    Front and Back Pannel, Headbox 37Front and Back Pannel, 4 channel Headbox 38Footstand Adapter 39

    Troubleshooting 41

  • 4 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

  • 5 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

    Evoked Potential main window

    Context MenuDisplay Area

    Heading Bar Menus Bar



    Status Bar Waveform Display area

    Active Waveform

  • 6 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

    Heading Bar

    Status Bar

    Menus Bar

  • 7 Potenciales Evocados V10.0



    File Menu

    New Ctrl + NOpen Ctrl + OCloseClose AllSave Ctrl + SSave AllSelect Print ItemsPrint Ctrl + PPrint PreviewPrint SetupUltimos 8 estudios abiertosrecientementeExit Ctrl + X

    NewIn this option you can start a new study. Select the File menu>new option>a windowwill appear with the information that you must fill for the patient.Surname, name, date of the study, clinical info.Press OK.

    OpenIn this option you will open the file that you want to review.The system automatically will open the folder where the files are saved, PUD.You can select one or more waveforms to view on the screen, select all the waveformthat you wish to see in the same study and open all together.You can select more than one waveform in the same time as you have the option in thewindows programs.Select the File>Open> and select one waveform press the shift key and move the down-up arrow or with a click of the mouse, the selectable waveform will appear on thewaveform display area.

  • 8 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

    CloseIn this option you can close one by one the active waveform, select the one that youwant to close with the arrows, the waveform turns active when it changes the color tored.Select the file menu>close> the active waveform will disappear.

    Close AllSame as the last option, but closes all the waveform presented in the waveform displayarea.Before to close, the system will ask you to save the study and automatically will openthe window save in the correct folder, if you dont want to save changes exit of thiswindow.

    SaveSave the active waveform.

    Save allSave all the waveforms that presented in the waveform display area

    Select Print ItemsFrom this option you can select the information that you want to be printed.You can select Waveforms, Parameters and Patient Information. If you have the threeoptions with the mark 4three options will be printed. If you want to print just one ofthese three options tip out the option you dont want to print.

    4 WaveformParameters

    4 Patient Information

    PrintPrints the study

    Print PreviewThis option allows you to have a view of the study previously to print it and set theposition, weight etc.

    Print SetupAllows you to set the configuration of the printer, paper size etc.

    ExitExits of the application

  • 9 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

    Record Menu

    ContinueOverwriteStart NextStudy TypeInput ChannelImpedance Test

    ContinueContinue the active waveform increasing the existing average number.Continuos the collection in the waveform that you where doing or in other that youchoose.

    OverwriteOverwrite active waveform and begin a new collection from average number = 0.

    Start NextUsing this option you start a new waveform and it will be the new active.The extension name of this waveform will be increased automatically. For example, ifyou begin a study called Peter and you start more than one waveform the newwaveforms you will begin with this option will be called Peter.000, Peter.001, Peter.002etc.

    Change Study TypeUsing this option you can change the Study Type to use during the study.Record Menu > Change Study Type > a box will appear with a displayed list includingall the study type the program have as default and all the study type you have madebefore. Select the option OK and the study type will change automatically, you areready to begin a new collection.

    Input ChannelFrom this option, it allows you to define channels for the signal input.

    Impedance TestYou can see the impedance value of each electrode in Kohms.If you are sure that the reference and ground electrodes have good contact to the patientand the system gives you values out of accepted you must chek:

    1. Using same material electrodes (NO mixed electrodes)2. Low quality of materials or electrodes3. You are using good quality conductive paste

  • 10 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

    Edit Menu

    Patient InfoPatient ReportReport TemplateMontageNoteNew Full Screen DIBOpen DIBs

    Patient InfoHere it will appear a window to add the information of the patient.-Surname and Name-Date of study-Study Number-Clinical Info

    Patient ReportSelecting this option the PNK software will open the Microsoft Word or WordPad(what you have installed on your computer) and will generate a new word file called asthe study filename, for example Peter.rep.The file will be saved on the PUD folder except you specify a new folder.

    Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Company.

    Report TemplatesYou have the possibility of using a template to write the report. Remember that youhave to have on view the study you will wite the epot of.Once you select this option the open box will appea showing the DOT files.You can change the template and save it wiht anothe name or with the same.This is an useful tool to have the template achived with your clinic, institution andaddres. When you open it you only will fill it with the patient information and studyanalysis. In thisd templates you have the possibility to add the BMP Graphic Screen.

    MontageSlecting this option will appear a box where you can type the montage name you usedfor the collection. This information will appear in the Status Bar.

    Edit NoteEach trace may have a different note. It is possible to write or change the note of theactive waveform.You have two possibilities to edit or write a new note, one is using this menu and theother one is using the contextual menu.You must be sure you are inserted the Note to the active waveform and after you haveinserted the Note Save the active trace.

  • 11 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

    New Full screen DIBSelecting this option you will create a New BMP graphic screen caption.Select EDIT Menu > New Full screen DIB, the save file box will appear automatically.Write down a name for the new file. It will be saved in the C:\AKODATA\EP folder.Press the Save button.

    Open DibSFrom this option you will open the graphic screen captions that you have done before.The open file box will be open in the corresponding folder automatically,C:\AKODATA\EP in which the graphic screen are. The extension of the files is DIB.Select one or more than one file. Use the mouse only with a click or by keeping pressedthe SHIFT key and clicking over the others.Select the Open button.The Microsoft Paint program will be open, this program cames in standard way with theWindow but if you have another kind of digital imaging graphic program you can usethem to view and reformat the image. Microsoft Paint is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

    Other way to work with graphic screen imagesPrevious to work you have to select an area doing a click on the beginning point andtake the mouse up to the point you want it finished. It will be shown a line box outsidethe area. When you left the button on the right of this box will appear a menu with twooptions:

    Copy to ClipboardThis option is for copiyng the area in a part of the computer memory.When you select this option you have to open other program where you want or canpaste the copy you have done. It could be for example: Microsoft Word, AdobePhotoshop etc.You must copy and paste inmediatly because only one copy is keeped in the computermemory.

    New DIBAs in the last option you can generate a new BMP graphic file but just of the selectedarea. The procedure is the same as in New Full Screen DIB.Its no necesary to paste this file inmediatly you done it. It is achived in the same folderas other graphic screen files are saved. You will be able to use it whenever you want.

  • 12 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

    View Menu

    ToolbarStatus barSelect New ColorChange Trace Color


    Keeping this option you have the possibility to have a quick acces to the tools we showyou in this menu.

    New File

    Open File

    Print File

    Save File

    Waveform Superpoesition

    Equal Spaced Waveforms

    Moves the waveform UP in the waveform display areaYou can also move the waveform UP by selecting the active waveform,making a click over the number keeping the key mouse press and moving UPto the point you want.Moves the waveform DOWN in the waveform display areaYou can also move the waveform DOWN by selecting the active waveform,making a click over the number keeping the key mouse press and movingDOWN to the point you wantIncrease the amplitude of the active waveform

    Decrease the amplitude of the active waveform

    Inverts the wave of the active waveform

    Continue the collection in the astarted register or in a new register

    Overwrite the active waveform starting a new collection over the channel

    Begin a new collection and add it automatically in the waveform displayareaPresents the marks previously setted in the active waveform

    Edits the marks inserted before

    Status Bar

  • 13 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

    Selecting this option you can see or not this information bar that is presented on thebottom of the screen. Once selected this option it must have a mark for been visible 4

    The color of the waveform are possible to be set from this menu.

    Select New ColorOnce the study has started you will see the trace on the screen in the color that you haveset the last time you have used the program.From this option you can set the color of the new trace you will use and this will keep itby default.

    Change Trace ColorAt the beginning of the study the trace will be shown in the color you have set before.Selecting this option you can change the color in the same trace the times you want.

  • 14 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

    Tools Menu

    Waveform SuperpositionEqual Spaced WaveformsWaveform UPWaveform DNDisplay x UPDisplay x DNInversionShow MarksShow Marking ValuesEdit MarksDigital FilterFourier

    All the available options of the Tools Menu can be open and used by clicking onContext Menu Area with the right key of the m.

    Waveform SuperpositionIn this option you can make a waveform superposition of all the waveform presented inthe waveform display area

    Equal Spaced WaveformsIf you did a waveform superposition of all the presented waveform in the display area,with this option you returned the waveforms to their position in the display area.

    Waveform UPThis option moves the selected waveform UP in the waveform display area.You have this option available in this menu, in the Tool Bar using the correspondingbutton and make a click over the contextual menu area keep the button preseed and takethe wavveform up to the position you want.

    Waveform DNThis option moves the selected waveform DN in the waveform display area.You have this option available in this menu, in the Tool Bar using the correspondingbutton and make a click over the contextual menu area keep the button preseed and takethe wavveform up to the position you want.

    Waveform Display x UPSelecting this option you will increase the amplitude of the selected waveform in thedisplay area.You have this option available in this menu, in the Tool Bar using the correspondingbutton and make a click over the contextual menu area keep the button preseed and takethe wavveform up to the position you want.

  • 15 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

    To change marks position: Having the Edit Marks box open in the screen, you can make a click over the mark you want to change

    position, keep the button pressed and move the line up to the desired position. Selecting the Tools Menu > the Edit Marks option > and changing the numeric values.

    Waveform Display x DNSelecting this option you will decrease the amplitude of the selected waveform in thedisplay area.

    InversionThis allows you to invert the waveform, this will invert the active waveform. If youwant to return to the before position, select this option again

    Show MarksSelecting this option the software will present on the waveform display area and overthe active waveform the marks. Marks could be set up in the Study Type option fromthe SetUp menu.Marks will appear automatically and by default the label of each one will be saw inroman numbers.

    Show Marking ValuesSelecting this option you will see the latency values over each mark.

    Edit MarksIf the mark insertion isnt correct or you want to change it, you can select this optionand a box will appear with this different option:

    From this box you are able to:- Define the mark visible or not (Enabled 4)- Show the line of the marks or not (Show Line)- Increase or decrease the line length of the marks- Shows the label and value of the selective mark above or below the line (Line UP)- Change the LABEL Name of the selective mark. This name is presented in roman

    numbers automatically.- Change the differencies between marks.

  • 16 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

    Fourier-Previous to select Fourier Option you have to set the desired waveform to make theanalysis active. The selected waveform will be highlight with a red box.-Select the Tools Menu-Select the Fourier option-The program will present you

    -The horizontal Axis: Hz.-The Vertical Axis: uV2-The Power Spectrum

    In the First Line appear theFilename and the selected waveformThis is, for example:

    Alfred.000 or Alfred.001

    As it is shown in the graphic.

    In the First Line appear theFilename and the selected waveformThis is, for example:

    Alfred.000 or Alfred.001

    As it is shown in the graphic.

  • 17 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

    To select another waveform and make the FOURIER analysis you have to open thewaveform from the corresponding file, once the waveform is opened select the ToolsMenu > FOURIER option.

    The software allows you to have more than one waveform opened and from differentsfiles, so you can have them open and turn active the one you want to make theFOURIER analysis.

  • 18 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

    Setup Menu

    Notch Filter 50Hz. 60 Hz.Study TypeWarning (Save)Technical Select Interface

    Select StimulatorSelect AmplifiersCalibrate Zero

    Notch FilterFrom this option you can select the Notch Filter between 50 or 60 Hz. According to thecountry you are working in. The filter could be activated or not from the InformationBar DATA.

    Study TypeFrom this option the system allows you to edit or create a new study type and it is addedauthomatically to the studies type list.In this box appears:Options:- NEW - It will create a new study type- APPLY It will apply the changes you have selected for the selected study

    type or for the new study type you have created.- CLOSE Close the box- DELETE It will delete permanently the selected study type.

    To create a new study type once you have selected the NEW option or to change theparameters of one study you have this option:- Analysis Time- Channel #- Amplifiers parameters- Register parameter- Stimulus parameter: Visual, Auditory, and Somatosensory- Marks From this box you can set the marks to insert them automatically in the

    study by selecting the Show Marks option or using the Tools bar button.

  • 19 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

    Warning (Save)Keeping this option active with a tick on its side, the system will display a box with thefollowing message:SAVE ACTIVE WAVEFORMSave Changes in: C:\AKODATA\filename.000

    You can select SAVE: To save the trace which name is shown in the box.Option CLOSE, with this option the program will ask you if you have saved thechanges.Close All option: If you select this option this box will appear with any study you haveopen.

    The CLOSE ALL option will save all the opened studies without asking with each one.

    CANCEL: This option will cancel the changes and will not save anything.

    If the Warning (SAVE) option wasnt activated, no message will appear asking to savethe changes made to the study.In this case you have to be careful to remember if the changes were saved or not.

    TechnicalThis option is for being used by technicians.Select Interface It will select the Interface that the equipment will work withSelect Stimulator It will select the Stimulator type that the system will work with.Select the Amplifier Type It will select the Amplifier type that the system will workwithCalibrate Zero

  • 20 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

    Help Menu

    Help TopicsManual English

    SpanishCalendarCalculatorContact AkonicAbout EP

    Help TopicsYou have in this option a complete help on line.You are able to search in alphabetic order or item order.

    Manual. Once you select this option, the program will open the Adobe Acrobat Reader.If you dont have it installed on your PC it is easy to find on the internet in Adobe.com.The manual is accessible in English or Spanish, just select the option you want forreading or printing it.

    Then you will find tools that will help you to calculate measurements know dates in thecalendar and take notes.

  • 21 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

    Start CollectionOnce you have the Software installed, you add the electrodes to the patient:

    Select the record menu > the Input channel option

    Select the channel wich will be used in the study.Select the Record menu > Impedance test optionThis option will show the impedance of each electrode in Kohms.If you are sure that the reference electrode and ground electrode are well connected andvalues are out of the accepted values check the following items:-Same material electrodes-Low quality of electrodes-Good adhesive paste quality

    Select the File Menu > New option, it will appear a new box called Patient Informationwhere the patient information could be addedName SurnameStudy #Study DatePrevious studiesAfter you write all the desired information press the OK button.

  • 22 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

    Stimulus Type:Photic - PatternVisual stimulus parameters

    It will appear a new window with a study types list, you must select one (The study typemust be defined before from the SetUP menu)During the collection the Information Bar shows you the parameters that are being usedand are set according to the study type you have selected.Those parameters are possible to be changed during the study. In this bar are shown 4options:


    Stimulus Frequency


    High Frequency Filter HZLow Frequency Filter HZSensitivity

    Average # This is the number of average where the study stops automatically. Youcan set this number in the Setup Menu.

    Rejected # This is the number of rejects that the collection had. The study dontaverage them.

    Display X This is the information about the quantity of times that you increase theamplitude of the selected waveform.

    Cursor 1 Latency 1 valueCursor 2 Latency 2 valueDiff Value of the difference between cursor 1 and cursor 2Amplitude Amplitude between cursors 1 and 2UV/Div This is the information about the sensitivity of the selected waveform

    per division



    Stimulus Type:Click Masking P300Auditory stimulus parameters


  • 23 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

    During the collection the Tools Bar change and the program shows you the quickkeys for changing the parameters:

    F3: True/Average Toggle between True / AverageF4: Notch Activate or deactivate the Notch Filter

    F5/F6: HFF Increase or Decrease High Frequency FilterF7/F8: LFF Increase or Decrease Low Frequency Filter

    F9/F10: Gain Increase or Decrease Gain+ : DispxUP Increase the Display

    - : DispxDN Deacrease the DisplayDEL: Delete Delete the # of average and begin from 0

    R: Reject Activate or deactivate the rejectionI: Inv Inverts the waveform

    RATE: P.Up/P.Dwn Increase or Decrease the stimulation RATE

    SPACE Bar / ESC Stops the collection

  • 24 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0


  • 25 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

  • 26 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

  • 27 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

    General Specifications

    SEcuritySystem CapabilitiesPower ConectionSystem RequirementsUse, transportation and storageComponentsSetting Up the SystemTroubleshooting

  • 28 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0


    The Evoked Potential System and all their components have been designed tomeet the electrical security standards. (IEC 601-1)

    System CapabilitiesChannels # : 4 Channels

    Impedance Input: > 20Mohm

    CMRR: 110dB a 50/60 Hz.

    Noise Level: 0.7 uV.

    Notch Filter: 50-60Hz

    HFF: 10.000-5.000-3.000-2.000-800-300-100-300 Hz

    LFF: 0.15-0.5-1.5-5-10-30-100-300 Hz

    Sensitivity: 3-6-12-25-50-100-200-400-800-1600-3200-6400 uV


    System RequirementPentium II o III, IBMWindows 98 / Milenium32 Mb RAM memoryHard Disk 2 GbDrive 1.44 MbCD-ROM1 slot ISA bus libreExpanded keyboard of 101 keys alfa numeric and functions. MouseColor Monitor de 15 (1280 x 1024 pixels)Akonic S.A. reserves the right to change any modifications without prior notice

    Operative system requirementWindows 98 / Millenium

  • 29 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

    ATTENTION!!!Use always the functional ground connection not just to obtain a goodregister and to avoid electrical risks to the technician/physician or thepatient in a bad equipment function.

    System ComponentsAll the system components are detailed in the Packing List.

  • 30 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

    Installing EP Software


    The akonic Software runs under Windows 98 and Millenium

    We provide you a CD with the Software

    To install:

    Insert the CD in the CD driver, go to the desktop, select Start, Run and select from theCD unit SETUP.exe

    The installation software will show you the Disk and Directory:


    It will create a folder named AKONIC and inside this folder will create another folderfor each program.

    To create a direct access to the program from the desktop you must:- Go to the windows explorer- Select the program you want to create a direct access- With the right mouse button select from the context menu the option Send to >

    desktop as direct access- To change the Icon that will appear in the desktop

    3 DEMO STUDIES All the DEMO studies provided by akonic s.a. are copied in the correspondingfolder.

    The corresponding folder for each program are:C:\Akodata\ eegC:\Akodata\ epC:\Akodata\ emgC:\Akodata\ eeg16


  • 31 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

    PCMCIA Installation under Windows

    Once you connect the PCMCIA card, Windows recognize it and insert the draw of the Card inthe right side in the bottom of the screen, near the watch. This doesnt mean that the card iscorrecting installed, only shows the zocalos used and not used. If you click on this Icon appear aproperties window of the PC Card (PCMCIA).This Window has two options,

    1. Connector Statement2. Global Configuration those measurements are what you need for the PCMCIA card


    You also must select the phrase Automatic Selection, to be able the system to recognize the typeof card, if you dont do that you wont be able to install. If you dont select this option thesystem wont put the correct name of the PCMCIA card when options are showed.Those are procedures that Windows gives to you; the procedure for the Card installation is asfollows,

    1. To install the driver of the PCMCIA card insert the CD or Diskettesof National called DataAcquisition Driver Software, in the CD Driver and run the " install nidaq "

    2. Only is needed Drivers Install (Driver Files) Accept the path of national.3. Accept the propose folder4. The installation starts automatically5. Complete Installation is indicated6. Restart the Computer

    Once you restart your computer,

    1. When connected the PCMCIA card is recognized2. Go to My PC3. Inside the Control Panel4. Go to System5. Go to Device Administrator6. In PCMCIA Drivers are indicated7. Go to the National Icon (Blue Dove) data acquisition devices8. daqcard dio-24 appear, double click9. The properties of daqcard dio-24 appears10. Seeing the resources dont touch anything only see the installed port (In and Out Interval)

    take note the first value of the port for example 1000-101f, the necessary value for theinstallation of the Akonic Program is the first = 1000.

    For the correct function of the akonic system, this value 1000 must be written in the ako.ini

    11. Close all----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    ako.ini Edit,

    The ako.ini file is inside the working path of the akonic programs, normally the akonic pathUsing any Editor (Edit, et) edit the ako.iniThe ako.ini could have many paragraph of any modality, eeg, ep, emg, et.1. Look for eeg, in this case,

    In the line where says pcmcia :0000 (write the number that you found in the port afterthe two pints, if the value is 240 you must write 0240, you must complete the fourdigits

  • 32 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

    2. Save ako.ini with these changes3. Started the akonic software in the Setup indicates you the port being used by the akonic

    software, if you did edit ok this in the ako.ini it must be showed in the setup. In this case the240h number appear the letter h that is showed at the end indicates that the number ishexadecimal.


    Properties of Akonic Software correction,

    1. Once installed the akonic software, select the icon with a mouse click2. With the right key of the mouse open the properties of the icon3. In the Program folder, - Select Close on exit4. In the Memory folder, - In Initial Environment put 40965. In the Screen folder - Enable complete screen6. In Miscellany folder

    - Deselect the Screen saber - Select the two properties of the mouse - Deselect that windows use the print screen key--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    1. Installed the akonic program2. Corrected the icon of akonic properties3. Installed the pcmcia card4. Edited the ako.ini with the port value of the card in the computer5. Getting ON and connected everything of the akonic system

    You are able to proceed !!!!

  • 33 Potenciales Evocados V10.0


    To install Akonic Interface

    Before installing the Akonic interface, please take a moment to review this information.Failure to properlly install and integrate the Akonic Interface may impact your Warranty coverage.

    To ensure a smooth installation, pay particular attention to the following steps:

    1- With the power off, remove the computer cover.2- Install the Akonic Interface card firmly into its des ignated expansion card slot.Care should be taken to press it evenly and snugly into the slot.3- Once you are certain the Akonic interface is installed properly, secure it with the bracket screw.Note: The position of Akonic Interface is, generally, in the last slot.4- Secure the secondary connector of interface withe the bracket screw close to Akonic Inteface.5- Secure the computer cover, before to chek the earth connection.

    Atention!!!: These installation instructions presume that you are familiar with your computer system.You may need to seek assistance from your dealer.

  • 34 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0


    In the second groove cover of the interface board you can see:3 female connectors1 male connector

    1- (female) 6.5mm and it is used for an external footswitch2- (female) RCA external 2 input3- (female) JACK PLUG audio output4- (male) photo stimulator connection

    In the same groove cover remains free 1 cable with 2 connectors:- 1 female- 1 male

    Both are used for PC connections. These cables are: red, black and yellow.Find one free connector of these and plug it to the cables in the groove cover.It is possible one of these connectors remains free, in this case it will not be used.

  • 35 Potenciales Evocados V10.0


    Before you remove the computer cover, touch a grounded metal surface a dischange staticelectrcity.

    To install Stimulus card:

    1- Turn off your computer, and diconnect the power cable2- Disconnect the monitor and other devices thet are connected to the computer.3- Remove the computer cover4- Locate a 16-bit ISA slot to accommodate the stimulus card.5- Remove the slot cover from your computer - save the screw to secure the stimulus card6- Align the striped tabs on the bottom of the stimulus card with the 16 bit ISA slots, and firmly press

    the card into place until it fits snugly.7- Use the screw from the slot cover to secure the stimulus card to the frame of the computer-securing

    the card assesures proper grounding.8- Replace the computer cover.9- Connect your earphones, pattern devices, or other devices to the back panel of the stimulus card.10- Reconnect the power cable, monitor and other devices.

  • 36 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0


    To ensure a smooth installation, pay particular attention to the following steps:

  • 37 Potenciales Evocados V10.0





    INPUTEvoked Potential




  • 38 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0

    4 Channel Headbox

    3 4

    Emg 1 Emg 2



    AKONIC S.A.Av Mosconi 2886 (1419) Buenos AiresFax : 541 573 2794 Model :

    Serial :Made in Argentina: 541 574 2355

    Tel : 541 572 2593

  • 39 Potenciales Evocados V10.0

    To Headbox

    To stand

    Headbox to Stand connection


    Stand for Headbox Adapter

    To Headbox Stand

    Stand to Headbox connection

  • 40 Potenciales Evocados V.10.0



    Trouble Corrective ActionSoftware does not work -Check the keylock in the Port.Bad Software function -Check the Headbox connectionYou can not take the register -Check the equipment ground

    -Keep the headbox and system away-Keep the headbox and monitor awayfrom the wall-Ground near to metallic elements-Check the patient ground.-Install the isolation transformer-Change the power line

    Printer is not ready Check that you have installed thelatest Driver Version

    Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

    Photic Stimulator

    Trouble Corrective ActionPhotic Does not work -Check the power line.

    -Check the fuse-Check the lamp connector-Check the switch connection(Internal/External)

    Flash losed -Check high frequency-Check the temperature of the lamp-Check the lamp connector

    Low flash power -Replace the photic lampContinuous flash -Check the external switchOverheating -Check 110-220 Volts

    IndexMain WindowTitles BarMenusFileRecordEditViewTools SetupHelp

    Start CollectionElectrodesSpecificationsInstalling EP SoftPCMCIA InstallationInterface InstallationBIO PC External ConnectionFrontal and Back Headbox panelTroubleshooting