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<ol><li> 1. 1,001 Ideas for Floors by Emma Callery is a sound room-to-room guide on materials, maintenance and installation along with images and illustrations. Website: ww.amazon.com THE HOW-TO OF FLOORING WHATS NOW KNOWLEDGE YOU CAN USE Red By S L Garcia. Publishers: Tectum Publishers, Rs 2,245 A gorgeous hardcover book covering the different shades of this sensuous colour in decor, gadgets, interiors and even food. Discover why they call this the most passionate of all hues and fall in love with rouge all over again. A definite design collectible. Speed Decorating By Jill Vegas. Publisher: The Taunton Press, $21.95 Jill defines signature speed decorating as using art, arrangements and acces- sories to give your home instant personality. The fast food of interior designing, the easy, practical, helpful tips means that you dont need to gut the innards of your home and wait for months for results or dig deep into your pockets. All you need is a magic wand no, were kidding. But the helpful basic advice that this interior decorator and apartment stager provides from step one like spring cleaning to table decoration, lighting, and storage to bathroom shine will make the daunting task a whole lot simpler. The best part: The lovely photographs with captions telling you what the fresh ideas in those rooms are. Books courtesy Sarkars Nalanda Book and Music Shop, The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, Mumbai 1. Tel: (022) 22022514. Photography by Indrajit Sathe ELLE DECORLOVES 130 </li></ol>