Elle Decor Aug-Sept 1994

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<p>WHAT'S IN STORE</p> <p>Diamond Foam &amp; Fabric is L.A.'s hoHest source for unusual fabric finds</p> <p>ason Asch-wearing, appropriately, a vintage Hawaiian shirt-leads the way into the tiny, windowless office that is the headquarters of Diamond Foam &amp; Fabric, He steps around and over the bolts and cuttings that cover every horizontal surface, But never mind the perfectly pleasant mess: Asch has found what he's looking for, Proudly holding up a worn but still handsome claret-colored, Jazz-Age jacquard smoking jacket, he explains: "I bought this at the flea market in Glendale, And we turned it into upholstery fabric, " Asch's customers can now purchase the reproduced vintage pattern, along with a few thousand other home-furnishing fabrics stocked here, to cover their chairs</p> <p>J</p> <p>and sofas, ottomans and cushions, An inveterate scavenger with a refined sensibility, Asch scours flea markets the world over for pieces of luxurious old upholstery fabric, vintage drapery panels, once-precious women's scarves, He delivers these documents to one of the several top mills with which heworks closely; the mills replicate the patterns and manufacture them for contemporary upholstery, Filling out the stock at Diamond (woven fabrics are the house specialty) is a closely edited collection of patterns the mills themselves generate, often in colors-lime green, orange, pink-that no one but the decidedly extroverted Asch would dare to order. Some 20 percent of all the fabrics here are imported, the bounty of Asch's regular trips to major European markets, Credited with luring many cloistered LA Westsiders, including lots of celebrities, east of La Cienega Boulevard, Diamond Foam &amp; Fabric is renowned for providing one-stop shopping for do-it-yourselfers, profes, sional designers, and entertainment industry set decorators seeking to do a house, a movie set, or a hotel (parts</p> <p>Upstairs at DiamondShe was born in Sweden and christened Ann-Sofie Lakso, but you can call her Fred. It's the name by which the model-turned-shopkeeper is known at Upstairs at Diamond, the ......., "'" home furnishings store she opened last fall in space provided by Jason ,'_"* '-. Asch. From Fortuny lamps, scarves, ' and bags, to handwoven European linens and luxurious throws, to the intriguing collection of vintage metallic trim for pillows, curtains, or lamp shades (Lakso's personal favorite), everything in store here i; speaks of elegance" simplicity, ~ and old-fashioned workmanship, : "Something handmade means a lot, " explains Fred.</p> <p>t</p> <p>of the legendary Chateau Marmont in Hollywood are currently being reupholstered in Diamond fabrics). Selection, customer service, and exceptional value are the pillars on which Asch has built his business, Classic Motown blasts through the three adjoining buildings that make up the store as determined shoppers snip swatch after swatch from the tloor-to-' ceiling bolts with scissors Asch provides, "We can lose 20, maybe 30 pairs in a month," he says, "but the scissors are a way of</p> <p>personalizing what we do," A big-name local designer steps up, clients in tow, and makes introductions, "This is the famous Jason," she says, Jason Asch, taking his cue, does not disappoint. "Where's that new paisley?" he calls out to anyone who may be listening, He leads the conservatively dressed clients down a narrow aisle, issuing assurances over his shoulder: "We've got what you're looking for, And wait till you see the colors! "</p> <p>From Italian tomatoes to Belgian cupids, Jason Asch rules, See Resources,</p> <p>74</p> <p>Jeffrey Hirsch</p>