ELearning 2006 Day 5 Julie Collareda. Day five - mLearning Definition Use of mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDA) Examples.

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  • eLearning 2006 Day 5Julie Collareda

  • Day five - mLearning

    DefinitionUse of mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDA) Examples

  • mLearning

  • DefinitionmLearning is the acquisition of any knowledgeand skill through using mobile technology, anywhere, anytime, that results in an alteration in behaviour. (Geddes 2004)

  • mLearning and EducationMobile learning means the provision of education and training courses on wireless devices: PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), palmtops and mobile telephones

  • Wired virtual learning environment of today

  • Wireless learning environment of to-morrow

  • An example of the trends applied to an mLearning solution

  • Variety of m-Learning possibilities audible texts and MP3se-textbooks and encyclopediasother innovative formats such as simulations, streaming videoclinical data collectionaccess to Learning Management Systems

  • m-Learning: PDAsThe handheld personal digital assistant (PDA) is one m-Learning tool that is increasing in use: PortableVersatile Relatively low cost ($200)Provides on-demand access to education resources

  • m-Learning: PDASMany colleges and universities (USA) have incorporated PDAs into their teaching, curriculum and student resources Text messagingPod-castingData collection

  • Educational Applications of PDAsstudents taking courses online idle time while commuting, during lunch breaks, at the airport, deployed and other situations without computer accessAssessment

  • Make optimal use of mLearning:Portability (learning anytime/anywhere)Location (e.g real-time video of workplace)Wearability (expert in your pocket)Networked communication (coached collaborative learning)Personalisation (photo, audio, SMS)Blended learning (+classroom, e-learning)

  • ExamplesMLearning ConsortiumJournal on mLearningWhat is mLearning?An Apple for the teacher

  • Day five Summary mLearning

    DefinitionUse of mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDA) Examples