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Eaton Distributed WEB. · PDF file 6 EATON Eaton Services Warranty+ Thank you for purchasing Warranty+ for your UPS or ePDU. Warranty+ is a guarantee of: • peace of mind for 3 years

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Text of Eaton Distributed WEB. · PDF file 6 EATON Eaton Services Warranty+ Thank you for...

  • EN / FR / SP / IT / GE / NL / SW / NO / FI / DA / PO / AR / CZ / RO / HU

    Eaton Distributed Services

  • 2 EATON Eaton Services

    Local Service Centres contacts

    United Kingdom  UK tech support 01753 608908  Call management 01753 608906

    Germany  +49 (0) 228 602 8180  +49 (0) 228 602 69425

    Netherlands  +31(0)418 570200  +31(0)418 515284

    Denmark  +45 36867910  +45 36867921

    Finland  +358 9 452 661  +358 9 452 66570

    Norway  +47 (63)870200  +47 (63)870201

    Sweden  +46 8 598 940 00

    Poland  +48 22 320 38 00  +48 22 320 38 01

  • Eaton Services EATON 32 EATON Eaton Services

    Local Service Centres contacts

    For countries not available in the list or problems in contacting your local service center please find your contact at:

    France  +33 825 081 061  +33 825 094 994

    Slovakia  +421 248 204 311  +421 248 204 312

    Czech Republic  +420 267 990 400  +420 267 990 419

    Romania  +40 21 361 09 09  +40 21 361 09 00

    Morocco  +212 522 98 70 01  +212 522 99 45 09

    Spain  +34 902 160 737  +34 902 108 442

    Italy  +39 02 95 95 04 12  +39 02 95 95 04 00

    Belux  +32 (0)2 719 88 00  +32 (0)2 719 88 01

    Hungary  +36 1 450 3800  +36 1 450 3801

    Middle East  +971 4 3313938  +971 4 3329239

    Austria  +43 (0) 508 68 37 10

    Switzerland  +41 (0) 58 458 14 14

  • 4 EATON Eaton Services

  • Eaton Services EATON 54 EATON Eaton Services


    Local service centres contacts 2-3

    English 6-7 Français 8-9 Español 10-11 Italiano 12-13 Deutsch 14-15 Nederlands 16-17 Svenska 18-19 Norsk 20-21 Suomi 22-23 Dansk 24-25 Polski 26-27 28-29 Česky 30-31 Română 32-33 Magyarország 34-35

  • 6 EATON Eaton Services


    Thank you for purchasing Warranty+ for your UPS or ePDU. Warranty+ is a guarantee of:

    • peace of mind for 3 years

    • a fast, efficient service wherever you are located

    • a standard exchange in the event of a break-down

    • a professional, customised help line

    Warranty+ must be registered in order to be valid.

    Registering Warranty+: 1. Fill out the registration form found at the following address:

    N.B. Keep this Warranty+. It is legal proof of the agreement.

  • Eaton Services EATON 76 EATON Eaton Services

    Terms of agreement

    Field of application The service described below will only be provided in those countries where Eaton has stated it to be available. The liabilities of Eaton, or, depending on the country, its subsidiary or the service-provider approved for this purpose (hereinafter referred to as «Eaton») only take effect when the Warranty+ form is registered via the Internet ( Registration). The products covered by this Warranty+ contract are those specifically listed on this registration form. The agreement is valid for 36 months from the date of purchasing the product as shown on the invoice and indicated on the registration card or web form. Customers may be asked for proof of the date of purchase.

    Description of services Eaton undertakes to provide the best possible service in the framework of the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

    Help line: the working hours of Eaton call centres and response times are specific to each country. They can be obtained by simply calling your local correspondent at the number given on the «Service Centres» page (see page 2). In the context of this assistance, Eaton will endeavour to advise customers on the best way to operate their UPS and provide all necessary help for troubleshooting and as far as possible restarting the UPS. Customers may be asked to run self-test routines or to correct the faults indi- cated by following the advice given by telephone.

    Standard exchange: In the event of a break-down, customers are entitled to a standard exchange within an average period indicated by Eaton once the situation has been assessed via the help line. Eaton provides custo- mers with a new or reconditioned UPS having the same functions, power and capacity as the equipment that has broken down (which must be returned to the address specified by Eaton). The cost of sending replacement equipment will be borne by Eaton. Removed equipment becomes the property of Eaton. The level of service will be determined by Eaton.

    Limitations This agreement does not include the correction of mal- functions not covered by Warranty+, especially:

    • damage arising from failure to follow the recommenda- tions given by Eaton • abnormal use • accidents such as fires, lightning, flooding, etc. • maintenance or troubleshooting attempted without the help of Eaton or without its prior consent • break-downs due to equipment not covered by this agreement.

    Any services provided by Eaton in this context will, fol- lowing agreement by the customer, be billed by Eaton on the basis of «non-contract» rates. Any parts supplied on

    this occasion will be invoiced at the going rates. Work will be carried out during Eaton working hours (in the country in which the UPS is installed), excluding holidays, public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.

    Liability Eaton’s liability is strictly limited to the services defined in this agreement, which constitute the customer’s only grounds for appeal; it replaces any other explicit or impli- cit, statutory or other condition or warranty relating to the services or items described below.

    Regardless of the nature, basis and procedures of the action taken against Eaton, any compensation owed to the customer in the event of a proven fault on the part of Eaton in performing the services shall not exceed an amount equivalent to 150 000 euros in the currency of the country where the service is provided. The above limit does not apply to bodily injury. The parties hereby expressly agree that any financial or commercial loss (such as inability to use the UPS or equipment connected to it during the time needed to exchange or repair the UPS, loss of profit, loss of orders, disturbance of business in any way) or any action taken against the customer by third parties constitutes indirect harm and consequently does not entitle the customer to damages, even if Eaton has been advised of the possibility of such loss or harm occurring. The service provided under the terms of this agreement does not guarantee that the products covered will operate without interruption.

    Transfer Warranty+ may be transferred by the customer within the country in which it has been taken out. A prior agreement must be given by Eaton before any such transfer takes place.

    Jurisdiction This agreement is governed by the legislation of the country in which the service is provided. In the event of any dispute concerning its interpretation or application, the jurisdiction shall be that of the head office of Eaton in the country in which the service is provided.

  • 8 EATON Eaton Services


    Enregistrement d’un Warranty+ : 1. Complétez le fomulaire d’inscription que vous trouverez sur le site web :

    Attention Conservez ce Warranty+, il constitue la preuve juridique du contrat.

    Nous vous remercions d’avoir acquis Warranty+ pour votre onduleur ou votre ePDU. Warranty+, c’est la garantie :

    • D’une tranquillité d’esprit pendant 3 ans

    • D’un service rapide et efficace quelque soit le lieu de votre implantation

    • D’un échange standard en cas de panne

    • D’une assistance téléphonique professionnelle et personnalisée

    Pour être valable, ce Warranty+ doit faire l’objet d’un enregistrement.

  • Eaton Services EATON 98 EATON Eaton Services

    Modalités du contrat

    Champ d’application Le service décrit ci-dessous ne sera rendu que dans les pays où Eaton a annoncé sa disponibilité. Les obligations de Eaton, ou, selon les pays, sa filiale ou le prestataire habilité à cet effet, (ci-après désignés par « Eaton «) ne prennent effet qu’à l’enregistrement sur le web du for- mulaire Warranty+ ( Product-Registration). Les produits couverts par ce contrat Warranty+ sont uni- quement ceux répertoriés sur ce formulaire d’enregistre- ment. La durée du contrat est de 36 mois à compter de la date d’achat du produit indiquée sur la facture d’achat et reportée sur la carte d’enregistrement ou sur le formulaire web. Il pourra être demandé au client la preuve de sa date d’achat.

    Description des prestations de service Eaton s’engage à fournir le meilleur service possible dans le cadre des termes et conditions

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