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I f a magic mirror would tell you the truth about persons, their life, their future what would you want to know ? 1 3 C an you describe your dream house ? I f you can go back in time and choose a friend, H ow often do you talk to yourself ? I f you are given a chance to trade places with a whom will you choose and why ? celebrity in India, who would it be and why ? 2

Text of Do You Know You

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    1If a magic mirror would tell you the truth about persons, their life, their

    future what would you want to know ?

  • 2

    2If you can go back in time and choose a friend,

    whom will you choose and why ?

    3Can you describe your dream house ?

    4If you are given a chance to trade places with a

    celebrity in India, who would it be and why ?

    5How often do you talk to yourself ?

  • 3

    6What do you think this world will be like in 100 years

    from now and what would be the state of our country ?

    7If you have the power to travel to any part of this

    world, where would you go and why ?

    8How would you describe a perfect day ?

    9Whom do you admire the most in this entire

    universe ? why ?

  • 4

    10If you are given a choice to learn an art which you

    dont know now, what would you choose ?

    11Would you like to be in the company of men / women ? In which sex would you want your best friend to be ?

    12Which was the best year of your life. Why ?

  • 5

    13Which is the best way to relieve tension ?

    14Would you like to be the Chief Minister of your state? If so, what are the issues that would get

    immediate attention ?

  • 6

    15What will you be doing five years from now ?

    16Would you love to go back in time or into the future ?

    17You find a person very amusing. Will you be the first to start the conversation or wait to be approached ?

    18Suppose you get an offer of one lakh rupees per

    month as salary for the rest of your life and that you can have peace assured for all your problems, would

    that spice up your life ?

  • 7

    19Imagine your friend has a bad body odour and bad

    breath. Would you point out or keep quiet ?

  • 8

    20If the whole world gets destroyed and you have a

    chance to live in a fully provisioned shell along with one person, who would that be ?

    21If you were to bring three dead people back to life,

    who would they be and why ?

    22A street named after you, a statue erected in your

    honour, a postage stamp to commemorate your birthday. What do you think it would take to reach

    these honours ?

  • 9

    23 Can you think of any couple who leads a happy

    married life ?

    24If God grants you three boons, what will you ask ?

    25If you are to vote for an MLA candidate out of a list of

    a thief, a rapist and a murderer, what will be you choice ?

  • 10

    26Have you ever done this in public: spitting or nose

    picking ?

  • 11

    27Your friends mother packs a lunch box for you and half way through lunch, you find a cockroach in the lunch box. Would you throw away the food or take the cockroach out and continue eating your food ?

  • 12

    28Who is the most important person in your life ?

    What would you do to enhance your relationship ?

    29Do you appreciate it when people go out of their

    way to help you ? Will you still appreciate if they help someone else ?

    30Do you believe in rumours ? Were you aware at any point of time that you were a part of a rumour chain ?

    Can you recollect the last rumour that you have heard ?

    31You move to a new place. Will you take time to sleep

    at night because its a new place ?

  • 13

    32Your superior suddenly scolds you for no mistake of

    yours ? Would you argue or try to reason out with him ?

    33Have you ever tried to find out the secrets of

    success from successful men? Who do you think is the most successful man you have ever met ?

    34Would you spare your time to fill a questionnaire or would you think it a waste of time ? Do you believe

    in the results of these surveys ?

    35Are you proud about your community ? Would you

    give special attention to someone who is of your community or who knows your mother tongue ?

  • 14

    36 Do you believe in love at first sight ?

  • 15

    37What do you think are the major issues that are

    confronting our globe ?

    38Do you believe in UFO ( Unidentified Flying Objects)

    and life on other planets ?

    39A lady with a baby asks for alms and a very decent

    person approaches you and asks for money since he has lost his purse. Who deserves your help ?

    40If somebody comes crying to complain, would you go

    out of your way to settle it or listen to it patiently ?

  • 16

    41What if you are given a chance to start your life

    afresh? Would you choose to be the same or different ?

    42Your favorite verse / verses from a poem.

    What is your favourite quote which you often use ?

    43What is the best thing that has ever happened to

    your town or state ?

    44If you can do plastic surgery to any part of your body,

    which part would you go for ?

  • 17

    45Which is your favourite heavenly body and why do

    you think so ?

    46What is the feeling you get when you look at the sea ?

    47What specific subject do you feel you know better

    than other subjects ?

    48Have you ever felt bad talking in your mother tongue

    in a five star hotel or a mall ?

    49Do you think having community as one of the

    criteria for admissions is good for our education ?

  • 18

    50Do you really say good morning or good night very

    genuinely or do it just as a ritual?

    51Highest place you have ever been and how does it

    feel to be at the top ?

    52Do you tend to puke or feel dizzy if you see a gory

    accident ?

    53Do you fume or relax when you get stuck in a traffic jam ?

    54Your neighbours catch a thief and beat him black

    and blue, would you also join the bandwagon ?

  • 19

    55Have you ever thought that you are the best looking

    person in this universe ?

    56Your country wages a war and tries to justify it.

    Would you stand by your country ?

    57Do you think man is a territorial animal ?

    58When you think of world leaders, which are the

    faces that come to your mind ?

    59What does it take for you to trust someone ?

  • 20

    60Do you believe in a very lavish wedding or a simple,

    humble one ?

    61Do you believe in astrology, numerology and

    vasthu? Can they change your destiny ?

    62 If you know that one of your relatives is going to be alive only for the next 24 hours, what would you do

    for him ?

    63If you have the option of choosing your parents,

    who would they be ?

  • 21

    64You pester your grandmother to go with you for a ride

    in the car which you have just bought. After a good time, you return back home. When she alights, you slam the car door accidentally injuring her fingers.

    Now would you feel guilty for what you have done or try to console yourself saying that it was just bad luck ?

    65 If you are authorized to kill anyone in this world,

    who would you choose and why ?

    66What would happen if you lost all your wealth

    overnight ?

    67You come home very hungry and find a cake to eat

    and suddenly you have a visitor. Would you share the piece of cake or eat it all by yourself ?

  • 22

    68What is your ambition in life ?

    69You are one of the few lucky winners, eligible to stay

    in a five star resort in Goa for five days along with five persons. Whom would you invite ?

    70 If you were to dine with anyone in this whole world,

    whom would you choose, and why ?

    71 Is your birthday a special day for you ? What do

    you think about your birthday ? Are you happy that you lived so long or sad that life on earth is getting

    shorter with each passing day ?

  • 23

    72If you were stuck in the middle of a war zone in Iraq,

    what would be your view on war ?

    73 If you think of a moral story, which story comes to your mind? Do you think that the story has served its

    purpose in your life ?

    74 What do you think is essential for success ?

    75Do you think bad habits like smoking, drinking and chewing pan are some of the criteria things to make

    you feel macho ?

  • 24

    76Do you believe in ghosts and demons ? Have you

    ever heard of people seeing it?

  • 25

    77Do you like theme parks ? What would it be like to

    have a free fall? Have you tried it?

    78One of your close relatives marriage coincides with

    that of your friends marriage, and you are able to attend only one. Which one would you go for ?

    79 Is life wonderful with or without a family ?

    80Some acquaintances ask for donation for a temple

    festival, in which you dont have faith. Would you half heartedly give them money or say no politely ?

  • 26

    81Suppose you are given the ability to give speech to three animals from the animal kingdom, which would

    you choose ?

    82 Have you ever sympathised with people who live on

    the roads and pavements ?

    83 In case of a war, if you are asked to join the army,

    ( not mandatory ) would you volunteer ?

    84 What would you ask God for if you had a chance to

    interview Him ?

  • 27

    85Are you an optimist or a pessimist ?

    86Do you think the present education system is

    outdated ? Are the subjects you read, relevant to your life or your profession ?

    87Do you think it is rare to see genuine people ?

    88 What do you think are the important q