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Directorate of Combat Developments Small Arms Division Directorate of Combat Developments Small Arms Division MAJ Kevin Finch Chief, Small Arms Division

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Text of Directorate of Combat Developments Small Arms Division Directorate of Combat Developments Small Arms...

  • Directorate of Combat DevelopmentsSmall Arms Division MAJ Kevin FinchChief, Small Arms Division Directorate of Combat Developments (DCD)U.S. Army Infantry Center (USAIC)

  • DCD Small Arms Evolution1 of 2

    M16A2M107 Emerging SystemsObjective SystemsExisting SystemsM4 MWSM203M16A4 MWSM24M9 Pistol OICW Block I (Variants & Lethality Modules)

    Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW Block III-XM??)Semi Auto Sniper System Air Burst Weapon (OICW Block II) New Pistol

  • DCD Small Arms Evolution2 of 2

    Emerging SystemsObjective SystemsMk 19M60Existing SystemsM240B 12 Ga Pump ShotgunMK19M2Modular ShotgunMASS/OICW Block I(Lethality Module)OICW Block I(LMG Variant)Lightweight Family of MG JSSAP/PMSWM249 SAW Objective Crew Served WeaponCROWSBlock Mod

  • 1. Small Arms Improvements (M9/M4/M16/M249/M240) Light Weight SAW M4 / M9 Magazine Improvements Multipurpose Optic Lubricant Free Weapons Treatments Improved Flash Hider Close Quarters Battle Kit AR15 Floated Barrel / Monolithic Rail System AR15 Fluted Barrel Round Counter M4 Gas System Improvements M4 Bolt Improvements Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module Family of Suppressors M249 Bipod Hand Guard / Heat Shield M249 Improved Collapsible Butt Stock M4 Improved Butt Stock AR15 Ambidexterous Safety Switch AR15 Ambidexterous Magazine Release M249 200 Round Ammunition Pack Light Weight Medium Machine Gun M240B Combat Ammunition Pack Improved Close Combat Optic

    2. Small Arms Ammunition Improved Performance 5.56mm, 9mm, 7.62, .50 Cal, 25mm, 40mm Enhanced / Novel Ammunition Affects High Explosive Air Bursting Non-lethal3. Semi Automatic Long Range Sniper Rifle (M107)4. Modular Accessory Shotgun System5. Light Weight Ground Mount for MG (XM192)6. Objective Individual Combat Weapon OICW Increment 17. Semi Automatic Sniper System (XM110)8. Crew Served Weapons Fire Control (CROWS)9. Objective Crews Serve Weapon OCSW (XM307 & XM312)10. Close Combat Mission Capability Kit CCMCK (XM1041 / XM1042)11. Future Hand Gun12. DCD Small Arms Division 1-N (Priority)Program ListGrenade Rifle Entry Munition (M100)

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