Digital Writing Workshop Summer Literacy Institute July 2011.

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  • Digital Writing WorkshopSummer Literacy Institute July 2011

  • How do you deliver your instruction?Same old thing Same ol wayPassive Student Engagement Same old thing in a new wayMore interest possibly generated but in general still Passive Student Engagement New Thing in a New WayActive Student EngagementProvides Choices and Options for students

  • Evaluating Resources Google Tools Can Help Get Better ResultsWonder WheelRelated SearchTimelineSocial Bookmarking Diigo

  • Your Turn...Select a topic of interest to you or within your curricular area and explore these tools to see how they will refine and guide your search.

    Wonder WheelRelated SearchTimeline

  • Pre-Writing and Brainstorming ToolsWordleTagxedoGoogle DocsInspirationbubble.usPaper/Pencil to PDF

  • Which one works for you??Check out the tools below and see which one you would choose to use while you brainstorm?

    Wordle - www.wordle.netTagxedo - www.tagxedo.comInspiration - Docs -

  • More great resources for PreWriting

  • How Can You Keep Up?RSS feedWhat is itCommon CraftFree Technology for Teachers

  • 1st Draft- Peer Editing ComponentGoogle Docs- CommentsWiki Page- DiscussionEdmodo- Intermediate: Micro BloggingCourse Site- Advanced: Online classroom

  • DiscussionGo to the Perceptum Wiki and click on the Digital Writing Workshop PageClick on the Complete this form link to submit your thoughts on the posted question(s).

  • Revise and EditWordleRepetitive word checkDescriptive wordsGoogle Spreadsheet- Template 10 Consecutive Sentence Check

  • Final CopyUsing tool(s) from 1st Draft

    Check out Voice Thread

  • PublishingWBPVoiceThreadVideoClass wiki blog

  • Teaching Craft...if we simply advise students to "show, don't tell," we miss out on actually demonstrating for students how to read like writers through the teaching of craft...."Show, don't tell," of course takes on new in multimedia writing and gives us even more opportunities to discuss how written text, images, audio, and video can work together to create a more powerful composition.The Digital Writing Workshop by Troy Hicks (2009) pg. 54.

  • Going DigitalTraditional Writing Workshop:Your school principal is considering a new policy that will require all students to wear uniforms. What is your position concerning this issue? Write a letter to your principal stating your position and supporting it with convincing reasons. Be sure to explain your reasons in detail. Digital Writing Workshop:In your team meeting Monday morning your boss gave your office an assignment to develop a PSA that will be shown during the half-time show at local high school's homecoming game. The PSA has been commissioned by a local parent association that is trying to gather support for requiring uniforms to be worn by all students and staff at the town's middle and high schools. Gather your team and decide how you will combine text, images, and audio to construct an effectively persuasive argument.

  • Ideas for mini lessons to accompany this activity:Have students investigate one or more articles on the Ad Council's site at: The investigation should lead to a better understanding of effective persuasive techniques.View other available PSAs on the web such as the American Heart Association at and discuss the types of images and sounds that have the greatest impact on the students while they view.

  • The Digital Writing Workshop by Troy Hicks (2009) pg. 60.Research shows that effective instruction in 21st -century literacies takes an integrated apporach, helping students understand how to access, evaluate, synthesize, and contribute to information (NCTE, 2007)

  • Additional ResourcesLanier Tech Wiki


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