Digital Citizenship Teaching Students of the 21 st Century Common Sense Media.

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<p>Digital Citizenship</p> <p>Digital CitizenshipTeaching Students of the 21st CenturyCommon Sense Media</p> <p>Digital Citizenship: Teaching Students of the 21st CenturyGoal: Provide teachers with a digital citizenship curriculum that meets the needs of students in Alliance College-Ready Public SchoolsObjectives:Identify problems, in our schools, as it relates to students use of technology and their behaviorDefine Digital CitizenshipExplore Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship CurriculumCreate a plan for implementation of a digital citizenship program in your schools</p> <p>Whats Happening in Schools?More than 35% of teens with cell phones admit to using their cell phones to cheat.45% of teens say texting friends about answers during tests is a serious cheating offense, but 20% say its not cheating at all.69% of schools have policies that dont permit cell use, but more than half of kids ignore them (policies) Common Sense Media Whats happening in our schools?MovieGet audiences reactions to video. 4Whats Happening in our SchoolsWith a partner, discuss some of the problems you see in your own schools as it relates to students use of media and technology.5What Teachers Say:Ask audience to share their thoughts6What we know about Alliance students: They have access to technology-integrated classrooms They have access to mobile devices inside and outside of the classroomThey will be expected to use technology for performance based assessments with the implementation of Common CoreThey have access to online learning portalsTheres a need to educate our students of the </p> <p>More data on the 21st Century student t7Examining the IssuesWhat role do teachers play in educating students as it relates to the use of technology and media?How do we tackle the issue of a need to create students who are responsible digital citizens?8Digital Citizenship: The way we do businessDigital Citizenship must become part of our school culture--not just a class or lesson but the way we do business in education.Digital CitizenshipWith the so much access to technology and the Web, it is essential that we educate our students on how to use these tools appropriately.We are charged with creating Digital Citizens and cultivating a culture of positive Digital Citizenship within our schools.Digital CitizenshipA digital citizen is one who will think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world. Common Sense MediaCommon Sense Media Mission: Common Sense Media is dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and</p> <p>Common Sense MediaCommon Sense Media offers a variety of free educational resources for parents raising and teachers educating students of the 21st century who have ongoing access to media and technology.Movie, Game, and App reviewsEducator Programs (Digital Citizenship Advice curriculum)-standards basedPolicy and AdvocacyOnline curriculum training</p> <p>Digital Citizenship CurriculumStandards Based CurriculumCommonsense Medias Digital Citizenship curriculum is standards based.The curriculum is aligned to the International Society for Technology Education Standards (ISTE NETS) Have group review the ISTE NETS15Common Sense MediaGo to Create a teacher account to have full access to all resources.Review the curriculumParticipants working on the site16Planning to ImplementHow would you implement a digital citizenship curriculum in your own school?What would be the challenges in implementing?How could you get both parents and students vested?Group sharing17Immediate ImplementationWhat lesson are you committed to teaching when you return to your classroom?Lets plan it!!!Provide audience with lesson planning template18ResourcesThanks for your participation. For additional support and resources contactToria Williams, Director of Innovation and Technology, </p>


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