Digital Citizenship Multimedia II Ann Darling. Digital Citizenship What is Digital citizenship? – “Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of.

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Digital Citizenship

Digital CitizenshipMultimedia IIAnn Darling

1Digital CitizenshipWhat is Digital citizenship?Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.

The Digital Citizen2Internet Safety pretestTake the Internet Safety Test

3Nine Elements of Digital CitizenshipDigital Etiquette:(netiquette)Digital CommunicationDigital LiteracyDigital AccessDigital LawDigital Rights & ResponsibilitiesDigital Health & WellnessDigital Security(self protection) EtiquetteSometimes called netiquetteIt is the code of accepted behaviors for social networks, cell phones, email & chat.

Thanks for the thoughtful text every 10 minutes5Digital CommerceAdvertisingOnline auctionsOnline BankingOnline ShoppingEmails from Nigeria

Go Phish!6Digital CommunicationSo Many ChoicesCell PhoneEmailsDocument sharingFile sharingVideo filesAudio filesImage sharingText & chat

Thanks for sharing! Maybe7Digital LiteracyISTE national educational technology standardsCreativity and innovationCommunication & collaborationResearch & information fluencyCritical Thinking, Problem solving, decision makingDigital CitizenshipTechnology operations & concepts

What things should I know and be able to do?8Digital AccessAccess needs to be permitted to all without regard to race, physical limitations or gender in a digital societyOne gender should not have better access or opportunity over anotherDigital Citizens should be supportive of equal access for all

See Edutopia article on digital divide

9Digital Rights & ResponsibilitiesEveryone has the right to privacy, free speech and security in the digital worldThese rights are also not without responsibilitiesUsers must help to define what is acceptable behavior and how technology is to be used.

Report Cyber Abuse Here!10Digital LawStealing or damaging someone elses work or identity on line is criminal behavior.Hacking, downloading, spamming, plagiarizing, creating malware and stealing identity or property are unethical.

Copyrights?11Digital Health & Wellness Digital Citizens need to know about issues of health & injury related to internet use such as repetitive stress, vision, and addictive behaviors such as gamblingOne eyed jacks are wild?

12Digital SecurityIt is not enough to know that there are people behaving badly with information on the internetDigital citizens need to take responsibility for the security of their own files by using antivirus and security software.

Dude, I think you have a virus13Secure Your InformationHow much information do you put online?What advice would you give a 10 year- old about protecting their online identity?

Read this article Dont give your email and password to other websites

14Digital Citizenship Project part ILearn about Social BookmarkingResearch Digital Citizenship with social bookmarkingDiigo Group: to the discussion questions for the nine elements on the Diigo Discussion board15Diigo Discussion Board16Project part IICreate a presentation about Digital Citizenship for younger students.Choose one of the Nine ElementsCreate an outline for the information you have collectedShare your outline using Google DocsEdit Project outline

17Project part IIIDesign a presentation for elementary studentsChoose toondoo, blabberize, ebooks, xtranormal, go animate

Good hunting!18What is Social Bookmarking?Social Bookmarking in Plain EnglishOne of the objectives of this lesson is to learn how social bookmarking can assist students in research and collaborating on a large project19Using DiigoOur Student Diigo GroupYou should be receiving an invitation to join our social bookmarking group on Diigo. The group is named SHS_MultimediaTo see how Diigo works please view the next two videos from You Tube on the next 2 slides.20Diigo in General21Diigo Webslides22Diigo Web Slides for Group Project ResearchHere is my list of websites concerning students and the internet in Diigo.Follow this link to see the list or view the list as a Diigo Webslide Show.You may add to this list or start your own.


If you dont define Digital Citizenship, will there be any?24


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