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Are You Paying Attention?Observation LabAssignment #2Crash Course on CreativityBy Lim Min Chern

Generally in Singapore, it is not easy to take photographs when inside a store, unless permission is given ( or requested from through official means ) Hence, on occasions when photo-taking is less permissible, I have taken the liberty to search for them on the internet. Many thanks to the various sources I found

DisclaimerA picture tells a thousand wordsUnfortunately I am not a master of the craft of photo-taking so please forgive my amateurish attempt

The first store that greeted me as I entered the mall

Promotion PosterOpen ConceptDemonstration Kitchen

Product selection includes beveragesBright lightingWide selection; clear, clean displaysOverall experience : Lets get talking about Bread!!!

Novel product selections showcasing innovation & spear-heading in Bread Industry

Some Observations

Security alert high staff & store manager seemed suspicious of my browsing activities Good & bad Tight security means low theft/losses I decided to hang loose and observe from a greater distance Hence, had I been a potential customer, they lost meOnly 1 Staff ( Cashier at the counter ) attempted to greet me ( or anyone, for that matter she was the ONLY one serving the customers there were at least 5 other staff who stayed mainly behind the demonstration kitchen ) she noticed me browsing and threw in the line, twice : Any steam cakes for you? ( with a smile steams cakes were their impulse items displayed at the cashiers counter )Very attractive selection and lay-out attracted many browsers but only about 60% bought I could see customers deliberate and hesitate on buying / which items to buy

The second store which I initially walked past before deciding to walk in

wide array of wearing apparels and accessoriesOn the first floor, they have childrens clothes and toys. On the second floor, they have women's needs ( like underwear, bags, clothing, hats, belts, toiletries ), mens items, baby section, bedding, kitchen stuff and more toys. for the variation of stuff, you can find almost everything here, a one-stop shopping experience.

Toy demonstration &display stationToy Competition Station attraction a long queue of kids who are vying for free chops to exchange for prizesI think I witnessed a crime!!!

There were 5 or 6 of such life-size posters on display at secluded corners whereOn speaking to the staff, I realised the store experiences a high number of shop-theftsI was standing next to a potential customer browsing some small promotion items I noticed she took one in hand and slipped it into a small bag that she already carried before I could alert anyone in the store ( the 2 staff at the cashiers counter were busy talking ), the lady walked quickly out of the store and disappeared into the crowd I was left unsure I think I just witnessed a CRIME!

QUESTION : Do the staff really embody the Company Motto We Care?

Going back to the theme that binds many Singaporeans together Eateries!!!

Awards Galore!

Unique & Attractive

Eating A lifestyle Experience

Staying to the theme More eateries!!!

I think Im onto something here

Lets try something different and see where that gets us

My last stopand this is my FAVOURITE!!!

Distinct difference in lightings

INSIGHTS from this journey

Bright / Sufficient LIGHTING AMBIENCEFriendly, Approachable STAFFCompanys VISION & PHILOSOPHY creating the ultimate EXPERIENCE for the CUSTOMERSAnd now my work is doneso its finally time for me to DIG IN!!!