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  1. 1. Insights from the observation lab
  2. 2. Dont forget the small ones
  3. 3. Many shops mostly focus on the people that have the money, thats the adultsbut often the small ones make the decision!
  4. 4. Isnt that cute? A mixture of ateddy bear and a reindeer.Picture taken inTaipei, entrance to a hotel.
  5. 5. Swinging Pandain TaipeiZoo, PandaCaf
  6. 6. Especially in Asia, where thelittle emperors have a hugeimpact on family decisionsSo make it child-friendly!
  7. 7. Full-family experience
  8. 8. Coffee for the parents,pandas for the children
  9. 9. When having children, it is quitehard finding a place that fulfils everyones needs
  10. 10. Great idea, wonderfullyadapted by Taipei ZooAfter watching the real pandas (the superstars of the zoo), everybodycan sit down in the Panda Caf.
  11. 11. Create a nice atmosphere
  12. 12. music often helps
  13. 13. Temperature also plays animportant part
  14. 14. Everybody is looking for a niceplace with a strong airconditioningI am living in Taiwan, where it is around 35C+ for quite a long timewith a high humidity.
  15. 15. Location, location, location
  16. 16. All roads lead to StarbucksView from Starbucks (outside),picture taken at Guting, Taipei
  17. 17. Queues, queues and more queues
  18. 18. People are paid for queuing, to attract customersMany people believe, the morepeople are queuing, the betterthe food, clothes, etc.
  19. 19. Create an experience
  20. 20. like inthePanda Caf,Taipei Zoo
  21. 21. Can you smell it?
  22. 22. Could you resist?
  23. 23. Seriously, who wouldnt go in such a nice smelling store?! Open the door and let the good smell out.
  24. 24. Pictures say a 1000 words
  25. 25. Dont just explain the food, show pictures Especially helpful for foreigners who have difficulties reading the menu descriptions.
  26. 26. Attractive packaging
  27. 27. Thanks for watchingFrederic
  28. 28. Special thanks toTitle page forget the small ones family experience an experience you smell it? you resist?