Creativity, Energy, Imagination and The Business Value of Joy! Richard B. Sheridan CEO, Co-founder Menlo Innovations

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Text of Creativity, Energy, Imagination and The Business Value of Joy! Richard B. Sheridan CEO, Co-founder...

  • Creativity, Energy, Imagination and The Business Value of Joy!Richard B. SheridanCEO, Co-founderMenlo Innovations

  • Joyful?

  • I Miss You

  • Saddest Story of All

  • Quality Management Pyromania**Brought to you by arsonists!

  • Welcome to MenloIntroduction

  • What tools can provide relief?

  • StorycardsWrite it downGet away from management by suggestionWriting a card does not authorize it.Storycards

  • The Case forAnthropologyStudy peopleObserve themIn their native environmentLook for the invisibleBe the empath!Advantage: iterative

  • EstimatingPractice, practiceWork packages

  • Sponsor EngagementWe must communicate to sponsors in their language!

  • Clear Authorization!Freedom through tyranny!

  • Powered by PairingMost powerful managerial tool ever!

  • Open & Collaborative Workspace High-speed Voice Technology Cross-training & mentoring for free. Knock down towers of knowledge.

  • Build a Learning OrganizationIn the long run, the only sustainable source of competitive advantage is your organizations ability to learn faster than your competition.- Peter Senge

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  • Questions?Richard B. Sheridanrsheridan@menloinnovations.comtwitter Menloprez734-665-1847

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    *****************The Menlo Institute and its affiliated Menlo Companies are named in honor of Thomas Edison and the work environment and productivity demonstrated at Menlo Park. It is ironic that the best example we could find of a productive work and team environment was one created over 120 years ago by a young up and coming Thomas Edison.

    The example he established of cooperative development, open and collaborative workspace and a spirit of innovation and invention is the example we follow today in the creation of Software Factories.*