Counseling Skills for Financial Professionals

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a practical supervised online course


<ul><li><p>Counselling Skills for Financial Professionals </p><p>Description and Requirements </p><p>Prerequisites: </p><p>1. The ability to work independently and to be self-motivated. </p><p>2. Reading comprehension and writing composition skills. </p><p>3. Employed or seeking employment as a financial professional. </p><p>4. Completion of the Mental Health Counsellor Training Course. </p><p>Objectives: </p><p>1. To acquire knowledge, empathy, and other qualities and skills in the process of </p><p>counselling people who are facing major financial decisions. </p><p>2. To learn how to support emotions and create strategies related to debt. </p><p>3. To acquire and apply approaches to budgeting. </p><p>You Will Learn: </p><p>1. Skills to assess emotions and issues, such as anxiety reduction, related to financial </p><p>management and debt. </p><p>2. Skills to begin, deepen, and close the session and the over-all counselling process with a </p><p>client facing financial challenges. </p><p>3. Skills to heal grief resulting from different types of loss: death of a loved one, breakup of </p><p>a relationship, divorce, loss of health, bankruptcy, and others, and how grief can affect </p><p>financial wellness. </p><p>4. Skills to help others adopt healthy communication, reduce hostility, solve problems, </p><p>resolve conflicts, listen with empathy, and speak assertively, especially related to financial </p><p>well-being. </p><p>5. Approaches to help couples and individuals to identify and address specific issues </p><p>affecting financial stability: anxiety, infidelity, addiction, and others; understanding how </p><p>childhood experiences may affect financial well-being. </p></li><li><p>Text and Materials (provided with tuition): </p><p>Primary Text: A Woman's Guide To Financial Security After Divorce: The Basics: Creating A </p><p>Solid Foundation by Jeffrey A. Landon (sent as a hard copy to your address). </p><p>Secondary Text: How To Do Professional Mental Health Counseling by Daniel Keeran, MSW </p><p>(sent as a PDF file to your email inbox). </p><p>Clinical Assessment Form (sent as a Word .doc file to your inbox) </p><p>Tuition: $549 (secure payment link) </p><p>Assignments: </p><p>1. Design and create a minimum of 100 to 120 short and long-answer review questions </p><p>covering the scope and depth of the primary text and provide responses with page </p><p>numbers from the text where the answers are found. </p><p>2. Complete and submit the Clinical Assessment Questionnaire with a volunteer client </p><p>seeking financial support who is aware of the assignment and confidentiality, and that the </p><p>content will be disclosed only to the course instructor to meet course requirements. </p><p>3. Submit one 30-minute or full verbatim transcript (whichever is shorter) of a session with </p><p>a client seeking financial counselling. </p><p>Time for completion: Estimating 2 hours per week day, allow approximately 4 to 6 weeks </p><p>depending on individual learning style and pace. Time extensions are granted on request. </p><p>The Certificate of Counselling Skills for Financial Professionals is awarded upon completion </p><p>of the above requirements. </p><p>To Register, please complete and send the Registration Form located below or request </p><p>more information at </p><p>Instructor: Daniel Keeran, MA, MSW, therapist and professional counsellor for over 30 </p><p>years and author of Loss and Grief Counseling Skills, Counseling In A Book, Learn Empathy, </p><p>and Effective Counseling Skills. With extensive experience in private practice and hospital </p><p>settings, he has conducted many therapy groups and trained thousands of people from the </p><p>general public as well as social workers, nurses, and other helping professionals. </p></li></ul>


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