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    CorelDraw Tutorials

    CorelDRAW Tutorials: Corel Corporation's flagship graphics suite featuring

    CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAIT pro!ides unparalleled !alue and fle"i#ilit$ and ahuge collection of fonts and clipart% These tutorials sho& #ut a fraction of the

    possi#ilities for $ou to e"plore and create% CorelDRAW is one of $ ost fre(uentl$

    used graphics applications% I can do things &ith CorelDRAW that sipl$ can't #e done&ith an$ other graphics progra%

    A PC-#ased graphic design !ector dra&ing progra% )iles created in this progra can#e accepted and translated #$ *odel +raphics if the$ are sa!ed &ith the ,%ai

    e"tender% .see !ector iage/

    CorelDRAW is a !ector graphics editor de!eloped and ar0eted #$ Corel Corporation

    of Otta&a1 Canada%

    This is a popular dra&ing progra for the Windo&s ar0et% We don't support CorelDra& specificall$ #ut can usuall$ iport its files into *acroedia )reeHand or Ado#e

    Illustrator if needed% 2a!ing $our dra&ings as an 3P2 .3ncapsulated Postscript/ file&ith all the t$pe con!erted to graphics is another &a$ &e can accept this forat%

    Lesson 1: The Anatomy of a Vector IllustrationPart One

    Illustrations created in all a4or !ector dra&ing progras ha!e a definite anato$

    and share a coon pattern% Whether $ou use Dene#a Can!as51 Ado#eIllustrator1 CorelDRAW or *acroedia )reeHand $ou &ill find that this pattern

    e"ists e!en though each progra a$ define the parts differentl$% The purpose ofthis section of the &e# site is to ta0e apart a !ector dra&ing so $ou can see ho& it is

    put together and a#le to understand it% In the illustration section is a ta#le ofe(ui!alent terinolog$ to #etter help $ou translate the ters fro one application to

    another% This &ill clarif$ the su#4ect and a0e it less confusing% 6ou &ill not #e

  • 5/26/2018 Coreldraw Tutorials (1)


    #ound to a single application once this #ecoes clear to $ou%

    The pattern of !ector illustrations is #est !ie&ed or represented as a hierarch$ or7tree7% The illustration itself &ould #e at the top and its !arious parts &ould descend

    #elo& it:

    An I8892TRATIO is coposed of !ector O;3CT2 each ha!ing one or ore PATH2 &hich are coposed of 8I3 23+*3T2 ha!ing ACHOR POIT2 at each endIllustration: Objects:


    Line Sements an! Anchor Points:

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    In the diagra a#o!e the O;3CT sho&n is coposed of a single closed PATHcoposed of

  • 5/26/2018 Coreldraw Tutorials (1)


    All line segents ha!e anchor points at each end &hich define their position andcur!e attri#utes% The nae for the resulting cur!es are called e?ier .pronounced

    beh-zee-ay/ cur!es% The$ are naed after the )rench atheatician1 Pierre e?ier1&ho de!eloped a ethod for defining cur!es atheaticall$%

    All anchor

    points fall roughl$ into t&o categories:

    % Those ha!ing O COTRO8 HAD832

    Cur!es are controlled #$ control handles e"tending fro the points% These control

    handles do not print% The direction and agnitude of cur!es entering and lea!inganchor points are deterined #$ the direction and length of the control handles%

    3ach control handle e"tending fro a point controls onl$ the portion of the cur!e of

    the line segent facing the control handle:

    8ine segents &ith points ha!ing control handles are curved%8ine segents &ith points ha!ing no control handles are straight%

    Points An! Control 'an!les

    A point can ha!e either:

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    >% TWO COTRO8 HAD832

    There is really only ONE handle per SIDE of a point because points betweenconsecutive line segments are shared

    Smooth Points An! Corner Points

    Points &ith #oth handles in line &ith each other are called 2*OOTH POIT2% All other

    points .e"cept for t&o speciali?ed ones sho&n #elo&/ are generall$ referred to asCOR3R POIT2%

    8ine segents &hose cur!es transition soothl$ fro one anchor point to the ne"t in

    an un#ro0en anner are 4oined #$ sooth points%

    8ine segents &hose cur!es do not transition soothl$ together are 4oined #$ cornerpoints%

    The corner point sho&n a#o!e has t&o handles #ut a corner point can also ha!e onehandle1 no handles1 4oin a cur!ed line segent to cur!ed line segent1 4oin a

    straight line segent to a cur!ed line segent or a straight line segent to astraight line segent% elo& are saples of corner points:

    S(eciali$e! Points

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    2oe point t$pes are uni(ue to certain applications%

    CorelDRAW has a speciali?ed sooth point called a 7s$etrical node7% The lengthsof #oth control handles of a s$etrical node reain e(ual &hen either one of the

    is ad4usted:

    Although Dene#a Can!as5 doesn't ha!e a s$etrical point1 the sae effect can #e

    produced #$ dragging the handle of a sooth point &ith Ctrl .Windo&s/ or Option.*ac/% When sooth points are first placed1 #oth handles are e(uall$ spaced #$

    default% As long as neither handle is altered1 the sae effect can #e produced%

    *acroedia )reeHand @ pro!ides a 7connector point7% It is used to a0e asooth transition fro a straight line segent to a cur!ed line segent% It actuall$controls the cur!e so that it is al&a$s tangent to the straight segent% The handle on

    this point can onl$ o!e directl$ in line &ith the straight segent% 6ou cannot alterthe angle of the handle li0e other points% CorelDRAW also pro!ides t&o siilar

    points: either a 7s$etrical line node7 or 7line sooth node7% These points functionthe sae as the )reeHand @ point% This is a useful point% All draftsen ha!e run into

    this in echanical dra&ing:

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    Lesson ): The Anatomy of a Vector IllustrationPart Three

    Objects An! Their Pro(erties* Paths An! Sub(aths

    Continuing &ith the anato$ of a !ector illustration1 let's ta0e a loo0 at o#4ects andtheir properties1 paths and su#paths%

    Objects + Stro,e an! -ill Pro(erties

    O#4ects ha!e stro0e and fill properties% 2tro0e .or outline/ properties appl$ to thepath of an o#4ect and fill properties appl$ to the area enclosed #$ the path%

    Stro,e Pro(erties:

    Weight .line thic0ness/ Color

    2olid !s% Dashed

    8ine Caps and Corners:

    3"cept for differences in terinolog$1 line cap and corner properties are the sae

    #et&een Dene#a Can!as51 Ado#e Illustrator1 CorelDRAW and *acroedia)reeHand:




    7Caps andCorners7

    7Cap and ;oin7 7Cap and ;oin778ine ;oins and

    3nd Caps7

    Ca(s 2(uare utt utt )lat


    2(uarePro4ecting 2(uare 2(uare

    Rounded Round Round Round

    Corners *itered *iter *iter *iter

    e!eled e!el e!el e!el

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    Rounded Round Round Round

    -ill Pro(erties: Color

    9nifor or +radient )ill Patterns and Te"tures

    Stro,e 0am(les: .fill unifor or none/

    2olid Dashed one PatternB

    B Pattern stro0e una!aila#le in CorelDRAW

    -ill 0am(les:.stro0e none/




    +radient Pattern Te"tureB

    B ector te"ture fill a!aila#le in CorelDRAW onl$

    It could #e said that Tiles are one of the #asic fill properties% Patterns and tiles are#asicall$ the sae 0ind of fill%

    Deneba Can%as Stro,e an! -ill 0am(les:

    Can!as is uni(ue in that it can appl$ the sae properties to stro0es as it can to fills%In addition to colors1 te"tures and gradients1 $ou can also appl$ s$#ols and hatchpatterns as stro0es and fills% elo& are a fe& e"aples:

    Te"ture )ill

    +radient )ill

    2olid 2tro0e

    +radient )ill

    +radient 2tro0e Hatch )ill

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    Paths an! Sub(aths

    Paths are either:

    % Closed

    )ills are not restricted to closed paths% Open paths can #e filled 4ust li0e closedpaths:

    Paths of an o#4ect ha!ing ore than one path are called subpaths%

    Note! Subpaths are nothing more than discreet" individual pathsin an ob#ect composed of more than one path The word

    $subpath$ is easily misunderstood because the prefi% $sub$implies subordination &ultiple paths within an ob#ect are of e'ual

    hierarchy (ran)*

    $ default each path #ecoes a ne& o#4ect &hen it is first created% 2u#paths are

    created &hen o#4ects are fored fro coposite paths%

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    Lesson 2: The Anatomy of a Vector IllustrationPart )A

    Com(osite Paths an! Object 3rou(in an! Combinin

    Dene#a Can!as51 Ado#e Illustrator1 CorelDRAW and *acroedia )reeHandalso share the follo&ing features%%%

    O#4ects a$ #e:

    % )ored into Coposite Paths or

    % Co#ined into ne& o#4ects

    The Differences #etween Com(osite Paths an! Object 3rou(in An!Combinin

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    % Co#ining O#4ects

    Co#ining o#4ects is a eans of erging e"isting shapes into ne& shapes% Witho#4ect co#ining1 the original o#4ects are altered% In soe cases the original o#4ects

    can #e recreated fro the ne& shapes #$ ungrouping or reappl$ing o#4ect co#iningagain to these ne& shapes% In other cases1 ho&e!er1 the effects of o#4ect co#ining

    is not so easil$ undone% elo& are e"aples of the effect of co#ining o#4ects intone& shapes:

    'ow 0ach A((lication Defines Com(osite Paths an! Object 3rou(in an!


    +rouping and ungrouping o#4ects1 a0ing and #rea0ing coposite paths and

    co#ining o#4ects is supported #$ all four applications% The ters 7group7 and7ungroup7 are identical #et&een the% Coposite paths and co#ined o#4ects are

    defined differentl$1 ho&e!er:

    Proram Com(osite Paths Combine! Objects

    CorelDRAW.Co#ining O#4ects/

    Co#ine and rea0 ApartWelding1 Triing

    and Intersecting O#4ects


    .Copound Path/*a0e and Release

    Pathfinder - Co#ine1 Isolateand 2u#di!iding O#4ects


    .Coposite Path/;oin and 2plit

    *erging O#4ects



    .Coposite Path/*a0e Coposite E rea0


    Co#ining O#4ects

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    Lesson 4:The Anatomy of a Vector Illustration

    Part -our + Summary

    The anato$ of a !ector illustration has an e"act1 finite pattern% There are onl$ soan$ parts to it% It is suari?ed #elo&:

    An I8892TRATIO is coposed of !ector O;3CT2 each ha!ing one or ore PATH2 &hich are coposed of 8I3 23+*3T2 ha!ing ACHOR POIT2 at each endACHOR POIT2 fall into t&o categories:

    % Those ha!ing O COTRO8 HAD832

    8ine segents &ith points ha!ing control handles are curved%8ine segents &ith points ha!ing no control handles are straight%

    An ACHOR POIT can ha!e either:

    % TWO COTRO8 HAD832

    There is really only ONE handle per SIDE of a point because points betweenconsecutive line segments are shared

    Points &ith #oth handles in line &ith each other are called 2*OOTH POIT2% All other

    points .e"cept for the speciali?ed ones - 7s$etrical node7 and 7connector point7/are generall$ referred to as COR3R POIT2%

    O#4ects ha!e stro0e and fill properties% 2tro0e .or outline/ properties appl$ to the

    path of an o#4ect and fill properties appl$ to the area enclosed #$ the path%

    O#4ects a$ #e:

    % )ored into Coposite Paths or

    % Co#ined into ne& o#4ects

    Paths are either:

    % Closed

    That's itF

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    The &hole purpose of this &as to dri!e hoe the point that there is an anato$ to a

    !ector illustration% It has an e"act pattern% It is finite% It is siple and all !ectorillustrations fro the siple to cople" &ill re!eal this pattern%

    Lesson 5: /or,in /ith Primiti%es6Pre!efine! Sha(es7

    To facilitate faster construction1 Dene#a Can!as51 Ado#e Illustrator1 CorelDRAWand *acroedia )reeHand include a set of predefined o#4ect shapes or


    % 3llipse .including circle/% Pol$gon .including star/G% 2piral

    The user can control the nu#er of sides to pol$gons and stars%

    All the predefined shapes can #e con!erted to edita#le paths &ith access to theanchor points% 3ach progra handles this slightl$ differentl$1 though:

    In CorelDRAW the o#4ect ust first #e con!erted to cur!es%

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    In *acroedia )reeHand s(uares1 rectangles1 circles1 ellipses and spirals ust first

    #e ungrouped &hile pol$gons and stars are edita#le #$ default%

    In Ado#e Illustrator1 all o#4ects are edita#le #$ default:

    In Dene#a Can!as1 o#4ects are edita#le #$ default e"cept for pol$gons1 stars andspirals &hich ust #e con!erted to paths%


    CorelDRAW Arrange Con!ert To Cur!es

    Ado#e Illustrator .O#4ects are edita#le #$ default/

    *acroedia )reeHand*odif$ 9ngroup

    e"cept for pol$gons and stars

    Dene#a Can!asO#4ect Path Con!ert To Paths

    for pol$gons1 stars and spirals onl$

    Lesson 8: &eyboar! Shortcuts -or The Pen

    Draw -aster #y 9a,in -ewer Tri(s To The Tool PaletteThis tutorial is for applications that use the pen: Ado#e Photoshop1 Ado#eIllustrator and *acroedia )reeHand% When dra&ing &ith the pen $ou &ill

    ine!ita#l$ ha!e to stop id-path and a0e ad4ustents to anchor points"controlhandlesor line segments%

    Note! Different software pac)ages use different terms for thesame things" and since this article is using mi%ed terminology

    please consult the table of e'uivalent terminology for clarification

    of terms

    9suall$1 &hen first learning the soft&are1 the no!ice &ill go to the tool palette tos&itch #ac0 and forth #et&een the pen and other tools% This is !er$ tie consuing

    and there are pro!isions in the soft&are to s&itch tools &ithout ha!ing to select thefro the tool palette% The 0e$s on #oth the right-hand and left-hand sides of the

    space#ar are used for this purpose% 2ho&n #elo& are the 0e$#oard hand positions fora right-handed ouse:

    Left han! ,eys + /in!ows Left han! ,eys + 9acintosh


    Alt Ctrl

    2hift Option


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    The diagra a#o!e sho&s the hand positions .for a right handed ouse/ to ta0e

    ad!antage of 0e$#oard shortcuts for dra&ing &ith the pen% This is the (uic0est &a$ touse the pen%

    *ac users &ill use !arious co#inations of the 2hift1 Option and Coand 0e$s1

    &hile Windo&s users &ill use parallel co#inations of the 2hift1 Ctrl and Alt 0e$s%

    )or e"aple1 &hile acti!el$ dra&ing a path &ith the pen tool1 Windo&s Illustratorusers can press the Ctrl 0e$ to s&itch #et&een the pen and the selection tool &hile at

    the sae tie press the 2hift 0e$ to constrain a line to GJ increents% When finisheda0ing the ad4ustent1 the user sipl$ releases the 0e$s and resues dra&ing &ith

    the pen tool - all &ithout resorting to the tool palette%

    )ollo&ing this tutorial are step #$ step e"aples to drill the point%

    Lesson ;: &eyboar! Shortcuts -or The Pen 0am(les

    The idea #ehind the 0e$#oard shortcuts in Ado#e Illustrator1 Ado#e Photoshop

    and *acroedia )reeHand is so $ou can dra& paths in a fluid anner &ith asfe& interruptions as possi#le% Ideall$1 $ou &ould dra& as fluidl$ as if $ou &ere

    actuall$ using a pen or pencil% The pre!ious page descri#ed the hand positions &iththe 0e$#oard and ouse% This page descri#es ho& it is done% The ne"t page gi!es

  • 5/26/2018 Coreldraw Tutorials (1)


    $ou practice teplates for each application%

    While the pen tool is selected and $ou are acti!el$ dra&ing a path1 pressing thefollo&ing 0e$s &ill #ring up a different tool:

    )or Ado#e Illustrator or Ado#e Photoshop:

    9acintosh /in!ows -unction





    2elects the last selection tool

    2elects the Con!ert Direction Point ToolConstrains angle to GJ increents

    )or *acroedia )reeHand:

    9acintosh /in!ows -unction





    2elects the Pointer ToolPlaces a corner point

    Constrains angle to GJ increents

    asicall$ the functions of these 0e$s #et&een the Ado#e applications and*acroedia )reeHand are the sae% There is onl$ a slight difference in the use of

    the Alt or Option 0e$ to create a corner point% In Illustrator and Photoshop1 all ne&l$placed points &ith control handles are sooth points #$ default% The Con!ert

    Direction Point Tool is used to change a sooth point to a corner point &ith handles%In )reeHand1 $ou can drag out control handles for a corner point &hen $ou first place


    #rief 0am(le + A!obe Illustrator

    In the follo&ing e"aple1 three tools are used &ithout returning to the tool palette tochange tools:

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    % Drag out the second point% The first cur!e

    is off1 no&%

  • 5/26/2018 Coreldraw Tutorials (1)


    % Press Ctrl .Windo&s/ or Coand

    .*acintosh/ and use the Direct 2election Toolto drag #ac0 the first cur!e%

    G% Press Alt .Windo&s/ or Option .*acintosh/to #ring up the Con!ert Direction Point Tool

    and drag the second point's handle .changingit fro a sooth point to a corner point/ to

    redirect the ne"t cur!e%

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    % Place the ne"t point and continue dra&ing

    the path%

    Pen Cursors

    The pen cursor helps $ou identif$ &here $ou're at &hen dra&ing paths% 6ou need to

    0no& &hen $ou are o!er a point so $ou can append to an open path .restarting thepath/ or &hen $ou are o!er a point so $ou can close a path% 6ou also need to 0no&

    &hat the cursor loo0s li0e to start a ne& path so $ou don't inad!ertentl$ 0eep addingto an e"isting path or !ice !ersa% These are the ost iportant cursors% Their

    functions are identical #et&een Ado#e Illustrator K and @1 Ado#e Photoshop and

    *acroedia )reeHand @% The chart #elo& descri#es these cursors%




    To Path




    Illustrator K E @


    )reeHand @

    Deneba Can%as% 3"cept for CorelDRAW &hile using the e?ier Tool1 &hen $ou are o!er the point1

    the cursor &ill change to let $ou 0no& that the ne"t clic0 &ill append to the path:

    Ado#e Illustrator K E @

    Ado#e Photoshop

    *acroedia )reeHand @

    CorelDRAW @ - )reehand Tool

    % That is $our cue that the ne"t clic0 &ill append to the path% Clic0 once to restart

    adding line segents to the path%

    G% When $ou are read$ to close the path sipl$ position the cursor o!er the other

    end point of the path% When the cursor is o!er the point it &ill change to let $ou0no& that the ne"t clic0 &ill close the path:

    Ado#e Illustrator K E @

    Ado#e Photoshop

    *acroedia )reeHand @

    CorelDRAW @ - )reehand Tool

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    CorelDRAW @ - e?ier Tool

    % Clic0 once to close the path%

    Deneba Can%as