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  • Commercial Real Estate Investments & Markets Executive Education Program

    19 September - 22 September 2019

    Finance | Innovation | Leadership Management | Marketing | Strategy


    Global Executive Education Center (GEEC) brings world-class experiential learning experience to global senior executives, designed to advance leaders at every level and aspect. Drawing on the expertise and knowledge from world leading business schools and research institutes, GEEC is committed to bring a diverse and global perspective to help them navigate the speed of change in today’s marketplace, and advance their leadership at every level and make an impact on their organization.

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    To bring you the most premium and meaningful executive education program, Global Executive Education Center forms a partnership with the world’s top ranking business school, Wharton Business School.

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  • EVOLVE WITH WHARTON KNOWLEDGE Each year, more than 9,000 executives worldwide choose Wharton Executive Education to navigate change and advance their leadership at every level. Wharton’s faculty brings a decidedly global mindset, focused on unlocking the value and opportunity that comes from delving into issues across geographic and cultural boundaries.

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  • After the market conditions for the Australian property market made a sharp turn in the year 2018- 2019, property developers and institutional investors start shunning away from residential property projects. As they are looking for alternative ways to achieve a reasonable yield on investment capital, diversification for portfolios, and protection against inflation, commercial real estate is increasingly in investors’ radars.

    Global Executive Education is pleased to deliver the 2019 Wharton Executive Education Program - Commercial Real Estate Investments and Markets. The program aims to help participants understand, analyse and assess commercial real estate investment opportunities by deepening your understanding of the different classes of real estate assets and exploring the pros and cons of various investment channels, from direct investing, to REITs, to private equity, and to investing in real estate debt.

    Program Summary:

    Many Australian institutional investors, fund managers, and financial advisors have been raising their targets for real estate allocations in recent years. Some classes of real estate investments can yield solid returns and provide good diversification. Others are higher risk, but potentially higher return, options compared to conventional assets of blue- chip stocks and bonds.

    Assessing Commercial Real Estate Investments and Markets provides institutional investors and financial advisors with a complete picture of the pros and cons of the various ways to invest in global and Australian commercial real estate. Participants will become a more discerning evaluator of offers and opportunities in Australia and globally. Beyond just improving your awareness of common investing pitfalls, you will also discover how to make real estate a more valuable slice of your client’s or institution’s diversified investment portfolio.

    Participants will discover how best to incorporate commercial real estate into their overall investment strategy. The current state of the Australia and global real estate market will be discussed, and you will grasp the nuances of managing risk during boom and bust periods. Interactive exercises, case studies, and small-group breakouts make for engaging and thought-provoking sessions.

    As a result of attending this program, you will gain a deeper understanding of the concepts, terminology, strategies, and opportunities that will enable you to confidently add both domestic and global real estate to your investment portfolio.


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    Topic: Commercial Real Estate Investments & Markets

    Scheduled Date: Thursday 19 Sep 2019 – Sunday 22 Sep 2019

    Venue: Intercontinental Hotel (Sydney)

    Cost: AUD$14,999 + GST

    Todd Sinai, PhD Professor of Real Estate and Business Economics and Public Policy, The Wharton School

    His research interests include commercial real estate, real estate investment trusts, risk and pricing in housing markets, and taxation of real estate.

    Bilge Yilmaz, PhD Wharton Private Equity Professor; Professor of Finance; Director, Wharton Alternative Investments Initiative, The Wharton School

    Professor Yilmaz’s research focuses on corporate finance, alternative investments, and political economy.

    Maisy Wong, PhD Associate Professor of Real Estate, The Wharton School

    Her research interests include labor mobility, urbanization in emerging markets, housing, and real estate finance, with publications in journals including the American Economic Review, Review of Economic Studies, and Journal of Finance.

    The Wharton faculty, who are the leading minds in real estate today, will explore the fundamental concepts around different commercial real estate asset classes such as hotels, apartment buildings, shopping centers, and office buildings, and the varied economic forces that drive their returns.

    The effect of location — including cities, countries, coasts, and neighborhoods — and their distinct risk and return characteristics will also be covered. You will investigate many real estate investment strategies: direct investment, investing in public equity, lending to real estate, investing in real estate debt, or investing in a company or private equity firm that is itself investing in real estate. The advantages and drawbacks of each will be thoroughly discussed, as well as the unique risks that accompany each approach. You will also hone your skills around global real estate investment, including diversifying your investments across countries, finding local partners, and assessing and hedging currency risks.


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    Todd Sinai, PhD Professor of Real Estate and Business Economics and Public Policy, The Wharton School

    Professor Todd Sinai has been with Wharton since 1997 and is Professor of Real Estate and Business Economics and Public Policy at the Wharton School. He received his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his BA from Yale University. Todd has also served as a faculty research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research and a visiting scholar of the Federa