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CommenCement Ceremony 2018 - · PDF fileLopez, Lolys Shailyn Lopez, Stephanie Lopez, Anthony Michael Lopez, Yvette O. ... Ureno, Brianna Julissa Valenzuela, Juan Carlos Vallejo, Tracy

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Text of CommenCement Ceremony 2018 - · PDF fileLopez, Lolys Shailyn Lopez, Stephanie Lopez, Anthony...

  • Crafton Hills College

    CommenCement Ceremony 2018

    Friday, May 25, 20186:00 p.m.

    Campus Quadrangle

  • Crafton Hills College: A brief history

    Crafton Hills College was founded in 1972 on 523 acres of land in Yucaipa. The large gift of land was given to the San Bernardino Community College District by local philanthropist Ruben Finkelstein and his brother Lester Finkelstein. Ruben and Lester were businessmen from Los Angeles with large real estate interests and investments. In addition to donating land for the Crafton Hills College campus, the Finkelstein brothers donated land for Yucaipa High School, a Little League ball park, a Fire Station, and the Yucaipa Boy Scouts.

    The Finkelstein brothers heartfelt pride in Crafton Hills College has led to the growth of the College and the success of countless students over the years. As a result, Crafton Hills College is a legacy to their support of education and love for people.



    A College Nurse will be on duty to provide aid in the event of an emergency. The Nurse will be available at the Information Tent from 5pm to 8pm on the night of the Ceremony.

    GIFTS AND MEMORABILIAThe Campus Bookstore will have graduation related items such as balloon bouquets, alumni sweatshirts, diploma frames and covers, packaged snacks, and other CHC gift items available for sale.


    The Department of Student Life has arranged for a commercial photographer to take pictures of each candidate receiving a diploma. Proofs will be sent to each participant.

    Crafton Hills College takes photos of and videotapes students throughout the year. Theseimages often include students in classrooms, study areas, student events, graduations, around campus,etc. Crafton Hills College reserves the right to use these photographs as a part of its publicity andmarketing efforts. Students who enroll at Crafton Hills College do so with the understanding thatthese photographs might include them and might be used in college publications, both printed andelectronic, and for publicity.

    Graduates and family members are encouraged to share their own pictures on social media by using the hashtag #CHC2018Grad

    PROCESSIONALIt is requested that the center aisle in the Campus Quadrangle remain clear for the candidates for graduation, faculty, and platform party to march in the procession. The audience is asked to remain in their seats and follow direction from marshals and ushers.

    RECESSIONALThe Recessional requires the cooperation of both the graduates and the audience. To enable the recessional line to keep moving and to avoid a major congestion problem, the audience is requested to remain seated until all graduates have dispersed.

    SMOKINGNo smoking is permitted in the Campus Quadrangle prior to, during, or after the Commencement Ceremony.

    Commencement 2018 Program

  • Commencement

    May 25, 2018, 6:00 pmCAMPUS QUADRANGLE

    Prelude Performed by Otherwise Strings Processional Pomp and Circumstance, March No. 1 Edward Elgar 1875-1934 Performed by Otherwise Strings Opening Procession Graduating Class of 2018 The Administration of the College The Faculty of the College Faculty Marshalls Salute to the Flag JaJuan Dotson, CHC Student Trustee Class of 2019 San Bernardino Community College District

    National Anthem Francis Scott Key 1780-1843 Arranged by Mark McConnell Performed by Vanessa Arlt, Jesse Campos Amy Ibarra and Andrew To

    Welcome Mike Strong, Lead Vice President, Crafton Hills College

    Introductions Bruce Baron, Chancellor San Bernardino Community College District

    Student Commencement Speaker Maranda Jiles Class of 2018 Crafton Hills College

    Commencement Address Chief Michael J. Smith, MS ,CFOD Class of 1992 Crafton Hills College Presentation of Graduating Class Dr Keith Wurtz, Interim Vice President, Instruction Crafton Hills College

    Awarding of Degrees Joseph Williams, President Board of Trustees, San Bernardino Community College District

    A Thought for the Future Mark McConnell, President Academic Senate

    Recessional Trumpet Voluntary Jeremiah Clarke 1674-1707 Performed by Otherwise Strings

  • CHC 2018 GraduatesAbraham, Tyler Reed Aguilar-Garcia, Melinda Desiree Aguilera, Benjamin Agustine Ahsan, Madiha Alamilla, Arlene Alyssa Algarate, Karina Ali, Ziad Amir Ali, Nezum Uddin Alkaddumi, Mohammed Majed Allred, Whitney L *Alvarado, Enrique Alberto Alvarado, Karyl Lee *Alvarado, Jackleen Amador, Stephanie C An, Ryan Lee Anzaldo, Gabriela Arab, Pargoal Lisa *Arlt, Vanessa Sue Arreola, Seth Mattew Ashmore, Rebecca Grace Averbeck, Menzer Stephen Avers, Colin Andrew Avery, Madison Marie Babb, Jon R Baez, Yesenia Isabel Barajas, Heather Ann Barham, Jaycee Lynn Barker, Christian Randall Baroi, Joanna Chelsea **Barr, Steven Allan Barrera, Angelica Ruby Barrett, Heaven Lynn Barrios, Paige Raquel Basa, Julia Victoria Beath, Aleena Marie Becerra, Melissa Christine Bell, Amanda Rae *Beltran, Alicia Beltran, Leonora Berry, Kathleen E Blackmon, Camree Laurae Blakkan, Crystal L Booth, Kelly Marie Botello, Carlos Rodolfo Bouzidi, Noor Hayat **Bracamontes, Margarita **Brasington, Savannah Delphine Braun-Newman, James Thomas Briseno, Selene Mayra Brittingham, Madison Carolyn * Brown, Carolynn Suzette * Brown, Steven Michael Brown, Ruth Margaret Bujanda, Andrew * Bulger, Jacqueline Ann * Burson, Ashlynn Jade ** Cabrera, Nancy Flores Caliwag, Matthew Taberna Calvert, Leah Francisca

    Camacho, James William * Campbell, Timra A Campos, Erika Saraiva Canela, Cindy Melissa Cardinale, Kristina Ann * Caringella, Samantha Joe * Carlos-Macadang, Aileen I Carr, Samantha Lynn Castelan, Carla Paola * Castillo, Luisa M * Castillo, Priscilla R Castro, Abigail Jocelia Caudillo, Kimberly Maria Elena Celestine-Ezell, Braeona Shawnee Cervantes, Stephanie Chaffee, Marissa Kate * Chammas, Noel Nicole Chammas, Jessica Danielle * Chartier, Riley Ray * Chavez, Vianny Jaylene Chavez, Dulcinea Kaylee Collins, Dana Louis-George Contreras, Bianca Delia Contreras, Laura * Cortes, Jessi Ana Mary * Cortes, Sean Jason Couch, Sabrina Katherine * Cretu, Aileen * Cruz, Kevin Cruz, Jonathan Edward Cuevas, Kaylee Rose *Dabbour, Boulos S Darby, Kyle Steven Davis, Melanie Kalinda Davis, Jamai Nichole Davis, Jessica Menyet H.Davis, Marcus Lee Dawang, Maita Jenieve Dumaguing De Leon, Michael Albert De Shane, Anthony Charles Delgadillo, Kathryn Angelique Diaz, Monique * Dorrego, Ashley M Doss, Tiffany A * Downard, Megan Elyse Downer, Adam Jacob Drummonds, Ellen Marie * Dunham, Kaitlyn Frankie Rene Duran, James Mieras * Duran, Abbyjane Edelen, Joshua Harper Egle, Julie S **Emery, Lori-Ann M England, Kaelee Michelle Enriquez, Jack Joseph * Erwin, Elizabeth Kathrine Jayne* Espino, Manuel D Estanque, Rudy J. Evans, Dallas James

    Evrist, Brett Austin Eyasu, Yonas G Fadel, Daaood Mahmoud Mohamme Farrell, Kaitlynn Brianne * Farrell, Seth William * Fellenz, Joshua Charles Ferch, Daniel Ryan Ferguson, Zoelle Leigh Feriante, Dante * Fierros, Edgar Valentin Fierros, Katherine Janet Figueroa, Mason Tyler Filijan, Sydney Elayne Fisher, Savanna Leigh * Fisher, Dena M Fisher, Jessica L Flores, Mario GabrielFlowers, Clarissa Janay Foster, Cynthia Stephanie Fuentes, Andrew Alexander Fuentes, Yadira Fuquay, Angela Ray Gann, Daniel Omalschenko Gann, Analissa Omalschenko Garcia, Adrian Robert Garcia, Raymond Jacob * Garcia, Dannia Irais Garcia-Velasco, Ricardo Gardea, Alejandro * Gardner, David A George, Skyler Peirce Gile-Pagel, Madison Christine Gillilan, Genevieve L * Givens, Drew Allana Gomez, Jessica Gomez, Breana Gonzales, Serenity Lucina Gonzalez, Alyssa Marie Gonzalez, Benjamin Gonzalez-Mayen, Luis Enrique Goodrich, Clay Ryan Goss, Shaina Dawn * Gramajo, Emily Nelly Granado, Jacob Matthew * Groot, Bethany Anne Gross, Joseph Steven James * Grounds, John E * Grunewald, James K Gugliemino, Lacy Renee * Guzman, Lacy Lee Marie Hagen, Erik Daniel Hanna, Mina Andrwes * Hardin, Karen Angelica Hargrove, Matthew AlanHarvey, Courtney Lyn Haskins, Bryan Christian * Hayward, Jessica Marie Hegstrom, Destiny Alexandra Helms, Robin Destiny

    Hensley, Adam Heredia, Shaniece N Herling, Shelby Rae Lynn **Hernandez, MartinHernandez, Kermith Alejandro Hernandez, Beatriz Andreana Hernandez, Nicholas Allen Herrera, Jeniffer C Herring-Wenzel, Anthony Marcus Hicks, Michael James * Hill, Mary Sue * Hodgkin, Hillary Ann Holanov, Samuel Mathew * Holt, Shane William * Homer, Elizabeth Sarah * Hooper, Moriah Noel Houston, Austin Grant Bryant * Hudson, Holly Rebecca Huezo, Taylor C Igualate, Ilse F Incle, George A Jackson, Brittany Renee Jamerson, Dylan Danette Jensen, Ryan Curtis Jiles, Maranda N Jimenez, Andrea Alisia Jimenez, Flor Eunice Johnson, Benjamin Joseph Johnson, Corey D. Johnson, Ely Duane Johnson, Taylor Renee Johnson, Nicholas Mark Jolliff, Kathleen Elizabeth * Jones, Caitlyn Alyssa Jones, Sandra E Jure, Jessica J Kaeo, Jodie Takeko * Kamhiriri, Bethany Tariro Katerungroch, Tida * Keefe, Olivia Rose Keller, Nicholas T Keme, Shailah Traci Kennedy, Shauna Lynn Keovyphone, Sukaphone Kerichenko, Lindsay M Khai, Peter Hang Lien **Kleijne, Brandon A Krindle, Tikva Simone ** La, Don Phi Lalonde, Chase Joel Lambert, Jacob Anthony Lampasi, Alexander James Lamptey, Tiffany Koshie Adobea Land, Hollyanna Hope Landin, Davina H Langley, Jonathan Taylor * Law, De Anna P Laws

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