Collaborative learning in a virtual company Darco Jansen.

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Collaborative learning in a virtual company Darco Jansen Slide 2 Professional Training Becoming a psychologist (regular university) first year at the university: everything but psychology! 4 years study period 6 month practical work: the real thing! When did learning and growth of expertise have its peaks? Slide 3 Learning and working you learn while you perform work should feel like learning and learning should feel like working Slide 4 Changes in pedagogical concepts Open University of the Netherlands experimenting towards constructivist, competency-based learning learning while doing: authenticity no learning without error: quality control just-in-time resources: coaching and knowledge-management Slide 5 Characteristics Virtual Company Students have roles as starting professionals they work in (distributed) project teams for real customers perform duties / are responsible for development of the virtual company assesment according to professional practice and its performance standards a supporting infrastructure of ICT, allowing distributed teamwork Slide 6 Visiting a Virtual Company Tour around the company (VC has no buildings!) Organizational structure People Products Working- (and learning-) processes Annual report Audits Slide 7 Electronic working and learning environment Gate Virtual work roomCompany web Slide 8 Virtual work room Dynamic project databases concept documents for knowledge base project archives short term communication: newsletter, announcements mailboxes discussion individual portfolio .. Slide 9 Company web Static formal company rules resources for training intake forms assessment forms information on personnel assessment results .. Slide 10 Typical key elements Communicate & cordinate Corporate knowl. identity / rules Just-in-time learning & coaching Competence analysis, monitoring & assessment Co-work tools & objects Slide 11 Communicate & cordinate Co-work tools & objects Corporate knowl. identity / rules Just-in-time learning & coaching Competence analysis, monitoring & assessment Learning aspects Collaborative learning Assessment driven learning Knowledge based learning Slide 12 Tour around a Virtual Company 1997: Gipphouse (KUN) 1998: Virtual Environmental Consultancy Agency (OUNL, UM, Fontys, UT) in Studienet and eRoomStudienet eRoom 1999: Centrumveld (Pink) in Lotus environment 2001: OTO (OUNL) in Studienet (intra- en extranet)intraextranet and eRoomeRoom 2002: IT4Society (Rotterdam) in N@tschool 2003: ViaFina (Holding HO-niveau) in web + groupware 2003: BASIC VB (Fontys) in N@tschool and web 2004: VC Accountancy (HvU) in Quickplace and web Slide 13 Organizational structure student teams academic institutions coaching 'new' company knowledge transfer'old' orders customers results input VMAB VMAB (intra- en extranet)intraextranet Slide 14 Belgium Germany Den Haag Fontys Twente OUNL Maastricht students: customers People VMABVMAB, OTOOTO Slide 15 Products of a Virtual Company Knowledge (-based) engineering Making advisory rapports financial (VBA), economic (ViaFina), Law environmental (VMAB),VMAB physics (BASIC) ICT (OTO, IT4S, Centrumveld)OTO Slide 16 intake learn-work agreement Key processes function / role tasks competence aims project leader knowledge manager analyse pollution data reporting research Slide 17 Virtual Company: working processes (project) Needs of customer 3a Acties eerste fase Resuts related to team performance feedback+evaluation Final- results 7 Lessons learned Review aimed at improvement Project plan specification verbeter-acties Activities project actvitities VMAB Slide 18 VC-processes (personal development) Learning needs 3a Acties eerste fase Results related to role performance Final- results Reflection feedback+evaluatie Reflection aimed at improvement 2 PDP specification Follow-up actions Activities VMAB Slide 19 Learningneeds PDP Needs of customer Project plan Activities Results Reflection improvement Review improvement Slide 20 VC-processes (company-performance) Needs Results (company performance) Activities Business plan Feedback Specification of stakeholders Roles / duties Audit future Evaluation improvement Slide 21 Slide 22 Darco Jansen Thank you


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