Collaborative Context Recognition for Mobile Devices

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Software for Context-Aware Multi-User Systems Professor Joao Sousa David Gonzalez. Collaborative Context Recognition for Mobile Devices. Overview. Summary of Huuskonen CCR Theory Abstract. Model Interpretation. Implementation Close look. Long-term context Related works. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Collaborative Context Recognition for Mobile DevicesSoftware for Context-AwareMulti-User SystemsProfessor Joao SousaDavid Gonzalez

  • OverviewSummary of Huuskonen CCR Theory Abstract.Model Interpretation. Implementation Close look. Long-term context Related works.Recommendations.

  • Theory AbstractOnce upon a time....Mobile Devices(MD) were too limited(e.g. Power computing, Energy dependent, not common).Well, still is like that but they are ubiquitous.PCs are not wearable, but MDs are. MD User Interface are limited, but they are Communication Hubs.

  • Theory AbstractHuman Computer Interaction(HCI) must integrate Sensors to engage a real Context experience.Sense of:LocationSocial SituationTasksActivitiesMust be easy to the user, but the implementation is not trivial.

  • Theory AbstractContext Awareness (CA):Humans are a Rank-A CA animals, because:We use CA for primitive functions like Survival, Reproduction and Subsistence.Imitate and Learn is a common behavior, so We are Context-driven individuals.The issue is how transfer this to Machines.

  • Simple Model for Human BehaviorCALostDoubtDoAskImitate

  • Mobile Context AwarenessThis is the first step to allow CCR.It merges IA and HCI.Examples:LocationEnvironmental SensorsBiometricsAcceleration sensorsMultimedia

  • Application AreaGeomarketingJaikuClarity BrickstreamNintendo 3DSLatitude by Google

  • Long-term goalState CCR as part of global Initiative.This is not isolated research, but a common effect of Computing Paradigm Shift.Establish improvements to the current architecture.Till now the architectures work, but lack of new frameworks to ease the inherent flexibility of this kind of systems.

  • Model Interpretation

    A CCR Looks like:ContextAwarenessContext RecognitionContext ReasoningSensors signalsProcessMethodSignalProcessingWeightedVotingProtocol

    CCR Server

  • Model Interpretation

    A CCR System Looks like:ContextAwarenessContext RecognitionContext ReasoningSensors signalsProcessActorMobileDeviceMobileDeviceGroupCCR Server

  • Implementation Close lookSymbian S60, IOSApache TomcatWindows, LinuxActorMobileDevicesCCR Server

  • Development up to presentState CCR as part of global Initiative:2008, Bannach Context Recognition Network2005, Sung & Blum Wearable computing2003, Huuskonen CCR for MD

  • RecommendationsNew SW Platforms are requires, in this particular case: Android.Stronger Architecture are required in the Business layer, specifically Web Services.Ontologies are proposed, not yet implemented.

  • Architecture ideasData AccessBusinessPresentationData Mining for new Contexts rulesMore Flexibilityand spreadablewith Web ServicesRich User Interfaces,Context Aware like DK


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