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Multiple ChoiceFill-In TheBlankFill-In TheBlank10 Points20 Points30 Points40 Points50 Points10 Points10 Points10 Point20 Points20 Points20 Points20 Points30 Points40 Points50 Points30 Points30 Points30 Points40 Points40 Points40 Points50 Points50 Points50 Points Multiple Choice

True or False10 PointBack to GameDAILY DOUBLE!DAILY DOUBLE!(Click Here)Wager Your Bet Now!(Who ever answered the last question correctly)It is best to postpone making a career choice until after you have begun full-time work.True & False For 10 PointsFalseTrueBack to GameSorry!Back to GameTry AgainThere is no point in reading newspaper help wanted ads unless you already have a clear career goal in mind.True & False For 20 PointsFalseTrueBack to GameOver the coming years, service industries are expected to have the greatest career potential in the U.S.True & False For 30 PointsFalseTrueBack to GameCooperative education combines school with work-related experience.True & False For 40 PointsFalseTrueBack to GameIt is considered highly impolite for job applicants to ask questions during an employment interview.True & False For 50 PointsFalseTrueBack to GameWhich of the following is the FIRST step in the career planning process?Multiple Choice For 10 PointsBack to Gameemployment market analysispersonal assessmentall of the aboveapplication processGenerally, you should try to limit your resume toMultiple Choice For 10 Pointsthree pages.two pages.one page.there are no set limitsBack to GameYour ____________________ are the things that are most important to you.Back to GameFill-In The Blank For 10 PointsinformationalinternshipAbilitymentorplanningshadowingMobilityportfoliovaluesWhich of the following would NOT be placed in the Personal Information section of a resume?Multiple Choice For 20 Pointsschools attendedtelephone numbernameBack to Gamee-mail addressIf you leave your job, try to tell your employer at least ____ in advance.Fill-In The Blank For 20 PointsBack to Gameone weektwo daystwo weeksone month____________________ is the quality of being able to perform a mental or physical task.Back to GameFill-In The Blank For 20 PointsinformationalinternshipAbilitymentorplanningshadowingMobilityportfoliovaluesA natural, inborn aptitude to do certain things is called a(n)Multiple Choice For 30 Pointsgoal.interest.value.talent.Back to GameAn event often held at schools or community centers that allow you a chance to contact several prospective employers in a short time is called a(n)Multiple Choice For 40 Pointscattle call.career fair.employment agency.audition.Back to GameAbout what percentage of available jobs are NOT advertised to the public?Multiple Choice For 50 Points40 percent25 percent10 percent70 percentBack to GamePrepare for a job interview byMultiple Choice For 30 Pointsasking friends to help you practice your interviewing skills.preparing answers for specific questions you might be asked.obtaining more information about the job for which you are applying.all of the aboveBack to GameCareer ____________________ is the process of studying careers, assessing yourself in terms of careers, and making decisions about a future career.Fill-In The Blank For 30 PointsBack to GameinformationalinternshipAbilitymentorplanningshadowingMobilityportfoliovaluesA(n) ____________________ involves work experience in an organization while learning about a career fieldespecially in accounting, finance, marketing, or communications.Back to GameFill-In The Blank For 30 PointsinformationalinternshipAbilitymentorplanningshadowingMobilityportfoliovaluesWhich of the following is probably NOT a good strategy to follow on your first few days at a new job?Multiple Choice For 40 Pointsbe on timemake lots of suggestions about how to change the way things are doneask questions if you do not understand directionsbe friendly with everyoneBack to GameA(n) ____________________ interview is a planned discussion with a worker who is willing to help you find out about the work that he or she does and the preparation needed for that career.Fill-In The Blank For 40 PointsBack to GameinformationalinternshipAbilitymentorplanningshadowingMobilityportfoliovaluesA career ____________________ provides tangible evidence of your ability and skills; it might include samples of work you have done on previous jobs.Back to GameFill-In The Blank For 40 PointsinformationalinternshipAbilitymentorplanningshadowingMobilityportfoliovaluesA mentor can best be described as a(n)Multiple Choice For 50 PointsBack to Gametop executive.disgruntled employee.inexperienced worker.career coach.Job ____________________ allows you to spend time with a worker for a day or a week to learn about a certain occupation.Fill-In The Blank For 50 PointsBack to GameinformationalinternshipAbilitymentorplanningshadowingMobilityportfoliovaluesAn experienced employee who serves as counselor to a person with less experience is called a(n) ____________________.Back to GameFill-In The Blank For 50 PointsinformationalinternshipAbilitymentorplanningshadowingMobilityportfoliovaluesAll of the following statements about salary and financial factors are true EXCEPTMultiple Choice For 10 PointsBack to Gameyour pay will be based in part on the type of work you will be doing.benefits may be limited for part-time employees.all workers are entitled to the same employee benefits.your previous job experience will affect your rate of pay.