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CITY OF HARTFORD - · PDF file 2/10/2017  · CITY OF HARTFORD Hartford Police Department 253 High Street Hartford, Connecticut 06103 P: (860) 757-4000 lAD l-File

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    Date: February 10,2017


    Hartford Police Department 253 High Street

    Hartford, Connecticut 06103 P: (860) 757-4000

    lAD l-File # 2016-005

    JAMES C. ROVELLA Chief of Police

    This report was prepared by Sergeant Kevin O'Brien, an investigator assigned to the Hartford Police Department Internal Affairs Division, under the direct supervision of Lieutenant Michael Coates, Commander of the Hartford Police Department Internal Affairs Division.

    DATE OF INCIDENT: June 4, 2016

    TIME OF INCIDENT: 2133 Hours

    LOCATION OF INCIDENT: 800 Flat bush A venue West Hartford, Connecticut

    COMPLAINANT: Chief James C. Rovella

    INVESTIGATION: Police Pursuit/Use of Force Investigation

    lAD I-File # 2016-005 Serving the Capital City Page II

  • INVESTIGATIVE PLAN I.A.D. I-File# 2016-005

    Complainant: ChiefJames C. Rovella Complaint Date: June 6, 2016


    1. Police Pursuit and Use of Force Investigation


    Hartford Police Department Case Incident Reports and Supplements 1

    Memo written by Chief of Police James C. Rovella 2

    Copy of Consent to Search Form, Photo identification of Mr. Vaccaro, and Photographs 3

    Copy of request form and DVDs containing radio transmissions 4

    Copy of Hartford Police Department Cruiser Video 5

    Copy of the booking photographs of Mr. Perez and Mr. Diaz/In-House 6

    Copy of e-mail sent by Captain Jason Thody 7

    DVD containing Park Street video footage 8

    Copy oftwo letters sent to Mr. David Shepack 9

    West Hartford Police Department reports, video and photographs 10

    Connecticut State Police reports, interviews and video 11

    Copy of arrest warrant for Sergeant Sean Spell 12

    Copy of interviews with the Connecticut State Police 13

    Copy of Mr. Diaz's interview/statement 14

    Interviews with personnel 15

    Copy of Mr. Perez's and Mr. Diaz's 16

    Copy of all Connecticut State Police paperwork and Use ofF orce Analysis 17

    Copy of applicable HPD General Orders 18

    lAD I-File # 2016-005 Serving the Capital City Page 12

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    Chief James C. Rovella Chief of Police

    FROM: Sergeant Kevin O'Brien ({!!j) Investigator, Internal Affmrs Division

    DATE: February 10, 2017

    SUBJECT: lAD I-File# 2016-005 Hartford Police Department Case Number 2016-16021 Connecticut State Police Case Number CFS1600334097

    1. On Saturday, June 4, 2016, at approximately 2058 hours, the Hartford Police Department was involved in a motor vehicle pursuit of a stolen vehicle, which led to multiple assaults on police officers and the subsequent force utilized by multiple officers on scene. This incident was documented under Hartford Police Department Case Number 2016-16021, which was written by Officer Stephen Barone and notarized by Sergeant Winston Brooks.

    A summary of Officer Barone's report is as follows: Officer Barone was assigned to Hartford Police Department Patrol Unit 2 and on a directed patrol in the area of Zion Street and Glendale A venue in Hartford, Connecticut. Officer Barone observed the operator of a black 2015 Toyota Camry, later identified as Mr. Ricardo Perez (Date of Birth 12/05/1981 of 19 McKinley Street, Third Floor, Hartford, Connecticut), "incisively" utilizing the vehicle's hom at the intersection of Zion Street at Glendale Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut. Officer Barone determined that the Mr. Perez was in violation of Connecticut General Statute 14-80(a), Excessive Noise and pulled his patrol vehicle onto Zion Street "in an attempt to get into a position to conduct a motor vehicle stop." Mr. Perez quickly accelerated and went westbound on Glendale A venue and failed to stop for a stop sign at the intersection of Glendale Avenue and Hillside Street. Mr. Perez then accelerated south onto Brookfield Street before Officer Barone lost sight of the motor vehicle.

    Officer Barone then observed the vehicle again, as it was traveling east on Dart Street. Officer Barone utilized his mobile data terminal (MDT) and determined that the vehicle was reported stolen out of New Britain, Connecticut on June 3, 2016 (New Britain Police Department Case Number 2016- 12024). Officer Barone began to follow the vehicle as he awaited the arrival of a secondary unit to assist in conducting a felony motor vehicle stop. Mr. Perez traveled east on Dart Street, west on New Britain Avenue, north on Chandler Street, east on Flatbush A venue, north on Westbrook A venue, east on Bonner Street, north on Say brooke Street, and then north on Brookfield Street. During this time of travel, Mr. Perez operated the vehicle "normal" until he accelerated north on Brookfield Street, causing Officer Barone to, once again, lose sight of the motor vehicle.

    IAD I-File# 2016-005 Serving the Capital City Page 13

  • A short time later, at approximately 2117 hours, Detective Abhilash Pillai, Detective Samuel Cruz and Detective Ryan Rea observed Mr. Perez operating the stolen motor vehicle in the area of Park Street and Lawrence Street. The three detectives, utilizing an unmarked motor vehicle, followed Mr. Perez as he traveled east on Park Street, south on Lawrence Street, west on Ward Street and north on Affleck Street. In the area of 160 Affleck Street, the three detectives attempted to conduct a motor vehicle stop. Detective Cruz, who was on foot, was struck by Mr. Perez's motor vehicle and suffered a left knee injury. Mr. Perez then accelerated north on Affleck Street at a high rate of speed.

    Mr. Perez then sped north on Affleck Street, crossing over Park Street and then north onto Babcock Street. Officer Barone stated that "It should be noted that the area around Park Street was heavily populated at this time with vehicular and pedestrian traffic. This heavy traffic, which included children on bicycles, was in response to the upcoming Puerto Rico Day parade. Accused Perez's driving manner placed everyone around at risk of serious physical injury or even death. Furthermore, since Accused Perez had already struck Detective Cruz it was clear that he had no regard for others well being. As a result, the actions of Accused Perez were relayed, via police radio, and Officers Verrengia and Perez were in close proximity to pursue the vehicle. Officers Verrengia and Perez pursued the vehicle through the city's south end and into West Hartford (see supplemental reports for further details on the pursuit)."

    In the area of South Quaker Lane and Richard Street in West Hartford, Connecticut, West Hartford Police Officer Delgrande utilized "stop sticks" in an attempt to disable the vehicle. This caused the front tires of the stolen Toyota Camry, operated by Mr. Perez, to deflate. The vehicle was then stopped in the area of 800 Flatbush A venue in West Hartford, Connecticut.

    When Officer Barone approached the conclusion of the motor vehicle pursuit, he observed Mr. Perez and the front seat passenger, Mr. Emilio Diaz (Date of Birth 08/1211977 of 65 Buckley Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut) refusing to exit the Toyota Camry. Officer Barone observed Mr. Perez actively struggle with Officer Ricardo Colon and Officer Luan Bojka. Numerous officers issued Mr. Perez verbal commands to lay down on the ground, but were ignored. Mr. Perez "was eventually placed on the ground where he violently struggled with Officer (William) Cote, Detective Pillai, and (Officer Barone) to be handcuffed." Officer Barone observed both of Mr. Perez's hands "tucked firmly under his large body." Officers on scene were unable to determine if Mr. Perez was armed and that Officer Barone !mew, based on his experience, that "the front waistband is a common place for individuals to conceal a weapon." Officer Barone "feared he may cause an officer harm by retrieving a potential weapon" and a West Hartford Police Officer deployed a taser, which appeared to have no effect on gaining compliance from Mr. Perez. Officer Barone continued to give verbal commands to Mr. Perez, as he attempted to pull Mr. Perez's right arm from underneath his person. Officer Barone believed that he would be unable to remove his right hand by "simply pulling on it", so Officer Barone struck Mr. Perez multiple times, with a closed fist, in his right torso region. After multiple strikes, Officer Barone was able to "forcefully" pull Mr. Perez's right arm from underneath his person. This was done simultaneously to Detective Pillai removing Mr. Perez's left hand fi·om underneath his person and both secured Mr. Perez in handcuffs.

    Once Mr. Perez and Mr. Diaz were detained, Detective Pillai observed suspected narcotics in the center console of the Toyota Camry. Detective Pillai then notified Officer Barone, who found one (I) glass vial containing a yellow liquid and one (I) !matted plastic bag containing a green plant-like substance. The yellow liquid was identified, through smell and color, as being consistent with

    IAD I-File # 2016-005 Serving the Capital City Page 14

  • Phencyclidine (PCP). The green plant-like substance was recognized as being consistent with marijuana and later a field NIK (narcotic identification kit) test was conducted with a positive reaction for marijuana. Due to PCP a being highly toxic substance, it was not tested on scene and instead was sent to the State of Connecticut Toxicology Laboratory for further testing. The amount of PCP was suspected to be approximately one (1) ounce, which Officer Barone determined