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CHS Physics Day at Six Flags Friday, April 29 th , 2011

CHS Physics Day at Six Flags

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CHS Physics Day at Six Flags. Friday, April 29 th , 2011. Today’s Overview. Schedule Lab Expectations Be Prepared General Information and Other Details Working from CHS Q & A New Lab Information (Force Factor Meters). Friday’s Schedule. Itinerary / *Check In - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of CHS Physics Day at Six Flags

CHS Physics Day at Six Flags

CHS Physics Day at Six FlagsFriday, April 29th, 2011

ScheduleLab ExpectationsBe PreparedGeneral Information and Other DetailsWorking from CHSQ & ANew Lab Information (Force Factor Meters)

Todays OverviewFridays ScheduleItinerary / *Check In* 7:40 amGreyhound Entrance at Clayton High School * 7:50 amBus roll call 8:00 am Buses leave Clayton High School 9:00 amPark Opens * On park entrySee Chaperone at Batman * 11:20 am Check-in at Fountain. (Picnic Combo available from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at Worlds Fair Picnic Area) 11:20 am Bag Lunches*2:00 pmAt Park Entrance *2:05 pmAll ride packets turned in, equipment turned in. On bus, quiet and ready for roll call. 2:15 pm Buses leave Six Flags 3:00 pmBuses arrive at Clayton High School

Bus 1- RiceBus 2 - DLPBus 3 AdamsBus 4 -LauxChaperonesSankey/RiceVerby/LampeAdams/KentBiggs/OstapowiczWho?All RicesDLPs 1,3,7thAll AdamssLauxsDLPs 5thAlso attending:Dr. PieperMr. LuhningCoach FordEby, NoahMartinez, OscarSass, ThaliaSchultz, DylanYepez, AlexLuo, DeeLee, JocelynLi, ShuyangGrady, CalebBuses

BatmanJokerNinjaSky ScreamerWaterstreet Cab Co.Screamin EagleSupermanCarouselHighland FlingXcaliburMr. FreezeWorlds Fair Picnic AreaFountainRush Street FlyerMain EntranceWhere to find lab packets? claytonphysics.net

What is expected? Bring your own ride packets and cell phoneComplete, correct, and by 2:05 pm Appropriate points earnedHighly encouraged to get lab work doneearly in the dayVariations for different courses

Lab Expectations321BatmanNinjaHighland FlingSupermanScreamin EagleRush Street FlyerJokerCarouselWaterStreet Cab Co.Point ValuesPrint out any ride activities put your name themRead (carefully) the Suggestions for Making Measurements documentRead (carefully) the Student Introduction and Rider Responsibilities document Read (carefully) each of your packets before Friday.Bring a picture ID so that you can check out a data collection vest Dress appropriately for the weather (55-74 F)Arrive with pen/pencil, all packets with your name on them, lunch or lunch money if needed

Be Prepared

Be on time 7:40 am at Greyhound EntranceAs you get off the bus at the park, keep track of ticket(s) and equipment bag.Know when and where check-ins are. Plan to be there on time.Use your map. Plan what rides activities you will do 1st, 2nd, ....Turn in your labs and equipment bag as you get on the bus at 2:05pm.Be Prepared

Contact numbers of the physics teachers, phone vs. textPlease remember that you are a representative of your school at this event. Please act accordingly. The future of Physics Day at Six Flags for future CHS freshman physics students is in your hands. General Information

Working from CHS

ScheduleBe Prepared1,2 Room 2183,4,5 eMac Lab6 Lunch7,8 eMac LabBring and complete all 6 lab Packets Bring other workBring a book to read if you finish earlyOther Opportunities: classes, extra helpQ & A

First dropSensation of weightInitial oscillation, Maximum oscillationWeightless zonesFrame of reference Tangential speed, Angular speed Accelerometer and Force Factors: head-to-toe, front-to-backMr. de la Paz

New Lab Information

First Drop

Normal force vs Gravitational ForceSensation of Weight (Apparent Weight)

FGPEFNPSFGPEWeightless zone, well theres still weight but something is missing. . .

In order to feel weight there must be a "reaction" force.

Draw the force diagram for each situation, what forceis missing from each? What force is present in each?FGPEInitial oscillation, Maximum oscillation

Period (T): Time passing for one revolution is called period. The unit of period is second.

Frequency (f): Number of revolutions per one second. The unit of frequency is 1/second.

Tangential speed = distance traveled in a given time interval

Angular speed = number of revolutions in a given time interval

Tangential speed & Angular speed

Its all how you see it (or measure it), lets watch:Frame of reference

Frames of Reference (Part 2)Frames of Reference (Part 3)

Frames of Reference (Part 4)