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  • 1. Physics Day in Six Flags Parks For several years, in partnership with Six Flags, the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) has brought more than 250,000 students from more than 15 regions of the country to compete
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    • The 4 day-long Physics Day Extravaganza will feature:
    • Budding scientists will descend on the amusement park for the Physics Day
    • Hands-on learning, academic competition and fun
    • Middle and high school science students from XXX university(ies)
    • Students will transform the northern Utah berplayground into a giant laboratory to explore such basic physics concepts as gravity, projectile motion and centrifugal force.
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    • The Project Guidelines:
    • Completed Roller Coaster on time
    • Make a Roller Coaster Track Profile
    • Conduct Energy Analysis of the Roller Coaster
    • Provide report describing the process of building the roller coaster
    • Discussion of Analysis
    • Process
    • Prizes:
    • Last year the days top six academic competitors received four-year scholarship offers to XXX (college)
    • And more than $(XXX) in prizes were distributed
    • Namco Bandai:
    • To partner with some of the leading companies and organizations that will act as partners during the competion
    • Past participants and sponsors across the country included such companies as ATK Thiokol, Boeing, Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Idaho NASA Space Grant Consortium, Mathsoft Engineering, Micron, Moog Aircraft, North Wind Environmental, SAIC, S&S Power, the U.S. Navy,etc.
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    • Physics Day Day One
    • 3rd Creativity and Artistic Merit - Royal Flush
    • Physics Day Day Two
    • Park Engineer's Award - WoodWorks
    • 2nd Creativity and Artistic Merit - The Reason
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    • Physics Day Day Three
    • 1st Creativity and Artistic Merit - Treasure Hunt
    • 2nd Creativity and Artistic Merit - Secrets of the Sea
  • 8. - Students who participate in Physics Day at Six Flags America learn that park guests are prevented from flying off the carousel by centripetal force. Physics students learn the fundamental principles of a rotating tube and get a chance to hear the the harmonic frequencies
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    • Physics Day Day Four
    • 1st Most Exciting to Ride - Son of Beast
    • 1st Creativity and Artistic Merit - Treehouse
    • 2nd Creativity and Artistic Merit - Paper Dream
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