Chris Carew December 1, 2005

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Chris Carew December 1, 2005. Presentation. Meeting the Needs of Students with LD: Transitioning from Secondary to Post Secondary and Beyond. Agenda. LDAO? LDAO Projects LDAO Web Resources Transitioning: Whats important? Questions. LDAO A provincial association. projects. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Chris CarewDecember 1, 2005

  • PresentationMeeting the Needs of Students with LD:Transitioning from Secondary to Post Secondary and Beyond

  • AgendaLDAO?LDAO ProjectsLDAO Web ResourcesTransitioning: Whats important?Questions

  • LDAO A provincial associationprojectsLDAO is a provincial association with 21 chapters throughout Ontario. Ontarios national body is LDAC located in Ottawa.

  • Mission Statementto provide leadership in advocacy, research, education, & services and to advance the participation of children, youth and adults with LD in todays society

  • Mission Statement [2]We value promoting positive change through:InnovationStrategic partnershipsCredible advocacyInformed public policyProducts/services

  • Projects

  • Youth CampaignprojectsLDAO is almost halfway through a two-year campaign to encourage youth with LD to stay in school. Many of the products and supports that we are developing can be found on the ACCESS site.

  • projectsThe ACCESS website provides password-protected information and community building opportunities to individuals with LDs, professionals and parents. The Access Site

  • Access YouthprojectsThe new Access Youth site is being designed to support youth with LDs with school, social issues and employment.

  • interventionscreening and/or trackingflaggingprojectsThe WBTT program is based on The Dynamic Screening and Intervention Model used by teachers throughout the year to flag and support at risk students. The Web Based Teaching Tool

  • projectsThe WBTT site has been redesigned to be more user-friendly and includes many new features.

    WBTT is funded by the Ministry of Education. The Web Based Teaching Tool

  • projectsSoAR is a series of three workbooks for students of middle school age that explore learning and LDs, study skills, self-advocacy and future-planning. A teachers manual is also available. Some Assembly Required

  • projectsSoAR has been translated into French and will soon be available for sale! SoAR en Franais

  • projectsSoAR HS, a graphical guide to LDs geared to High School students, is nearing completion. SoAR High School

  • projectsJob Fit is a facilitated series for adults with LD.

    Book 1 helps individuals explore their own LDs and their potential impact on their employment prospects.

    Book 2 helps refine this understanding, and individual work preferences and style. Job Fit

  • projectsThe Employment Brochure is for employers to help them support current and future employees with LDs. Employment Brochure

  • projects Library Resource ProjectThe library resource project will increase the number of books, videos and journals available to our chapters and the public - and allow online searching of our catalogue.


















  • TransitioningTransition Planning Resource Guide for Students with Learning Disabilities

    Available on LDAO website

  • Successful Transitioningidentifies needsrecognized strengthsinterests & preferencesshort/long-term goalsexperiences, academicsinvolvement in community

  • Transition TeamConsider the whole studentQualified Spec Ed teacherTransition co-ordinator in placeInclusion of the student helps introduce self-advocacy skillsGoals, actions, timelinesEvaluation process outcomes based on students own realistic goals

  • School Board LevelMandatedLearning Strategies coursescourses exploring career choicesIEP includes AT Planresources; personnel/fundingwritten accommodation plan self advocacyStakeholders aware of transition plan

  • Changes in Student EnvironmentContact decreasesIndividualized instruction reducedReduced role for parent/supportsGreater expectations for student;self-motivated/resilientgreater independenceable to self-advocate for accom.apply coping strategies indep.cope with disclosure challenges

  • Essential Components of TPAcademic preparation; Personal skills development; and

    Specific preparation for destination

  • Successful TransitioningUnderstand their LD; potential and actual impact on learning &workPositive self-image;Develop positive personal qualitiesRealistic and realizable goals;Social skills & pro-social behaviourEffective studyingNeeded skill areas; accommod.Portfolio relevant/past work

  • Successful Transitioning [2]Know rights/responsibilities as LD student, potential worker & citizenPrepare for and practice disclosureLearn how to select appropriate postsecondary destination optionsKnowledge to access resources; funding, accommodations, services

  • Successful Transitioning [3]Seek out a learning environment; supportive and allows demonstration of competenciesWilling to commit to life-long learningWilling to work hard to achieve goals

  • AccommodationsAccess to assistive technologyExtra time for time-related tasksAlternative format i.e. exams/tasksAccess to; scribe, reader, note takerpreview of assignmentsalternative/reduced reading liststutoring, remedial programming

  • Accommodations [2]Access to special coursesDiagnostic assessmentsCounseling, advocacy supportReduced work loadLonger period for completion

  • Special Needs PolicyPost secondary institutions are urged to create and utilize a special needs policy one that is widely known and accepted by students and faculty.

  • Employment IssuesEmployabilityJob ReadinessEssential Job DutiesSocial Skills

    Employable to Employed;training, support, accommodation

  • Disclosure: Is it the right thing?Advantages


    Issues to consider

  • Advantages of DisclosureHonesty. Peace of mindAllows institution to make individual considerationsConsideration through institutions affirmative action and equity programMay allow acceptance to program with limited enrolmentIEP, I.PR.C., student profile may be considered

  • Disadvantages of DisclosureMay result in not being considered for a program that may be in line with interests & aptitudeIf not accepted - feeling of prejudice due to lack of understanding of LDCannot retract disclosure; you may not have an opportunity to explain it

  • Disclosure issues to considerCan you present information about your LD in a succinct manner?Do you have the necessary documentation?Do you know if the institution has an effective special needs policy/office?

  • Disclosure ChecklistApplication processAcceptance prior to difficultiesDifficulties without provision of accommodationsNo disclosureWorkplace settingsJob interviewJob Offer (before you start/after you start)Difficulties at work(prior to discl.)

  • Successful TransitioningFocus on abilities and competencies ahead of the barriers

    There is no one suitable post secondary destination or career choice.

  • LDAO as a

    About Learning Disabilities

    Special EducationInformation for Parents

    Transition Planning Resource Guide for Students with LDs

  • Thank-you