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  • Newsletter The Newsletter of the Government Chemist Labaratory Agency Issue No. 2 January - March 2007

    The Government


    The Vice Presi-

    dent visits the

    GCLA Labs

    The Government

    Chemist Laboratory

    Agency (GCLA) had the

    honor to host the Vice

    President of Tanzania, Dr.

    Ali Mohamed Shein,

    January 2007.....

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  • GCLA News

    The best chemical laboratory

    for testing and

    analytical services in Tanzania

    GCLA Ocean Road/Lithuli Street

    P.O. Box 164 Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 22 2113383/4

    Fax: +255 22 2113320 E mail:

  • observe human rights GCLA is working on pro-

    posed guidelines on how to obtain DNA samples

    for analysis and handling the results.

    The effects are diverse of the DNA technology

    without a law that will guide how to collect,

    transport, analysis and store DNA samples and

    their results.

    There are chances that the information will

    be used for Inappropriate business ventures

    Breach of con

    No control and administration of the re-

    searches /studies of Human DNA

    Possible disagreement of sample taking

    between parents in a disputed parent-

    age cases to establish a childs legal


    No DNA pro databank incapacity

    to identify victims of disasters like MV Bu-

    koba in 1996 or the Dodoma train crash

    in 2002 or the Shauritanga incident in


    Possibility of a third party to use a DNA

    pro to deny a person Insurance, jobs,

    or studies opportunity

    DNA technology is new to Tanzania therefore

    more training on know how of the technology is

    important to lawyers, prosecutor, and the com-

    munity, police, doctors who are involved in either

    take in, storing, or transporting DNA samples.

    The expectations from the GCLA and DNA


    A law for proper use of DNA usage and research

    which should look at the following areas and


    The quality and control of sample taking

    The police should be in the capacity to

    take samples from suspects of criminal of-

    fences for DNA analysis and to be stored

    for later use in the Data bank.

    The capacity to utilize the information

    To highlight on how to take, store, trans-

    port of samples for analysis and how to

    dispose used samples.

    Storage of statistics and information from the

    DNA analysis

    To store all available DNA pro

    Cooperation between all law enforce-

    ment and state organs in preparing re-

    ports on criminals obtained form DNA

    analysis and how there were obtained

    Con of data and prevent un-

    authorized information release

    Being in a capacity to exchange or send

    DNA pro via internet for criminal follow


    Database initiative

    To assist Police in criminal investigation a

    databank of DNA pro at National level

    is important.

    The Database can be in the following


    1. Criminal Justice Database people who

    are suspected or being reported for crimi-

    nal offences to nap repeated offenders

    who have been arraigned before court

    or being suspected

    2. Crime Scene Database objects collect-

    ed from crime scenes and their DNA pro-

    to assists in criminal investigation later

    in case there are no suspects.

    The Bottom line:

    Being with a functional law to oversee DNA use

    will make analysis and investigation better and

    ef to avoid inappropriate use against the


    What is DNA? The Acronym DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic

    Acid. DNA code carries all inherited informa-

    tion of a living organism like the body shape and

    character. The DNA code of organisms may be

    similar among certain species. However, the DNA

    code is very distinctive to every organism. DNA

    has proven to be of high bene for humans and

    science since its discovery, hence a fast growing

    industry worldwide.


    10. GCLA Newsletter

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    11. GCLA Newsletter

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