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Learn to Speak the Inner Language of Your Clients(Webinar 2 of 4)Presented by: Gary Kaskowitz, Ph.D and Jim Socci December 11, 2013Character Branding

Meet Your Presenters

Marketing Strategist, Author, SpeakerAssociate Professor of Management,Moravian CollegeJim Socci , President Artistic Toy

Gary Kaskowitz, MBA, Ph.D.

Gary Kaskowitz, MBA, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Management at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. He is the author of Brand It Like Barack! How Barack Obama sold himself to America and what you can learn from this Garys research and teaching focus on marketing principles, both classic and modern. Gary has developed and taught college courses on marketing management, strategic marketing, consumer behavior, market research, personal sales, storytelling and branding, and the morality of marketing. Jim Socci is the President of Artistic Toy, an Allentown, PA based supplier in the promotional products industry. Jim joined the field of marketing after a career in finance and accounting. Jim has put Artistic Toy on a mission to inspire the use of plush toys in advertising. He believes that every corporation can build a brand of character with stuffed plush toys.

2The Six Cornerstones Of All Successful Brands (Webinar 1 of 4)Myths of About Branding

The Real Purpose of Brands

Case Study Examples

Keep brief. Our focus will be on understanding the internal language of our clients.3What You Will Learn in the Next 60 MinutesWhat Motivate ClientsUnderstand their psychologyMake messages simple with metaphorTurn client yearnings into characterBecome IndispensableKeep brief. Our focus will be on understanding the internal language of our clients.4Live Audience PollWhat are you most passionate about in your career?

What has your organization primarily been known for in the past?

What is your organization primarily known for now?

What do you want your organization to be known as in the future?

Is the sale of promotional products your familys primary income?

Keep brief. Our focus will be on understanding the internal language of our clients.5But First;A Quick Review of Branding

Gary will need to elaborate some on this slide. This is the premise of my book and emotional connections. Jim and Gary will just discuss and have a conversation.6At the end of the day, its all about.Copyright 2012. Gary Kaskowitz. All Rights Reserved. www.YearningPower.comReduce Consumer CostsIncrease Consumer QualityThe Value EquationBriefly discuss what makes for customer value and the importance of it.7So, where should you focus?Copyright 2012. Gary Kaskowitz. All Rights Reserved. www.YearningPower.comIncrease Consumer Quality:

Product Benefits dont get caught in a resource warService Benefits ditto!!Brand/Image Benefitsreally good, but buzz comes laterPsychological Benefitsnow were talking!

Build the case for creating a character that your clients can relate to. Jim can insert brief anecdotes here (not the case study yet; save that for later).8Do you know what your audience really wants?Copyright 2012. Gary Kaskowitz. All Rights Reserved.

Brief discussion of emotional connections here; primary drivers of all people.9How they really see themselvesCopyright 2012. Gary Kaskowitz. All Rights Reserved.

Just a quick follow-up to the previous slide. This is an intro to the next slide that talks about the four drivers.10Four Primary YearningsCopyright 2012. Gary Kaskowitz. All Rights Reserved. www.YearningPower.comWhere do your stakeholders fit?Spend a few minutes talking about the commonality here. Introduce the notion of character as part of a life story. Talk about products as props.If Jim has anecdotes for each of these types of examples, great. Otherwise we will talk in general terms.11What Are You Selling?What Is Your Audience Buying?Copyright 2012. Gary Kaskowitz. All Rights Reserved.

Conscious ConnectionSub-Conscious ConnectionTalk about metaphor and symbolism. 12An Applied ExampleCaress by Shaw Floors: All the Softness You Love, Now in Your Carpet

See 30 Second Video Visit Artistic Toy YouTube Channel Playlist Jims Carpet story here13An Applied Example

Jims Carpet story here14An Applied Example

Jims Carpet story here15Action Steps for You!Create your clients attractive metaphorUncover the contradictionsWhat are the pain points?Become the market maven

Set up with some quick things to do and prep for next webinar;e.g., story structure, etc.16Special Offer! Get a Copy of 10 Steps to Branding Success Guide

Set up with some quick things to do and prep for next webinar;e.g., story structure, etc.17Contact Us!Gary Kaskowitz: gkaskowitz@moravian.edu484-553-1249

Jim Socci: jsocci@artistictoy.com484-788-0888 x101