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  • 1. AD Group Video Technology Specialists for over 25 years

2. About AD Group

  • Video Solutions across multiple vertical markets
  • AD Group formed over 12 years ago
  • Founding Company, Dedicated Micros in it's 27 thyear
  • Common video technology core, strong R & D focus
  • Manufacture all our own products
  • Over 620 employees

3. Own Manufacturing

  • Malta main facility
  • Surface mount lines
  • All DVR, Server and Camera products
  • Visit from the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

4. AD Group Video Technology Specialists for over 25 years 5. NetVu Connected

  • Video core common to all Ad Group Products
  • Seamless video management
  • Open API for 3 rdparty integration
  • Legacy integration, analogue, IP Cameras, Matrices
  • Robust, dedicated, embedded architecture
  • OS on flash

6. AD Group New! 7. AD Network Video

  • Brings together a seamless blend of AD Group products
  • Multi-disciplinary large scale integrated security and building management solutions
  • Seamless intelligence, in the air, on the ground on the move

8. AD Group 9. AD Aviation

  • Established over 10 Years
  • Operates across UK and Europe
  • Originated from the Needs and immediacy of AD Aerospace
  • Grew to become a cost effective business charter
  • Own and operate our fleet of jets
  • Highest levels of training and approvals

10. AD Group 11. AD Aerospace

  • FlightVu video security, and safety systems.
  • Monitoring of cockpit, passenger cabin, external control surfaces and cargo hold.
  • Approved with all major carriers including Boeing and Airbus
  • Worlds first fleet-wide fit of Cockpit Door Monitoring System

12. AD Group 13. AD Mobile

  • Pioneers in mobile CCTV
  • TransVu Installations worldwide in public transport applications
  • Proved highly effective when combined with data analysis
  • Wireless download, health check and performance monitoring
  • Driver behaviour, fuel economy, safety

14. Mobile Technology in Motorsport

  • Aerospace Grade external Camera
  • Aerospace grade internal camera
  • TransVu recorder
  • Video recorded to Compact Flash
  • Vehicle telemetry data integratedwith video
  • Analyse driver performance
  • Accelerated learning tool
  • Tested to the limits!

15. AD Group 16. ChipWrights

  • Complete control of our own video processing architecture
  • Programmable architecture, SoC, multiple codecs from Jpeg to Mpeg4 to H264 for consumer applications
  • Choice of algorithms best for CCTV applications
  • CW5631 includes powerful ARM9 processor which runs flash, media player, text overlay EPG
  • Consumer video applications, IPTV, Personal Media Players

17. AD Group 18. D-Tec

  • Pioneer and world leader in Video Smoke Detection
  • More effective in early detection of smoke.
  • Aircraft hangars, train stations, tunnels
  • Any NetVu Connected CCTV camera can seamlessly become a video smoke detector

19. D-Tec Sydney Harbour Tunnel

  • Video Smoke Detection was retrofitted to work with 80 of the tunnels existing CCTV cameras.
  • 90,000 vehicles per day use the AU$554 million tunnel so effective early warning is essential.
  • During initial trials of VSD the first alarm was generated in only 14 seconds.
  • By contrast, even after 5 minutes conventional detectors did not alarm.

20. AD Group 21. Dedicated Micros

  • Established over 25 years ago and founding member of the AD Group
  • Global CCTV Solutions provider
  • Comprehensive suite of end to end CCTV products
  • Backed by the service and support of a world class organisation

22. Dedicated Micros - Depot Robbery

  • CCTV evidence from Dedicated Micros has helped to secure the conviction of five men at Londons Old Bailey.
  • The men were part of a gang involved in a 53 million raid on a security depot in Tonbridge, Kent.
  • High quality images from DM digital CCTV recorders were supplied to the police's investigating team.
  • This positive result underlines value of CCTV in the fight against crime.

23. AD Group 24. RemGuard

  • High quality remotely monitored CCTV
  • NetVu Connected products, fire, mobile and fixed security seamlessly managed
  • Special monitoring packages
  • BS8418 compliant

25. AD Group 26. Innovative Sensor Developments

  • Specialist video designer bore sighted video camera, thermal imager and low light CCTV systems
  • Homeland Security, military, pseudo military and law enforcement

Distance:3 miles 27. AD Group 28. TSS

  • Specialists in the design and installation of video systems on Police and Emergency Services Vehicles
  • PatrolVu Mobile CCTV units, active deterrent in problem areas
  • 43 Police forces in the UK
  • International presence, EMEA

29. TSS - Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in Barnsley

  • PatrolVu mobile CCTV systems used in support of Safer Neighbourhood Teams in Barnsley, England
  • Two vehicles are now equipped with low light CCTV cameras, digital CCTV recording and control equipment
  • PatrolVu can be used in hot spots to tackle alcohol related disorder and to identify offenders

30. AD Group Investment into the Industry 31. AD Group - Investment into the Industry

  • SIA
  • National CCTV Strategy
  • PSIA
  • BSIA
  • BSI

32. Awards

  • Finalist IFSEC Awards 2009
  • Emergency Messaging and Mass Notification, City of Ottawa
  • Embedded NetVu Console
  • Shortlisted PSI Magazine Voting Now!
  • Dedicated Micros
  • IIPSEC Award Winner 2009
  • Emergency Messaging and Mass Notification
  • Queens Awards for Enterprise Innovation: TransVu
  • Security Excellence Awards
  • Best Security Manufacturer: Dedicated Micros
  • National Business Awards 2008
  • Finalist: AD Aerospace
  • NPS: NetVu Console

33. AD Group Brochure

  • Find out more about AD Group
  • Available as a download from the web site

34. AD Group on You Tube

  • www.youtube.com/anglodesigngroup