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Central & Southwest Asia. Ms. Bielefeld Spring 2012. The Caucasus Nations. Named after the Caucasus Mnts . Georgia —produces many crops, coal, oil, & natural gas Armenia— mountainous & landlocked Azerbaijan– rich deposits of oil & natural gas; 50% of people live in rural areas. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Central & Southwest AsiaMs. BielefeldSpring 2012The Caucasus NationsNamed after the Caucasus Mnts. Georgiaproduces many crops, coal, oil, & natural gasArmeniamountainous & landlockedAzerbaijan rich deposits of oil & natural gas; 50% of people live in rural areas

Central Nations--PhysicalTerrain varies from mountains in the SE to flatter land in the westMostly arid or semiaridIn Kazakhstan, steppes create a rich topsoil called chernozemParts have large reserves of oil & natural gas

Central Nations--CulturalMix of people & Russians form a large minorityMost people are MuslimMost speak Turkic languages, but Tajiks speak a language related to Farsi, the language of Iran

Mosque in KyrgyzstanCentral Nations--EconomyTraditionally nomadic herders, who lived in yurts, or portable round tentsUnder Soviet control, people forced to settle & work on govt farms or in factoriesSince independence:More development & growth of citiesTourism is improvingMany still live in rural areas & farmEnvironment Canals built during Soviet rule diverted water & now the Aral Sea has lost 2/3 of its volume & become saltierDesertification Pesticides & fertilizers contaminated water & soil

Southwest Asia-- The Middle EastCrossroads of Europe, Africa & Asia is a hot spotRepeatedly conquered, so many ethnic/religious groups live hereIslam conquered the region & most adopted itStill Christians & Jews

SW Asia--IssuesAccess to watersetting up desalination plants to remove salt from the ocean water for drinkingMiddle East IssuePalestinians want own govt, but Israel wants to control the areaDisagreement between Islamic SectsIraq, Lebanon, SyriaLack of Natural Resourcesagricultural lands & forests


Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Caucasus Mountains, Georgia

Ancient ruins in Palmyra, Syria

Dubai, UAE