Cause and Effect Essay

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Cause and Effect Essay

Nur Nadhirah Nasuha binti Rozaimi



Cause and Effect Essay

People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, to increase knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, college or university has become an important part in someones life. People or community starting to think that college or university has a big role or impact in their lives. It depends on how a student manage their loves at the college or university. The reasons we attend college or university must be different depends on individuals. The most common reasons people attend college or university are to further studies at higher level, to develop our knowledge, preparing ourselves for career world and also forced by parents or relatives.

People always make decision to further studies after finished high school especially in college or university. Furthering studies can benefits the students in a proper way because the subject offered are organizable. We also have timetable and ethics when studying. As a result, students are taught on being a responsible student and at the same time they learn moral values. Since university or college has strict rules and regulations, students are hardly make any mistakes as they know they will be punished for their mistakes. For example, student who is not wearing his or her matric card in the campus will be fine for unable to follow the rules. Other than that, we will gain more experiences in the campus than doing nothing at home. Thus, to further studies at college or university is the best decision to do after high school.

The reason why we attend college or university is to develop our knowledge. It is important to develop knowledge because in the end, our knowledge is going to decide what of person will we be. Thus, when attending college and university motivates a person to learn better. For instance, a person who wants become a doctor must have the qualities to be one so he or she has to study very well to become a doctor. In addition, if we keep our reason to attend college or university for knowledge purposes, we will have a better future because we know what we really want.

In addition to attending college or university, we also prepare ourselves at the campus before entering the career world. Having a stable career is very important since the world economy is sometimes unstable. As a result, when someone already has a career, he or she will have the chance to stabilize their incomes. Entering a college or university will provide us experiences to result in different environment and situation that we used to belong before. Therefore, the reason for entering college and university is to be more prepared hence the situation in the campus is different than the outside world.

While some people attend college or university for good reasons, some of us are forced by our parents or relatives to do so. This will cause major problems when we are studying. It will affect our studies because we are not wiling to study. Consequently, attending college or university has give nothing impact in our lives. Therefore, when someone is forced to do something that they are not interested in, automatically everything that we have learn in college or university become useless. To conclude, people that attend college or university are sometimes forced to enter high education institutions.

In a conclusion, the reasons people attend college or university are depends on individuals themselves. While good reasons can give a better results or they have to face the bad outcomes. Whatever the reasons will be, we have to realise that attending college or university has become an important role in our lives.