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Career Mojo Consultants. Who are we?. CareerMojo is a team of motivated and dynamic professionals, who are passionate about people growth and work in the same cadence to deliver the best of services, “in time, every time.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Mojo Consultants

CareerMojo is a team of motivated and dynamic professionals, who are passionate about people growth and work in the same cadence to deliver the best of services, in time, every time.

Our stand alone BPO service offerings include both voice and non-voice services to mention a few JD creation, job posting, sourcing, resume short listing, Interview line-ups, preliminary interview & assisting you till successful joining.

While you focus on your core business & respond to growth opportunities were here to help you with your manpower needs at the right costs. You can rely on our knowledge and insights about the industry-specific challenges you face. Insights developed since our founding, through countless hours of client services provided by our stellar consultant team.

Who are we?

MissionWe believe in long-term relationship with our clients by developing & maintaining our understanding of the needs of their business through conversation & communication & finding the most competent manpower solution which has real value in the organization. At the same time, we are focused in value addition in the professional acumen of the profession. VisionTo become the most respected Customer-Centric Company that is best managed in terms of eminence, reliability and deliverance. We aim to be the best employer by setting benchmarks in Employee Care, Corporate Ascendancy and Community Services. ValuesOur corporate values guide us to have a positive outlook to offer rich services to our valued clients. Our delivery methodology and supporting tools ensure to offer effective service for each of the client.

CareerMojo ConsultantsAssessment & Development CentresCompetency ModelingIndividual AssesmentLeadership Development & Coaching

Succession PlanningEVP &SurveysPerformanceManagementCareerMojoGraduate RecruitmentCareerMojo can be integrated into the recruitment process and HR initiatives to drive performance and align with the companies objectives.

Transforming Business Performance

Labor Market Whos Got The Power? Employers?


HR Recruitment/ Staffing/ Placement Solutions.(Temporary, Contractual & Permanent) Campus Recruitment Corporate Training, Institutional Training, Professional Training. Corporate Assistance.Our Services

Our Process in Recruitment ServicesDefining the requirement

JDs and CTQResume SourcingJob Portals

Internal Database

Head Hunting

Sourced Resumes

Referral Scheme

Classification & Pre-screening


Tele - Screening

RankingInterview Co-ordination & Management

Short List & Offer Management

Final shortlisting

Offer Generation & shipment

Our USP A large database of candidates meeting your requirement. Trust, confidentiality and dependability are our key values. Consultative approach with Clients. Outstanding and trained Recruitment Consultants committed to delivering the best. Trustworthy and dependable association with candidates. Consistency in meticulous selection process. Recruitment at all levels in a Client organization. Just-in-time Recruitment. Temporary to Permanent Recruitment.

Managing The Talent WarThe war for talent exists, organizations need to address the workforce gaps and their future potential to remain competitive.

Issues that need to be addressed include:

How do I find and grow my knowledge workers and leaders?How large is the gap between my needs and reality?Buying talent will not be sufficient as a solution to meet my business needs.Growing talent internally is key, but how? We must retain talent, but how?

Identifying & Developing Top Talent100100100150185225ProductivityLow Complexity JobsProductivity Medium Complexity JobsProductivity High Complexity JobsAveragePerformerTopPerformerAveragePerformerTopPerformerAveragePerformerTopPerformer

Increasing Fit To Drive Performance & RetentionPreferences& ValuesKnowledge & SkillsAbilities & Aptitudes

Personality & Work Style Could Do(With training & experience)Can Do(Or has alreadydone )Want To Do(Has interest ormotivation to do)How Theyll Do It(How theyapproach work)

Assessment BenchmarkingGather performance data for each employeeEach employee completes assessment(s)Identify appropriate assessmentsDefine performance standardsIdentify incumbent sampleMatch employees performance data with their assessment dataStatistically analyze data to determine which assessment(s) scale(s) predict on-the-job performanceDevelop recommendations and plans regarding future assessment and selection

SummaryIdentifying talent is going to become more vital with the predicted skills shortage and therefore more science must be added to the selection process.Although it may look like an additional cost, adding science to selection can save thousands in the future.It is important to identify the right solution for your organization and the types of roles you hire.Whatever you do, always start with the right competencies for each role and build from there.Always remember, high potential is developed through a solid understanding of competency and behavior.

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