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Card Services & Hobo Dough. Card Services Office Student Union Room 140 Phone 605-688-MYID (6943) MyJacks Card Use One Card Campus-wide Your MyJacks Card is a vital part of your life as a Jackrabbit. Photo ID/ ID # Library Bar Code - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Card Services & Hobo Dough

    Card Services OfficeStudent Union Room 140Phone 605-688-MYID (6943)

  • MyJacks CardUse One Card Campus-wideYour MyJacks Card is a vital part of your life as a Jackrabbit. Photo ID/ ID #Library Bar Code Access to campus activitiesAccess to Dining Service Meal Plan Access to Hobo Dough Account Door AccessSmart Card Contactless Chip/Symbol

  • Hobo DoughThe Hobo Dough program simply puts your money into a more convenient and secure form for you to make purchases on campus.Hobo Dough is separate from your meal plan. Your meal plan is required for students living in the Residential Halls and Hobo Dough is a voluntary program that cannot take the place of your meal plan.Hobo Dough is accepted all over campus as well as certain off campus locations (Off Campus list at our website or in the card office)Hobo Dough funds transfer semester to semester/unspent funds over $5 returned when a cardholder leaves SDSUHobo Dough is accessed through your MyJacks CardIf you use your MyJacks Card at a location where Hobo Dough and the meal plan are accepted, your meal plan account would automatically be used first and then roll over to the Hobo Dough account.

  • Vending. . . Got Hobo Dough? Use your MyJacksCard!Residence Hall Laundry Facilities Soda Machines Snack MachinesLaser PrintersPhotocopiers

  • On Campus ServicesDining Services including Dairy BarUniversity BookstoreStudent HealthInformation ExchangeBlue PrintState University TheatreAg Heritage MuseumJackrabbit PharmacyPrint CenterCashiers Office ($500 max) H.M. Briggs LibraryVending MachinesAthletics Art MuseumMeat LabWellness CenterParking Services and Parking Gate

  • Off-CampusArbysHardeesBackyard BBQ PerkinsBozied ShellPizza RanchChoco LatteQdobaCherry BerrySubwayCulversTaco JohnsDairy QueenSubject to change. We have a current list in our office. Participating merchants are not allowed to sell alcohol or tobacco

  • How do I know my balance ?Every time a transaction is made, the remaining balance can be seen after the transaction is complete.If you are using your card at a Dining Services location and the money was taken from your meal plan, then the balance showing will be your meal plan balance.If you use your card at a soda machine, the balance would just be Hobo Dough.If you have questions about your account, the staff at the Card Services Office can print a statement of all transactions made on your account for a chosen time period. You can also get statements and balances online.

  • Load funds onto your MyJacks Card with cash, check, credit/debit card

    Bring your MyJacks Card to:Card Services OfficeCash Load Stations (Cash only)Larson CommonsBriggs LibraryOr use:Online at www.hobodough.comSmart phone appParent Participation Option:Forms are available for parents to mail in a request to load your students account with a checkCharged directly to your credit/debit card when going online using the guest deposit

  • Door Access with MyJacks CardResidential Halls Students have access to the exterior doors to the hall they live in.Individual room doors are accessed with a key.Various classroom labsVarious academic buildings

  • Campus Events with MyJacks Card(students only)Athletic EventsOne card swipe per eventWellness CenterTheaterOther Campus Events

  • What if I lose MyJacks Card?Cards can be deactivated 24 hours a day by using:www.hobodough.comMobile Phone AppOr by contacting/stopping in the Card Services Office (8-5 M-F)Replacement Cards can be purchased at the Card Services Office for $15

  • Take care of your MyJacks Card!Make sure you remove your MyJacks Card from your pants pocket before you wash them.Do not use your MyJacks Card as an ice scrapperDo not punch holes in your MyJacks Card, it will break the wires inside.Tapped cards will not be acceptedDo not let someone else use your MyJacks Card. It is for your use only.If you lose your card, deactivate it online or call the card office.If you find it, you can activate it before you get a new one re-printed.

  • Housing Confirmation FeeYou paid a housing deposit or confirmation fee to reserve your space in the residence hallsThis money is refunded to you on Hobo Dough and will be available to you on move in day

  • Laundry ViewStudents are able to check the status of laundry machines online for these halls with basement laundry

    BrownMathewsMeadows NorthMeadows South

  • Visit us on the Webhttp://www.hobodough.comRegister your account first

    Download our App for Android and IOS Search for eAccounts Select Blackboard Transact mobile Like us on Facebook watch for Hobo Dough Promotions

  • Questions?????????

    Talk about looking for the contactless symbol on the card readers. The symbol should match the symbol on the back of your card.Provides a convenient and controlled budget for the card holderExamples of why to use the MyJacks card versus cash. You do not have to worry about wrinkled up dollars not working in the vending machines.Dining Services - Union, Larson, Bookstore- Books, school supplies, SDSU apparelStudent Health - drugs prescription Information Exchange - tickets, cash checks, stampsOutback Jacks - rent outdoor equipment, pool tables, video gamesParking Services - parking decals, tickets, and any other violations Cashiers Office - pay tuitionDairy Bar - ICE CREAM! Food, drinksLibrary - print, copies, check out books, pay fines Vending Machines - soda, candy Athletics - Intramural - $15 for registration admission to sporting eventsConcessionsCurrently have 13 off campus merchants participating in the Hobo Dough Program

    this is a great addition to our program by involving the community helps student to feel comfortable off campus allows for more freedom

    Hobo Dough is very flexibleCan customize it to fit your students needs I talk about the importance of the security with the card so that students know that they could be responsible for access to the doors they have if someone else uses their card.Campus events are based on student statusWe may leave this one out of the video because it might be going away soon since most laundry has been moved to each floor.

    Our website may change. We want to build a new one.