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Business Development Strategies to Build Your Employer Relations Program

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Text of Business Development Strategies to Build Your Employer Relations Program

  • 1. USE BUSINESSSTRATEGIES INEMPLOYERRELATIONSChristian Garcia, ExecutiveDirector Copyright: Christian Garcia
  • 2. PRESENTER & OVERVIEW Presenter Why Employer Relations? UM is a private, research institution 10,000 undergraduates; 5,000 graduates Toppel Career Center is primarily centralized* MBA, Law, Medical have their own career centers
  • 3. HAVE QUESTIONS? Type your questions into the chat box throughout the presentation Questions will be answered at the end of the presentation
  • 5. THE DISCOVERY PHASE Institutional Analysis Data & Information Analysis What is unique to your campus? In-depth conversations with Your student body? institutional research, schools & colleges, university SWOT Analysis communications and employers Particular focus on strengths Benchmark and weaknesses Employer Analysis Leverage strengths Who do you have? Turn weaknesses into Who do you want? opportunities Is there a pattern?
  • 6. WHAT DID WE DISCOVER? QUALITY BOUTIQUE GLOBAL STUDENTS CAREER CENTER LOCATION Top 40 Flexible Gateway to the 48% Minorities Customized Americas International a la carte Diversity Students Accessible Weather!
  • 7. TOP FACTORS IN SCHOOL SELECTION Majors offered Location of school Quality of programs Diversity of student body Past recruiting experience at school Success of schools alumni in organization Source: 2011 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers
  • 8. MAKE AN IMPRESSIONI wanted to mention that I used to work inhigher education for a time and have hadlots of contact with career servicesdepartments from various universities. Imust say, you and your team are the mostprofessional and prepared group that Ivehad the pleasure of meeting to date.Kudos to you all! Carlos Ledo, Costa Farms
  • 9. RELATIONSHIPS ARE HARD Cant be all things to all employers Limitations Out of your control Within your control Long Distance Relationships are Challenging Breaking Up is Hard to Do Damage Control
  • 10. Please Refer to WorksheetWHO ARE YOUR EMPLOYERS?
  • 11. PLANNING PHASE Consider Your Academic Calendar Consider Employers Recruiting Calendar Build in Flexibility Leverage Your Downtime PLAN
  • 12. MARKETING PLAN Annual Strategy Meetings JUNE 1 Employer Appreciation Advisory Board TWT Spring Fairs Fall Fairs Symposium EPIC TWT OCR UShadow Tactical Meetings Site Visits TWT TWT UShadow Networking events/panels Site Visits
  • 13. IMPLEMENTATION PHASE Take to Market! Utilize Social Media and other Low-Cost, High-Impact Techniques Consider a broad marketing campaign (costly) Utilize Events and Networking Platforms Tap into Alumni Institute an Employer Advisory Board Set up a Site Visit Challenge IMPLEMEN with incentives for staff T Utilize entire career center staff Build Personal Relationships
  • 14. MEASURE & REVISE Find the Right Metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Develop Processes to Automate Data Collection Process Early On Listen to the Metrics! Use them to decide which efforts to develop Which efforts are most effective? Which efforts need to be abandoned? Implement Changes Report, Share, Disseminate
  • 15. SUMMARY & TAKE-AWAYS Know your institution Leverage its strengths Involve the entire career center An effective E.R. program doesnt have to be expensive Social Media e-Newsletter CRM features NACE Employer List Giveaways Stay Top-of-Mind!

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