Browser comaptible joomla websites with psd to joomla conversion

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Browser Compatible Joomla Websites with PSD to joomla conversion

In the present competitive time, acquiring just a website is not a smart decision. It is no longer sufficient to just have an online presence. Instead the website needs to be creatively presented in the most user centric way, and it has to provide the users with amazing features and functionalities, in order to facilitate their online experience and help the business grow and prosper. With such a surge in the utilization of effective content management systems, to power the websites with extra added and very important functionalities, PSD to Joomla Conversion services have a gained a name for itself.

What is so special about PSD to Joomla Conversion?

Joomla is a powerful open source content management system, which is the best available solution to code and develop complex websites. Where WordPress is quite simple and Drupal is just too complex for a laymen user, Joomla Development is some sort of a bridge between the two. It is easy to use and its admin bar is quite self explanatory, but it offers more functionalities than WordPress Development. The key use of Joomla is for creating complex websites, perhaps web portals and networking sites. Joomla allows you to create community websites along with the membership control access and other added features like newsroom, forums, articles. Without any HTML processing you can create the networks in your website and the admin bar is filled with other features. It may be quite intimidating for a first time user but once you get a hold of Joomla, it only gets more engrossing than before.

PSD to Joomla Template and Browser Compatibility

The advantage of using of opting for PSD to HTML/Joomla template conversion is that it is extremely search engine friendly and cross browser compatible. Joomla in itself is a search engine friendly and browser compatible solution. Besides a professional PSD to Joomla conversion gives your website a strategic edge over the competitors.

Before converting the PSD file to Joomla, it is first sliced and coded into HTML. PSD files are static and heavy files and dont provide the features of user navigation and browser compatibility. To make it browser compatible, PSD to HTML slicing is done as HTML forms the building blocks of any web page. Along with PSD Design to HTML conversion, the website development also involves the process of PSD to CSS conversion. CSS or cascading style sheet language helps in making the coding really effective and flexible. Its particular aim is to differentiate between the coding documentation i.e. the markup conversion and the presentation documentation i.e. the layout, fonts, colors, styling and etc. CSS makes the website really flexible and swift and it can be easily uploaded on any browser. Upon the conversion, the codes are tested across various versions of various popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera etc, in order to ensure cross browser compatibility, that too with various versions of a single browser.

A subsequent Joomla CMS integration reveals you superior quality, web compatible and highly dynamic, engrossing and feature rich website.