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Beautiful Energy Savers Discover how window covering products can help you

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Discover how window covering products can help you

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Beautiful Energy SaversDiscover how window covering products can help you

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They also permit radiant energy to enter the home,as opposed to conduction through the walls androof. Thermal radiation accounts for a large portionof the energy in natural sunlight. Radiant energyentering through the windows, particularly in thesummer, will significantly increase the temperaturewithin the home. In the winter season the oppositeapplies.

By minimising heat loss from a home in winter andreducing the amount of radiant energy permitted toenter the home in summer the amount of energyneeded to heat or cool the property to a particulartemperature can be significantly reduced. Thiscontributes significantly to the reduction of CO2emission and thus global warming. Not only this, butalso a saving on your energy bills.

Windows were once called ‘wind holes’. Fortunately,today’s double glazed windows do a good job ofpreventing unwanted air flow. However, closedwindows still offer very little resistance to the flow ofheat. Windows are, in fact, ‘energy holes’. Comparedto the well insulated walls and roofs of modernhomes, standard double glazed windows allow10 times more heat to flow through them.

So, despite the fact that windows make up onlyabout 10% of a home’s insulated shell, up to 50% ofthe home’s heating energy pours through them.


Windows are energy holes

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“Since I have chosen for Duette® Shades to cover all my windows I was surprisedto notice that my energy bill has been reduced.”

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Double paned windows with window coverings areideal for all seasons. They act as insulators to retardthe heat flow out in the winter, and vice versa in thesummer.Window coverings also help to either blockor enhance the flow of solar radiation.

Closing window coverings will reduce the radiantcontribution of the light and also reduce theconduction of thermal energy through the window.An air space is created between the blinds and thewindow that, since air is an outstanding insulator,increases the resistance to heat flow. In other words,if it’s hotter outside than inside, keeping blindsclosed can help reduce air movement that helpstransfer heat inside the house.

In winter, window coverings help keep the heatinside the house by reducing the heat flow out.

Luxaflex®Window Styling offers the most extensiverange of window covering products on the market.Our products significantly impact energy efficiency,protect against UV damage to furniture and provideinsulation at the window.

Defined style and innovation are the foundation ofthe Luxaflex® brand and these values arerepresented across our window covering collectionswhich bring beauty, style and comfort as well asenergy saving benefits to your home.

Reduce heat flow (heat lossand heat gain) through thewindows

Control solar heat (thermal energy from the sun) by allowing itin winter but reducing it in summer

Enhance daylighting (the use ofnatural light) by diffusing anddispersing sunlight deep into aroom

The benefits of window coveringsThree ways to save energy



1. Insulation

Installing Luxaflex® Window Styling in your home can reduce heating, cooling and lighting energy needs in threesignificant ways:

2. Control solar heat (reflection)

summer winter

3. Optimal use of daylight

Plissé ShadeSilhouette® Shades

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Heat flow through windows is graphically shown inthe infrared photo on the right, where the red areasindicate energy loss. The dramatic colour differencebetween the walls and windows shows the contrastin resistance to heat flow.

Question: How do we make the windows more like thewalls?

Answer: Add insulation with window coverings, thatalso control light and privacy and add a fashionstatement to the room.

The insulation capacity of window coverings isshown in the two infrared images on the right.

The first image - a room without window coverings -shows a blue window surface on the inside of theroom. The blue area indicates low temperatures andstimulates cold air in wintertime.The second image - same roomwith windowcoverings - shows a red surface on the inside of theroom. The red area indicates higher temperaturesand helps you keeping your room warm inwintertime.

The difference is quite dramatic and can save youmoney in energy costs.


sameroom withwindowcoverings

1. Insulation

Plissé ShadesPlissé Shades


“It was only that the dealer advised me to choose my window coveringsnot only for its beauty but also for its insulating properties.”

for more information:www.luxaflex.com/energysaver

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Duette® ShadesDuette® Shades are a perfect solution for betterindoor climate management through its cellularstructure.

Duette® Architella® is one of the latest innovationsfrom Luxaflex®. This shade features a honeycombpleated fabric construction with three air pockets,making it one of the most distinctive and energyefficient shades available.

In winter, significant amounts of heat escapes frombuildings through glass windows.Duette® Architella® Shades double a standard doubleglazing window’s insulating properties, leading toconsiderable savings on energy bills.

In summer, many buildings use energy for cooling assolar radiation and heat enters through the windows.Opaque Duette® Architella® Shades cut down solarheat gain by a factor of five, significantly reducingcooling costs and creating a comfortable indoorclimate.

Duette® Architella® is a patented ‘honeycomb within ahoneycomb’ pleated shade, featuring an innovative fabricconstruction with 3 air pockets, making it one of the mostdistinctive and energy efficient shades available.

Duette® Shades


“I never thought my Luxaflex ® Duette® Shades help to keep the warmth insideduring the winter.”

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Roller BlindsVertical Blinds


2. Control solar heat

The earth receives an enormous amountof solar energy. In summer, we don’t wantthat powerful energy entering our homesto become heat. Which is why you need awindow covering that effectively reducessolar heat gain.When choosing products,opt for white or light colours. In summer,it’s important to reflect as much solarenergy as possible right back out of thewindow before it becomes heat.

In winter, to reduce heating energyconsumption, take advantage of as muchfree energy from the sun as you can. Thismeans raising or opening the windowcovering whenever direct sunlight isshining on the window and closing thewindow covering at night when mostheat energy is lost.

for more information:www.luxaflex.com/energysaver

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Venetian Blind


One of the most effective strategies to reduce solarheat gain is to reflect the unwanted radiation back tothe outside. To increase the reflective properties ofPlissé Shades, Roller Blinds or Vertical Blinds,Luxaflex® Topar® coated fabrics are recommended.

Topar® is a long lasting, coloured, reflective coatingthat also has humidity-resistant and dirt-repellingproperties. These blinds combine stylish windowtreatments with superb control of renewabledaylight, Topar® enhances their solar heat reflectingproperties, leading to a reduced demand for coolingenergy.


Duette® Duo ToneIn addition the Duette® Duo Tone fabric with a whitewindow facing fabric, performs best with respect to thereflection of the sun, causing less heat gain in the summer.

Venetian Blinds ThermostopThis gold-coloured coating reflects the sun very effectively.

“I selected Luxaflex ® Roller Blinds for itsnice colour and fabric quality but anotheradvantage is that the Topar ® coating helpsto keep out the heat as well.”

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Natural light entering the home is important forboth visual comfort and general well-being. Usingnatural light to illuminate home interiors is calleddaylighting.With good window design and theright Luxaflex®Window Styling, daylighting canprovide most, if not all, daytime light needs.Saving significant energy and money.

One of the biggest problems homeowners face isdirect sunlight. It simply creates too much contrast ina room. Dark areas seem darker and sunlit brightareas are harsh and glaring. The goals of daylightingare to even the intensity of incoming light, reduceglare and reflection and bring the light deeper intothe room.

The best way to do this is by diffusing the light.

Silhouette® Shades are in this respect a perfectchoice. They are unique and extremely versatilewindow shades; soft as silk, elegant as a curtain andpractical as a venetian blind.

3. Optimal use of daylight

Without window coverings the incoming daylight makes theroom too bright and creates glare and reflection.

With window coverings the daylight is diffused evenly acrossthe entire room creating a pleasant and welcomingatmosphere.


Silhouette® Shades

for more information:www.luxaflex.com/energysaver

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Luxaflex® Variozone® is a highly functional VenetianBlind, enabling the user to adjust various zones ofthe blind in different ways.While some areas of theblind may be completely closed, for example toprevent inconvenient glare on a computer screen,other zones may be kept fully or partially open to letlight into the room.

Slats may be closed at eye level to prevent passersbyfrom peeking in, while lower or higher level slats canstay open to let sunlight enter. Going for optimallight control, Luxaflex® Variozone® Blinds reduce theneed for artificial light and can save energyconsumption.

Top Down/Bottom UpIf you have problems protecting your house fromstrong sunlight or curious neighbours yet do notwant darkness by keeping your blinds closed, thenLuxaflex® has the answer. Top Down/Bottom Upoption blinds allow the light to filter into the roomthrough the top of the window whilst at the sametime shading the bottom of the window andproviding privacy. Naturally, these blinds can also bedrawn at the top and opened at the bottom asrequired. This option is available with Luxaflex®Venetian Blinds, Roman Shades, Plissé and Duette®Shades.

Variozone® offers an ideal combination of keeping out bright,unwanted sunshine and ensuring privacy whilst still allowingdaylight into a room. The slats can be adjusted so that theblind can be both partially open and partially closed.


Roman Shade Top Down/Bottom Up

“With the Top Down/Bottom Up solution of Luxaflex ® I use artificial lighta lot less than before.”

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Choosing shades of green


Insulation, solar heat control and daylighting, thethree important energy-efficiency functionsperformed by Luxaflex®Window Styling. To a degree,all our products serve at least one of these functions.The chart above gives indications of the bestperforming products in the various Luxaflex®product lines.

Your Luxaflex® dealer can help you further narrowyour choices to find the window covering that’s justright for your needs.

For an indication howmuch you can save on yourenergy bill using Luxaflex®Window Coverings, visitwww.luxaflex.com/energysaver

NB A light colour is more effective controlling solar heat than a dark colour.++++ Excellent+++ Very Good++ Good+ Reasonable

Insulation Control Solar Heat Optimal use of daylight

Duette® Architella® Shades ++++ +++ ++

Duette® Shades +++ +++ ++++Duo Tone Top Down-Bottom Up

Nano Roller Blinds +++ ++++ ++++Top Down-Bottom Up

Roller Blinds ++ ++++ +Topar®

Venetian Blinds ++ ++++ ++++Thermostop Thermostop VarioZone®/Megaview™

Vertical Blinds ++ ++++ +++Topar®

Plissé Shades ++ ++++ ++++Topar® Top Down-Bottom Up

Roman Shades +++ ++ ++++With lining Top Down-Bottom Up

Silhouette® Shades + ++ ++++

Facette® Shades ++ ++ ++

Wood Blinds ++ ++ ++

Japanese Design Collection + + ++

for more information:www.luxaflex.com/energysaver

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Facette® Shades

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Facette® ShadesSoft fabrics for subtle light control

Roman ShadesDecorate your windows with a tailored, textured look

Silhouette® ShadesGentle translucency for an endless variety of moods

Wood BlindsNature’s warmth and beauty, in your home

Duette® ShadesFiltering light and insulating your home all year round

Vertical BlindsElegant simplicity for larger windows

Roller BlindsExpress your style with an individual touch

Venetian BlindsCreate light control and privacy with this design classic

Plissé ShadesUniquely decorative, with a shape that suits your style

Japanese Design CollectionCreate your own minimalist Japanese environment

No matter what style or product you choose, you can be sure that the Luxaflex® brand guarantees

excellent quality, innovation and years of pleasure. Go to the website to create your ownmood board

or to determine your preference and choice based on the ‘product selector’. Luxaflex® dealers can give

you more detailed advice and will allow you to try the diverse products.

Designed by Luxaflex ®. Inspired by you.

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