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Breeze User Guide

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  • Breeze ThemeUser Guide

    Revision #2 dated 2013-02-25

    2013, ItemBridge 1

  • ContentsContentsIntroductionHelp and Support

    Guides and Tutorials SupportThird - party extensions

    How to install Quick Start

    InstallationConfigurationDemo Content


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    Cross - sell Content Management System ( CMS )

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    LocalizationInterface translation Languages

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    Theme Design Customization

    2013, ItemBridge 2

  • IntroductionBreeze e-commerce theme is created to make impression on you and your customers. We offer you an up-to-date and really high quality work with outstanding design and well-thought usability approach. This template can help you to achieve a significant increase of the conversion rates and number of positive feedback, as well as will simply be a nice surprise for your customers.

    Please do not forget to rate Breeze on ThemeForest. This can be done in Downloads area. Just select Breeze in the Download list and rate it. We really appreciate your feedback and will be grateful for your opinion.

    Besides, we will be happy to meet you in social networks and on websites.

    2013, ItemBridge 3

  • Help and Support

    Guides and TutorialsYou can find these websites useful when deploying and configuring your store:

    1. User Guides 2. FAQ 3. Wiki 4. Forum 5. System Requirements 6. Server Compatibility Check 7. Installation Guide

    SupportWe provide support only if your question is directly related to the theme. If you have questions regarding Magento (e.g. categories or products management, attributes creation, extensions setup etc.) please refer to Magento Forum , where almost every detail of Magento configuration is described. The best place to start searching answers is Magento User Guide , which can be downloaded here. You will get all basic configuration information there.If you find any bugs, please contact us via the contact form in our ThemeForest profile .

    Third-party extensionsThe Breeze theme is not compatible with any third-party extension as it is simply not feasible to create the theme matching the requirements of all existing and future extensions.Often (but not always), you just need to configure extension to work properly with your Magento theme. The only theme which is compatible with any extension is the Default Magento Theme located in app/design/frontend/default/default and skin/frontend/default/default. It is so since all extensions are designed to work with this theme by default.

    How to install

    Any extension can work with any theme. In order to do this, your extension should be installed into the theme directories rather than into the default Magento theme directories. In case of Breeze theme you should install your extension into the following theme directories app/design/frontend/breeze/default and skin/frontend/breeze/default, where breeze is the name of design package and default is the default theme name in the package.Most often you will need to upload the extension into the theme directories. Sometimes you might need to edit layout files to "tell" the theme where it should display extension output. If you are not familiar with Magento, you will probably need to contact the extension author or use professional assistance for extension installation.

    2013, ItemBridge 4

  • Quick Start

    InstallationTo install Breeze theme, you need to perform the following steps:

    1. Install Breeze theme 2. Flush Magento cache 3. Enable the theme

    ConfigurationNext you need to configure your store. To do this, you need to take the following steps:

    1. Disable Magento cache before you start configuring your store2. Upload your logo 3. Create static blocks for user content4. Setup home page 5. Setup Not Found Page 6. Enable Magento cache back, after you have finished configuring your store

    Besides, you can find those Magento guides and tutorials useful while you are configuring your Magento store.

    Demo ContentTo install demo categories and products, you can use sample data from official Magento website.

    2013, ItemBridge 5

  • Installation1. Backup your Magento installation and store database.2. Disable Compilation in System Tools Compilation, in case it is enabled.3. Disable Magento cache .4. Extract theme files on your computer.5. Copy the content of the theme directory (app and skin directories) into the root directory of

    your Magento instance (this will not overwrite the existing Magento files).6. Enable Breeze theme in System Configuration Design section:

    Navigate to the Package tab and in the Current Package Name field enter the name of the design package breeze. Navigate to the Themes tab and in the Default field enter the name of theme in the package default. Click the Save Config button.

    7. Flush Magento cache and log out from Magento Admin Panel clicking the Log Out link in the top right corner of the page.

    8. Clear browsers cache and store domain cookies.

    2013, ItemBridge 6

  • 9. Theme is installed. Now you can log into the Magento Admin Panel to configure your store and theme settings.

    2013, ItemBridge 7

  • ConfigurationThe following chapter describes key settings of the Magento.

    Caching SystemWhen developing your e-store, you will probably want to see your changes right after you made them. In order to have this ability, you need to completely disable cache. Do not forget to switch it on after you complete the configuration of your e-store.If the cache is enabled, please refresh it every time after you have made changes to configuration of store / theme / extension.Cache management could be achieved in System Cache Management.

    Flush cache

    Navigate to the System Cache Management. Click the following buttons to completely flush Magento cache:

    1. Flush Magento Cache2. Flush Cache Storage3. Fluch Catalog Images Cache4. Flush JavaScript/CSS Cache

    Disable cache

    Navigate to the System Cache Management. Click the Select All link, select Disable in Actions field and click the Submit button.

    Enable cache

    Navigate to the System Cache Management. Click the Select All link, select Enable in Actions field and click the Submit button.

    Refresh cache

    If the cache is enabled, always refresh the cache after changing the configuration, installation, upgrading or removal of extension. In order to do this, go to the System Cache Management, click the Select All link, select Refresh in Actions field and click the Submit button.

    Enable ThemeMagento allows you to enable theme on multiple levels. This means that you can setup one theme for entire store, but you can also set different themes for separate parts of your store (even for separate category, product or CMS page).If you want all your pages of your store to use the same theme, your theme should only be enabled in System Configuration Design. You need to remove all custom themes definitions from categories, products and CMS pages.If you just installed a fresh copy of Magento, those places will be empty. Otherwise, please check the following admin sections:

    1. System Design this section should be empty, remove all existing entries.

    2013, ItemBridge 8

  • 2. The following sections fields should be empty as well:Catalog Manage Categories [category] Custom Design Custom DesignCatalog Manage Products [product] Design Custom DesignCMS Pages [page] Design Custom Theme

    Dont forget to refresh cache after applying design changes.

    Contact InformationYou need to specify contact information of your store, since Breeze theme displays it in the header, footer and at the Contact Us page. To start with, go to the System Configuration General Store Information section and specify phone and address for your store in the fields Store Contact Telephone Store Contact Address correspondingly. You can specify several telephones for your store. Just separate them with commas. Besides you need to go to the System Configuration Store Email Addresses and enter your email addresses in the fields General Contact, Sales Representative and Customer Support.

    HeaderIf you would like to have the same header welcome text as at the Breeze theme demo store , then you need to navigate to System Configuration Design Header and change the value of Welcome Text field to the following string:Welcome visitor! You can login or create an account.

    LogoUpload your logo (recommended height up to 90 pixels and recommended width up to 180 pixels) to the skin/frontend/breeze/default/images directory. By default, Magento displays logo with the name logo.gif, thus if you use different filename or another file format (e.g., JPG or PNG) go to the System Configuration Design Header section and put proper logo image path into the Logo Image Src field. The path is relative to skin/frontend/breeze/default directory.

    CategoriesTo manage categories, please navigate to Catalog Manage Categories. After Magento installation

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