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Glamorous Theme DocumentationOpencart Exclusive Theme

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Exclusive OpenCart Responsive Theme



Glamorous OpenCart Responsive Theme

Author: Bhavin Lashkari (Development)Contact us: jacklb.lashkari@gmail.comFeatures: Multi Color Skins Twitter Bootstrap Advance Auto complete search Google Fonts Library Font Awesome Icons Cross Browser Compatible Theme Control Module Infinite color options for theme & fonts Quick Product View PACE Auto Loaders AJAX Price Slider QR Code Blue Img Bootstrap Gallery Try Me Exclusive Fashion Extension All Tabs (Featured, Bestseller, Popular, Special, Latest) Smart Ads Extension Custom Content Extension Bootstrap Box Slider Bootstrap Full Width Slider Manufacturer Extension & many more

Thank you for purchasing our theme. Glamorous theme is Build in Bootstrap And Ready for Develop you own custom theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

LB Themes

Table of contents

I. InstallationII. Theme Modulei. General Settingsii. Fonts Settingsiii. Loaderiv. SidebarIII. Stylesheet File StructureIV. JavaScriptV. Extensions Guidelinei. Custom Content Moduleii. All in One Tabiii. Tryme Extensioniv. Bootstrap Box Sliderv. Bootstrap Full Width Slidervi. Manufacturer Modulevii. Smart Adsviii. Price SliderVI. Source and CreditsVII. Customization Service

I. Installation:

If you are going to install our theme on modified OpenCart installation, Make sure you backed up your files before proceeding. Glamorous Theme makes some little changes to Opencart core files and built-in modules (cart module), so if you have modified them before, these changes can be lost!

All the files needed to be uploaded can be found inside FILES TO UPLOAD folder. You will find two folders there: 'admin' and 'catalog'. In this point you should notice that the structure of the FILES TO UPLOAD folder matches your installation structure exactly. Drag and drop the admin and catalog folders into your site using your favorite FTP client (If you Dont have one, we recommend Filezilla).

You will be asked if you want to replace some of the files from your current installation. Do so only if you have clean installation or have backed up your modified installation.

After successful upload, you should go to your admin panel ( Go to following path.

System /settings / Your Store -> Click on Edit link.Go to Store Tab In Template Option Select bootstrapHit Save & its done!II. Theme Module:

At Back-endPath: Admin -> Extension-> Modules -> Theme Option -> Click InstallAfter that click edit

i. General Option:

Auto Configuration Link:

After Theme Installation Click this linkIt will Change all Image Sizes and make it Compatible to the Glamorous Theme.Image size includes home page banner image, category image, product details images, Cart images etc

ii. Font Settings:

iii. Loader Settings:

PACE Loader

iv. Sidebar Settings:

Be Careful while adding content to sidebarPlease Dont Forgot to click on Source Button than add content to it.For More Detail Click on Sidebar Guide.

II. CSS File Structure:


Core Themes

Path: catalog / view / theme /bootstrap

Main Stylesheets:1. style.css2. style-responsive.css3. bootstrap.css4. bootstrap-responsive.css

If you would like to edit a specific section of CSS file (use Firefox extension called 'Firebug' to do that), and then scroll down until youfind the appropriate style that needs to be edited.

DIR : Color contains all the Multi Color Theme Skins StylesheetDIR : hover contains Hover Stylesheets. (Category Page Hover effect)DIR : Image-gallery contains Elegant Image Gallery Stylesheet. (Product Detail Page)DIR : loader contains PACE Loader Stylesheets.

For Extensions StylesheetPath : catalog\view\theme\default\stylesheet\

You will find following Stylesheets over here.

Bootstrap Box & Full Slider StylesheetSmart Ads & Try me Extension Stylesheet.

III. Javascript:

Path: catalog / view / javascript /Common.js is modifying with changes.DIR : Bootstrap Contains all the bootstrap javascript.DIR : Angular Js Contains all the Angular Js Script.DIR : pace-loader Contains all the pace-loader javascriptDIR : Smart-ads Contains all the Smart ads Modules javascript.

IV. Extensions:

i. Custom Content Module

Path: Extension -> Modules -> LB Custom Content Module

Description : Add Custom Text & HTML Codes to any position.

ii. All in One Tab Module

Path: Extension -> Modules -> LB All Tab Module

Description : Active Tabs 1. Featured Product Tab2. Latest Product Tab3. Most Popular Product Tab4. Special Product Tab5. Bestseller Product Tab

iii. Try Me Module

Path: Extension -> Modules -> LB Try MeDescription: Combo carousel module

Attention:1. You must select two slider One for Tops & Another For Bottoms2. For Tops Select Upper, For Bottoms Select Bottom3. Sort Order must be in sequel if top banner have no N So for Bottom have no N+1

iv. Bootstrap Box Slider

Path: Extension -> Modules -> LB Bootstrap Default Slider

i. Bootstrap Full Slider

Path: Extension -> Modules -> LB Bootstrap Full Slider

v. Manufacturer Module

Path: Extension -> Modules -> LB Manufacturer ModuleDescription: All Brand List. By Click On that particular brand youll be redirected on that brand products.

vi. Smart Ads

Path: Extension -> Modules -> LB Smart Ads.Description: Smart Ads is Basically Text Rotator.Please Insert Content After Clicking on the Source Button.Youll Get Some Animation Selection Option here.

vii. Price Slider Filter

Path: Extension -> Modules -> LB Price SliderDescription: AJAX Price Slider is Price Filter.At backend you just need to enter the Max ~ Min Price

VI. Source and Credits:

VII. Customization Service:

I'm happy to help you with the installation. But before you contact me, please make sure that you followed the above specification as close as possible, because it is proved that most of the problems come from not reading the specification carefully.

If you contact us with support question, please include your website URL, installed version of OpenCart and detailed description of your problem and screenshots (if applicable) Showing the issues you experience. We may also ask you for temporary access to your ftp Account.

If you want to save yourself a hassle, we can do the whole process of installation for you, for a charge of USD 60. This will normally be done within 24 - 48 hours after receiving payment via paypal. Contact me if you need my assistance.


We specialize in creating bespoke designs and custom OpenCart developments. Should you Require any customization to your theme, whether it is changing themes layout, adding new Modules or creating new custom theme from scratch, we are right people for the job.

Contact us with details of what needs to be done, and well give you a free, no obligation Quote.

Contact via:

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