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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p> Bearfield Primary School students have traditionally scored lower on reading standardized test than mathematics. Therefore, the theory of action around this project is two-fold; to improve the quality of literacy instruction( reading, writing, speaking, viewing, and listening.) Also, to engage students in literacy projects through the use of online technologies. Third grade students need a strong foundation in whole language learning as well as a skills perspective approach in order to become strong, avid readers. Through this problem of practice, interventions were provided to assist with:</p> <p>strengthening reading comprehension; building reading stamina; utilizing critical thinking skills;employing problem-solving skills;embracing technology to enhance literacy.</p> <p> Committed to upgrading the digital capabilities and opportunities for all students and staff, Hertford County Public Schools (HCPS) implemented three district-wide focuses: Literacy, Student Use of Technology, and Effective Instructional Strategies. This problem of practice was directly correlated to each district focus, as evidenced by the Wireless Wednesday professional development sessions and the formation of the BPS student tech team. Teachers put significant effort into adhering to the directive of the school district and to ensuring students were academically successful in the area of literacy.Problem of Practice Evaluation questions provided the direction and foundation for measuring the implementation and success of the Bear Tech 101 project. Evaluation Questions included:To what extent did teachers find the Wireless Wednesday sessions useful?How effective was the professional development in improving the teachers instructional practices?To what extent were the student interventions provided helpful in increasing students levels of proficiency in reading?How effective was the Student Tech Team in improving the technology skills of the student body?</p> <p>Logic ModelThe more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. -Dr. SeussBear Tech Team:Rhyonna Cherry, Demari Lassiter, and Antoine PughResults and AnalysisIn reviewing the progress of the 3rd grade students toward the desired outcomes, several data points and perceptional observations are significant:100 percent of the BPS student tech team surveyed indicated that the technology training by Ms. Watford during the year was very useful, in expanding their technological abilities.On average 62% of the 3rd grade students assessed during the Middle of the Year (MOY) showed growth in their reading proficiency level. 100 percent of the 3rd grade Language Arts teachers were appreciative of the Wireless Wednesday sessions.</p> <p>RecommendationsBearfield Primary School will continue to utilize technology as a component of literacy instruction. The data indicated that the program yielded some positive outcomes for students. Therefore, the program will continue while observing the following recommendations for improvement:Increase the Wireless Wednesday sessions frequency to allow more time for collaborative planning; Develop creative scheduling solutions for adaptation to unforeseen schedule changes to ensure Wireless Wednesday sessions are conducted monthly with fidelity;Establish more opportunities for teachers to have hands-on experiences during the Wireless Wednesday sessions;Utilize various technology tools that can be tailored to students with differing ability levels;Expand the Bear Tech 101Tech Team across grade levels.ReflectionBased on the analysis of the data collected the dominant themes that should inform future work in this area are:Learning must be authentic. The 3rd grade students needed opportunities to be authentically engaged in the learning process and the creation of new knowledge.Student support must be tailored to individual students. Every student has unique needs and learning abilities. There needs to be evidence of differentiation in the classroom.Student voice is vital. The students verbal comments and demeanor conveyed the success of the Bear Tech 101 project. The student tech team verbalized their appreciation of the relationships built and the support given.Northeast Leadership Academy, Cohort III Fellow, N.C. State UniversityRonica Watford, Bearfield Primary SchoolBear Tech 101: Literacy Through TechnologyStudent SurveysTeacher Interviews Meeting logsTeacher ReflectionsReading 3D DataTeacher Surveys</p> <p>Using current literacy research and pedagogy on student success, including Technology to Teach Literacy, this Problem of Practice provided an array of computer tools and teacher support to promote successful technology integration in the 3rd grade Language Arts classrooms.Evaluation QuestionsData Sources Data sources used for program evaluation included:</p> <p>RESEARCH POSTER PRESENTATION DESIGN 2012www.PosterPresentations.comQUICK DESIGN GUIDE(--THIS SECTION DOES NOT PRINT--)</p> <p>This PowerPoint 2007 template produces a 36x48 inch professional poster. 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