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<ul><li><p>The mission of the Boys &amp; Girls Club is to enable all young </p><p>people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as produc tive, caring, </p><p>responsible citizens.</p><p>Awarded NO FINDINGS in 21st Century CLC Grant Audit</p><p> Boys &amp; Girls Club 1 Lee Hill Drive, Statesboro, GA 30458 </p><p>(912) 764-9696</p><p>Together, we CAN make a difference!</p><p>The Boys &amp; Girls Club of Bulloch County in collaboration with Mattie Lively Elementary, Sallie Zetterower Elementary, Mill Creek Elementary and Bulloch County Commission on Human Services provides academic enrichment programs for its members through support from GADOE and the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program. The program is designed to extend the school day into out of school time for low performing students. The The Boys &amp; Girls Club works with school personnel to identify struggling students and provides them with enrichment programs in Math, Reading, and Language Arts. </p><p>Each year the The Boys &amp; Girls Club is subjected to a comprehensive program and financial audit performed by the GADOE. For the second consecutive year of the programs implementation, the BGC has successfully completed the audit with NO PROGRAM or FINANCIAL FINDINGS.</p><p>The outcomes of the The Boys &amp; Girls Club academic enrichment program have also been evaluated and proven to be impactful. The following statistics demonstrate the correlation between club attendance and members GPA, along with club attendance and increased school attendance.</p><p> Of the Club members who have attended the The Boys &amp; Girls Club of Bulloch County for more than 90 days, 85% have no school absences.</p><p> Club members who have attended the The Boys &amp; Girls Club of Bulloch County for more than 135 days showed an increase in cumulative GPA average of 85%.</p><p>Join us in our efforts to expand club membership, and help more area youth by making a donation. </p><p>of Bulloch County</p></li></ul>