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best practices WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT Slide 2 WORKFLOW WORKFLOW EVENQUANTITYCATEGORYADEQUATE Slide 3 IMPORTANCE Improved morale Enhanced productivity Increased competitiveness Higher revenue and profit (better service) Decreased stress Decreased absenteeism Decreased turnover Lower related costs Slide 4 IMPROVEMENTS INPUTPROCESSOUTPUT How the work is generated. Quality of flow. Make sure all the pieces are available on time. Input data is organized. Analyze the process. Efficient process. Right job to right people. Slide 5 IMPROVEMENTS Deliver the output. Do the review. Notify the changes while sending work. Slide 6 IMPLICATIONS Loss to the Company. Resources are inefficiently used. Staff frustration and attrition due to inadequate work. Difficult to keep the staff motivated. Planning and execution will be hindered and need to be continually restructured. Short term problems will affect the long term planning of the company. Slide 7 best practices FORWARD PLANNING Slide 8 IMPORTANCE FORWARD PLANNIG Objectives,& how to achieve them What kind of process structure? What kind of people are required? How effectively to lead people? Necessary for Which helps to know In order to assure success of plans By furnishing standards of control Which affects the kind of direction Slide 9 IMPROVEMENTS Learning from past experience should be included in forward planning. Identify critical gaps. Identify training and development needs. Integrate all components from the top to the bottom. Integrate components like goals, measures, targets, initiatives, action plans and budgets. Plan B. Components involved in the planning are dynamic. Slide 10 IMPLICATIONS Settle for a mindset. A casual mindset. Employees loose faith in the company. It will hamper not only present efficiency but also future competitiveness of the company. Company looses competitiveness in a market full of choices. Slide 11 IMPLICATIONS Fails to address the internal and external requirements. Fails to keep employees satisfied. Fails to understand clients and loss of business. Slide 12 Thanks for your participation!