BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: THE ICON OF RATIONALISM 1706 - 1790 “…everything but a poet.”

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BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: THE ICON OF RATIONALISM 1706 - 1790 everything but a poet. Slide 2 A man committed to the commonweal: B. Franklin - The First American Slide 3 The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin published in various editions 1790 - 1868 If he could, anyone could: runaway apprentice - > working man -> business owner -> civic advocate -> politician -> international diplomat Slide 4 The Moral Essay Arriving at Moral Perfection - the thirteen virtues Addresses the Rationalist belief in self-improvement Encourages logical, reasoned, orderly process One virtue per week, thirteen weeks, repeated 4 times per year = Success! Metaphor of gardener: weeding one bed at a time keeps from overwhelming the gardener Slide 5 Aphorisms Slide 6 Bibliography EOL Benjamin Franklin (1778, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art) bread.html bread.html


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