Ben Franklin (1706 -1790) From 1764 to 1775 Franklin lived in England as agent for Pennsylvania.

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Ben Franklin (1706 -1790)From 1764 to 1775 Franklin lived in England as agent for Pennsylvania


In 1773, Franklin visited Ireland. What he saw would change American history.Shillelagh

BHATA Irish Fighting StickBlackthorn

Rince an Bhata Uisce BheathaDoyle Clan Whiskey Stick Dance

OutlineWhere did our government come from? What influenced the Founders of our country in forming our government the way that they did?

They had experience governing the colonies for 150 years.

B. They wrote state constitutions.

C. They read.


John Locke (1632-1704) Author of Two Treatises on Civil Government. Locke pulled together for the first time the following concepts.

a. All persons have natural rights.

b. The main purpose of Government is to protect those rights.

c. Government has power only through the consent of the people. d. People enter into a social compact or contract to protect their natural rights. That is government.

e. When the government fails to protect the peoples natural rights, then the people have the right to change their government.Terms:

Natural Rights: The fundamental rights that every human being has. Examples: The right to life or the right to own property.

Government: The system of rules or laws which society establishes to order itself and protect natural rights and solve problems.

Absolute Power: Power or Government without limits.

State of Nature: An environment where there is no government.

Consent: An agreement by society to be governed.

Social compact or contract: A concept proposed by John Locke that people agree to form a government to protect their natural rights. That power comes from the people and not the king.Lucius Quinctius (Cincinnatus)(Curly)

The Roman Republic: The Founders were familiar with history. They knew that the Roman people governed themselves without a king from 509 BCE to 27 BCE as a Republic

a. Rome had a Republican Government. The common citizens and the aristocrats shared power by electing representatives.

b. Cincinnatus displayed civic virtue. When given dictatorial powers to save Rome, he gave up those powers to after the crisis was over.Charles-Louis de Secondat, baron de La Brde et de Montesquieu

3. The Founders also read the works of Montesquieu, a French political philosopher.a. .Montesquieu believed a Republican Government should be setup by;1. Separating the powers of government2. Balancing the separate branches3. Providing checks on the use of power by the branches.

II. What is a Constitution?

A. A Constitution is a framework for a government. It sets forth the basic rights of the citizens and tells how the government is to be run.

B. Characteristics of a Constitution.

1. It lists the basic rights of the individuals in the society.

2. It requires the government to protect those rights.

3. It places limits on the power of the government.

4. It establishes the principle of private domain.

5. It can only be changed with widespread approval.


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