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Agenda for TEBA (Thai European Business Association) World Class Manufacturing initiative.


  • AUTOMOTIVE PLATFORM Becoming a World-Class Automotive Supplier .... ! ! ! ! ! ! Prepared for: TEBA Automotive Committee Prepared by: Hugh Vanijprabha, Executive Director February, 2014 Copyright 2014 by Thai European Business Association
  • AUTOMOTIVE PLATFORM VISION ! Thailand will become the automotive production base of Asia, which creates more ! value added to the country with strong domestic auto-parts industry EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ! Thailands automotive sector contributes about 12% of the GDP of the national economy with about 45% local demand and 55% export. Its parts sector represents a signicant export in its own right with raising domestic demand and higher growth potential of overseas sales. This has prompted manufacturers to invest in capacity as the automotive market relies heavily on relationships with multi-tiered supplier networks to meet their everchanging demand. Without efcient manufacturing and supplier collaboration, automotive manufacturers face critical challenges which can heavily impact both top- and bottom-line performance. A second challenge for the Thai auto industry is to step up to higher value add components which in turn require more advanced manufacturing technologies and know-how transfer. ! Automotive manufacturing today is challenging as never before. ! Automotive technology changes with an accelerating pace. Often most people think rst about advanced power trains and materials but it is not only that. Technology does not only exist on vehicle in itself but the whole supply chain. These changes are in response to consumer requirements, competitiveness and many more. Ensuring investment for the future on how to cut cost but also to have viability in the long term, this requires good understanding of optimization. Workforce availability and up-skilling is also a key challenge, and today, each auto industry player must be adaptive to an increasingly fast cadence of new High value add component: Bosch Mahle Turbocharger products, new processes and new technologies. ! But what does it take to become a world-class automotive supplier to be able to meet global demand. What technologies, knowledge and skills are required? ! This program on becoming a world-class automotive supplier supported by Ministry of Industry provides you with the rst unique opportunity for Thai industry to extend the markets with capacity building scheme to response for the countrys goal in being truly global value-added automotive and parts industry. It provides crucial insights and expertise in the various elds addressing both opportunities and discover the challenges to be overcome to achieve those goals by applying new technologies, reducing costs, production efciencies, modifying product lines, just naming a few to be equal or ahead of our global competitors. ! Copyright 2014 by Thai European Business Association
  • AUTOMOTIVE PLATFORM ! ! ! ! ! ! OUTLINE ! THE PROJECT The program includes all levels with an in-depth approach from operations, technology, supply chain and management with interactive capacity building workshop series and business missions. 1. Capacity Building Workshops are a series of skill and knowledge building courses designed to strengthen the capacity of workforce, professionals, academics, policy makers in the automotive sector or those interested. The workshops cover a range of topics essentials to becoming a world class supplier: ! ! Operations Management | Supply Chain | Logistics | Reliability and Quality Management Standards and Certications | Manufacturing Optimization | Purchasing | Technology Design In order to ensure a valuable and effective experience for participants, each workshop will have a clear dened objective based on the topics as well as target audiences in the public and private sectors in the automotive industry. Owner | Management| Sales & Marketing | Policy Makers | Regulators | Academics ! The half-day workshop format includes: ! ! Registration / Mini exhibition Welcome / Introductory Remarks (15 minutes) Keynote Presentation (30 minutes) Problem-solving Workshop (60 minutes) Networking Coffee Break (20 minutes) Case Studies (40 minutes) Technical Solutions (30 minutes) Business Networking Session 2. Business missions aim to enhance private sector engagement with the European and international automotive community. TEBA will help to identify global partners through our service that draws on our EBO worldwide network that has more than 10 years of experience in matching European companies with partners from overseas. This includes local business networking and business missions to and from Europe. ! 3. Future Factory Award At the end of the yearly series, we will provide awards to be presented by Ministry of Industry and key sponsors for 12 different best factory award categories. Factories are invited to apply and will be assessed by an independent panel. ! Copyright 2014 by Thai European Business Association
  • AUTOMOTIVE PLATFORM ! 2014 YEAR PLAN : BECOMING A WORLD-CLASS AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIER ! January February March April May June WS: Operations Management Week 1 WS: Technology R&D Week 2 WS: Supply Chain Managment Week 3 WS: Standards/ Cercations WS: Manufacturing Week 4 ! July August September October November Week 1 WS: Manufacturing Week 2 WS: Quality Managment Week 3 Week 4 BM: TH mission to Europe WS: Technology R&D ! ! *WS = Workshop *BM = Business Mission ! Copyright 2014 by Thai European Business Association Best Factory Award December
  • AUTOMOTIVE PLATFORM ! Workshop 1 ! ! DATE: ! ! VENUE: ! ! ! 12.00 PM ! 28TH FEBRUARY 2014! AMATA SPRINGS COUNTRY CLUB! ! REGISTRATION & LIGHT LUNCH! 13.00 PM ! INTRODUCTION! 13.00 PM ! 13.05 PM ! 13.15 PM ! Welcome Remarks - Uli Kaiser, President of TEBA! Opening Remarks - Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry! Director General, Department of Industrial Promotion! 13.15 PM ! KEYNOTE SPEECH ON WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURING! ! Platinum Sponsor! ! ! ! 13.45 PM ! ! ! WORKSHOP ON CHALLENGES FOR THAI AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY ! ! (45 minutes)! 13.45 PM ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 14.45 PM ! Moderated by Thammasat University / Productivity! Current Status (30 minutes)! Brainstorming (15 minutes)! Identify priorities / Summary (15 minutes)! Coffee Break! ! 15.15 PM ! CASE STUDIES OF WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURING (40 minutes)! 15.15 PM ! Case studies of World Class Manufacturers! 15.45 PM ! Q & A! ! ! 16.00 PM ! TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS (30 minutes)! ! ! Lights-Out Production EMAG (30 minutes)! Marposs / Walter / Kennametal / Seco Tools (30 minutes)! ! ! ! 17.00 PM ! NETWORKING: BBQ & GERMAN BEER FROM THE TAP ! Exhibiting Sponsors! EMAG / Kennametal / Walter / Kennametal / MCU / 3NINE! ! WORKSHOP: ! 1,200 Baht TEBA Members! ! 2,400 Baht Non-members Copyright 2014 by Thai European Business Association !