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    B E A U T I F U L



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    The tourism sector is one of the fastest developing sectors of our economy. In the last few years, Burundi has witnessed a tremendous amount of development in the sector that continues to show growth projections well into the future.

    Rising from a very difficult past, Burundi has over the last few years greatly benefited from the deliberate government efforts that has seen a total revamp of its economic policies with a view to bolstering economic development in the country.

    This has seen massive investments by the government to upgrade existing infrastructure, especially the road network within the country. This has, in turn, created a conducive investment climate that continues to attract new investments in the hospitality sector.

    Various economic policies that the Government of Burundi (GoB) has implemented over the last few years make it increasingly easier to set up businesses in the country. We offer a one-stop shop for registering a business and issuing the required licenses within 24 hours. This has led to an increased interest by both local and regional investors in setting up operations in Burundi.

    The hospitality sector in Burundi no doubt remains one of the largest employers in the country and continues to show signs of strong growth.

    While catering to mainly business travelers, Burundi is actively developing its tourism attractions to attract more visitors. We are enhancing our conservation efforts in various national parks to ensure that the flora and fauna of our country is preserved for future generations.

    I have the pleasure to welcome you.

    Welcome to Burundi your second home, Welcome to our Beautiful Burundi.

    Victoire Ndikumana,Minister of Commerce, Industry, Posts and Tourism, Burundi.

    KazeWelcomeThe hospitality sector in Burundi no doubt remains one of the largest employers in the country and continues to show signs of strong growth.

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    Birds take to flight at Lake Rwihinda.



    A Tourism Guide for Burundi is Published by:

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    9. PUBLISHERS FOREWORD Dawn Breaks for Burundi

    10. EXCLUSIVE: One on one with the Minister of Tourism

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    20. BURUNDI OPEN FOR BUSINESS New Economic Reforms power Burundian


    25. BURUNDI SHINES AT ITB Tourism in Burundi on a trajectory

    Photographs by Denis Gathanju, Arnaud Mugisha, National Tourism Office of Burundi and Shutterstock.

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    29. DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY Sample Bujumburas vibrant night life

    31. EATING OUT On a culinery journey in the heart of Bujumbura

    34. HOTEL CLUB DU LAC TANGANYIKA An icon of hospitality in Bujumbura

    36. THE ALBERTINE RIFT One of the worlds most diverse eco-regions

    40. HOTEL BELAIR RESIDENCE A touch of luxury in the heart of Bujumbura

    44. KIBIRA NATIONAL PARK Where chimps roam free

    48. ATTRACTIONS Experience the sights and sounds of Burundi

    54. BIRDING IN BURUNDI A bird spectacle in Burundi

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    Africa is on the rise. And Burundi is definitely rising with the rest of the continent.

    I am extremely pleased to introduce Beautiful Burundi, the first tourism guide for Burundi that seeks to create awareness locally, regionally and internationally on the developments in Burundi.

    Many would have written off this country, but I promise you that the signs are crystal clear that Burundi is on a path to a renaissance.A revival that offers better and brighter prospects for this East African nation.

    The recent economic reforms have really turned around this country. It is now many times easier to establish a business in Burundi. Furthermore, the Government of Burundi (GoB) is committed to ensure businesses thrive in a safe and secure environment. This has created a wonderful investment climate for both returning Burundians as well as foreign nationals and companies.

    The tourism industry is one of the economic sectors that has really caught the wind thanks to the new reforms. The sector has over the last few years witnessed a renewed interest from Burundians as well as from regional and international hospitality players. This has seen the locals plough massive investments, especially into the hospitality industry in the country. And regional and international hospitality brands have been lining up to open shop in Burundi to take advantage of the countrys rising status as a business and leisure destination.

    And whats more, the people of this country are incredibly friendly. They carry with them infectious smiles.

    I have been touched by their smiles, their warmth and hospitality and I invite you to visit Burundi and discover its hidden magic.

    Denis Gathanju,Publisher.

    The tourism industry is one of the economic sectors that has really caught the wind thanks to the new reforms. The sector has over the last few years witnessed a renewed interest from Burundians as well as from regional and international hospitality players.


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    We are also looking at developing cruise tourism on Lake Tanganyika to facilitate connection services between Bujumbura and other neighbouring cities that have ports such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Zambia.


    Burundi is rising and growing and making a determined progression looking forward to a better and brighter future. This East African nation continues to show a lot of promise in almost all spheres of its economy and has over the last few years continued to attract both regional and international investors many of whom are attracted by the countrys new economic policies and a stable political climate.

    The tourism industry is one of the sectors that has registered tremendous growth over the last few years. Fueled by the growing businesses in the country and an equally expanding leisure industry, Burundi is a growing East African tiger.




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    To put matters into perspective, Burundis Minister for Commerce, Industry, Posts and Tourism Honourable Victoire Ndikumana spoke exclusively to Beautiful Burundis Managing Editor Denis Gathanju. Excerpts:

    The tourism industry in Burundi is on a growth trajectory. What makes Burundi such a unique destination?

    Burundi is unique in many ways. It presents a wide variety of tourism types: lakesides across the country, natural reserves, cultural tourism, spectacular landscapes, and varied configuration of the relief, a favourable climate, art and most importantly our legendary hospitality combined with our outstanding drummers.

    After being absent on the international tourism scene for more than 20 years, Burundi was reintroduced on the market as a new destination at WTF China, ITM Russia, WTM London and ITB Berlin in 2011 and 2012. The prizes we won (Best African exhibitor in 2011and 2012 and The Best of the Best exhibitor in 2012 at ITB Berlin) not only encouraged us but also drew considerable attention to us from the world. We are excited to continue improving our tourism to receive many visitors from around the world.

    Why do you refer to Burundi as the beating heart of Africa?

    First of all, if you look at the map, you will see that Burundi is shaped roughly like a human heart!

    Secondly, Burundi drummers are known all over the world by the way they skillfully beat the drums and dance. This part of our heritage identifies well with the rhythm of Africa!

    As you know, music and dance are an integral part of the African culture and that is why we celebrate our drummers as such.

    Over the last few years, we have witnessed massive investments in the tourism and hospitality sector in Burundi. What would you attribute that to?

    Although Burundi went through some tough times, we have t