Baroque Period 1600 - 1750. Famous Painters Vermeer Rubens Rembrandt El Greco

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Text of Baroque Period 1600 - 1750. Famous Painters Vermeer Rubens Rembrandt El Greco

  • Baroque Period1600 - 1750

  • Famous PaintersVermeerRubensRembrandtEl Greco

  • Vermeer

  • Rubens

  • Rembrandt

  • El Greco

  • Literature of the BaroqueMoliereCervantesMiltonRacine

  • Baroque TraitsDominant trends correspond to those in art and literatureSense of movement, energy, & tensionStrong contrast of light & shadowStyle consciousExtreme emotional representationMusic must express the emotions of life and excite the listener


  • Baroque Architecture

  • Doctrine of AffectionsMusic must reflect the emotions of lifeEach movement must have 1 affectionMusic that does this calls for a new dramaticism in music

  • Renaissance vs. BaroqueContrast avoidedRigid, structuredVocal predominatesNo idiomatic writingSubtle rhythmMusic dictates wordsa cappellaAll parts important

    Careful dissonance

    Contrast soughtSpontaneous expressionInstrumental growsIdiomatic writingRhythmic verveWords dictates musicAccompaniedOuter parts more importantFrequent and expressive dissonance

  • Baroque Musical CharacteristicsBasso continuo keyboard instrument (organ or harpsichord) plus bass sustaining instrument (cello or bassoon)Figured BassChromaticismConcerto principal contrasting sonoritiesTerraced dynamicsFast harmonic rhythmExpressive use of dissonanceEmergence of major/minor tonality systemHuge explosion of instrumental musicMusic is very busy with long, drawn-out phrasesWord paintingUse of sequences