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A.Vogel Sinuforce Anette Rheeder SA Natural Products (Pty) Ltd Pioneer in Natural Health Since 1923

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A.Vogel SinuforceAnette RheederSA Natural Products (Pty) LtdPioneer in Natural HealthSince 1923

SinusesWord Sinus means hollow or pocketSinuses are air-filled cavities, lined with mucous membrane, that branch from the nasal airways into the facial scull bones

Frontal sinusEthmoid sinusMaxillary sinusSphenoid sinus

SinusesDid you know?Sinuses help to lighten the skulls overall weightFunction:Act as resonating chambers to give each person voice an individual characterFilters incoming airChanges temperature of incoming air to body temperatureMoistens air

SinusesWhat can go wrong?Acute Sinusitis / Chronic Sinusitis 3 months and longerCauses:Upper air way is exposed to continual intake of microbes with each breathHarmful bacteria may break through the mucosa lining and other defenses and set up an infection zone then called sinusitisCan also spread from abscessed tooth or following extraction of toothPersons with asthma may have high frequency of sinusitisMost chronic cases weak digestive system, immune response cause inflammation, swelling, increased mucous

SinusesWhat can go wrong?Acute Sinusitis / Chronic Sinusitis 3 months and longerSymptoms:Infection of the sinus liningsCan produce pain in the forehead or in the cheeksMucosa lining increase production of mucous, clear, runny as Immune system in operation mucous becomes thicker and can change colourSevere pain occurs when swelling prevents drainage of mucous in the different cavities and pressure builds up

SinusesWhat is available in allopathic?Mainly 2 combinations:Pseudoephedrine hydrochlorideComing with a list of more than 20 side effects, combined with either paracetamol or IbuprofenPseudoephedrine is a decongestant and acts on alpha receptors found in the walls of blood vessels in the linings of nasal passages and sinusesIt causes blood vessels to contract and narrow, thereby decreasing blood flow into the liningsThis reduces the feeling on congestion and also reduces the production of mucous, helping to relieve a blocked nose

SinusesWhat is available in allopathic?Mainly 2 combinations:ParacetamolParacetamol is long known and still the working is unknownIt is thought that is works by reducing he production of prostaglandins in the brain and spinal cordMay increase the pain threshold so that although the cause of the pain remains, the patient can feel it lessWarning of serious damage of kidneys and liverDo not cure or shorten the length of common cold and may cause serious side effectsNot to be used for longer than 4 daysNot for children under the age of 12

A.Vogel SinuforceHow can nature help?Dr.Vogel:Support the body to restore balanceand health will follow!A.Vogel Sinuforce

A.Vogel SinuforceHow can nature help?Chronic:Find the cause by eliminating dairy products, wheat, sugar, coffee, tea and alcoholChange diet to more fresh vegetables, clean water and take remedies MolkosanSinuforceEchinaforce

A.Vogel SinuforceHow can nature help?Acute:Take remedies MolkosanSinuforceEchinaforce

A.Vogel SinuforceNew to me and you!Indicated for:Blocked nosePost nasal dripPainful sinusesDiscoloured mucousSinus headaches

A.Vogel SinuforceContents:5 different ingredients in homeopathic form Selective AffinityIngredientCommon nameActionLuffa Operculata D6Sponge cucumberFor frequent sneezing, dryness of inner nose, sinus headache and watery discharge from noseHydrastics Canadensis D6Golden sealFight off infectionLemna Minor D4DuckweedSinusitis complicated by polypsCinnabaris D8Red Sulphide of MercuryMaxillary sinusitis: Heavy pressure at the root of the nose. Discharge from the nose is acrid, foul, watery or dark lumps. Pain around the eyesKalium Bichromicum D6Bichromate of PotassiumDischarge is tick, greenish yellow, ropy, acrid, tough, elastic plug from nose headache over eyebrowFurther support with:Po-Ho Oil with InhalerThursday Plantation Tea Tree OilEchinaforceSinuforceMolkosan

A.Vogel Sinuforce

A.Vogel SinuforceDrops and tablets:Family friendlyIncluding pregnancyBreastfeedingElderlyNo side effects!

A.Vogel SinuforceDosage - Tablets:Adults & Children over 12 years:Take 2 tablets, 3 times daily15 min before mealsAllow to slowly dissolve under tongueChildren 6 12 years:Take 1 tablets, 3 times dailyAs indicatedChildren 2 6 years:Take or 1 tablets, 3 times dailyUnder the tongueOr dissolve in a small amount of water

A.Vogel SinuforceDosage - Drops:Adults & Children:10 Drops on the tongue every 15 minutesReduce dosage to every half hourThen every hourThen 4 times daily as improvement occursShould the condition not improvewithin 3 weeks please consult yourmedical practitioner / healthcarepractitioner

A.Vogel SinuforceA.VogelHave you experienced how good nature is?Please use and recommend!A.Vogel Sinuforce

Thank you!Anette RheederSA Natural Products (Pty) LtdPioneer in Natural HealthSince 1923

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