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AUSTRALIAN BELTED GALLOWAY ASSOCIATION · PDF file 2017. 1. 18. · Andrew Monaghan Colin Walker Amy Robertson Disclaimer: Opinions in this publication may or may not be the opinions

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    April Newsletter 2014

    What’s Inside 2014 AGM Notice

    Geelong Show Resu lts

    Ballarat Rural Life E xpo

    ..and much more!

  • 2013 / 2014 Australian Belted Galloway Council

    President: Ian Marjason Vice President: Di Woolfe Councillors: Hume MacDonald Kerry Heazlewood Ashleigh Michael Merv Presland Andrew Monaghan Colin Walker Amy Robertson

    Disclaimer: Opinions in this publication may or may not be the opinions of the Australian Belted Galloway Association Inc. or of its members. Information published is of a general nature only and offered in good faith. Readers are advised to rely on their own enquiries and seek further

    appropriate sources. Individual copyright of contributed articles remains with each author.


    Welcome to the new members in the past quarter



  • From the Office

    Well another quarter had passed us by and what a busy one it has been.

    2014 Inventory

    Thank you to all members who have submitted their inventory, there has been a pleasing number returned by the due date. Well done! Based on inventories returned the number of Councillors for each state and the promotional budget for 2014/2015 has been set. This will be announced at the AGM in July.

    It is very pleasing to say that as of the 8th April there is a total of 990 active animals in the herdbook. Although this is a decrease of roughly 300 on last years figures, given the tough season experienced by all I believe that this is a great outcome. We are also awaiting on a third of the inventories to be returned which contributes to this decrease in numbers.

    Processing of new registrations this year saw ABGA reach its 10,000th registration!!!

    The 10,000th registration in the herdbook is Clan Ranald Dun Jacinta registered by Hume Macdonald and Debbie Painter.

    The Association would like to advise all members that Mr Ian Barclay recently passed away. Mr Ian Marjason is sending a letter of condolence on behalf of the ABGA.

    I would like to wish all members a safe and happy Easter weekend. Please note that the office will be closed Friday 18th and re opening on Tuesday the 22nd April.

    128th HAWKESBURY SHOW 10th & 11th May 2014

    CATTLE SCHEDULE Summary of Competitions Saturday, 10th May 2014 Lowline, Dexter, Square Meaters, Any Other Small Breeds. Pre enter. Entries close 30/4/2014 Junior Parader Classes for small breeds. nter on day. Hoof and Hook competition Pre enter. Entries close 30/4/2014

    Sunday, 11th May 2014 Limousin, Poll Hereford/Hereford, Red Poll, Angus, Simmental, Charolais, Any Other Large Breeds Pre enter. Entries close 30/4/2014 Junior Judging Competition, Junior Parader Classes & finals of Junior Paraders [winners from Saturday to run off against the winners of Sunday] Enter on day

    BREEDS WILL BE JUDGED SUBJECT TO ENTRY NUMBERS. Breeds with less than 6 entries in total - will go into composite Any Other Breed classes Breeds with 6 or more entries in total will be judged in Breed Specific classes.

    A full Schedule and entry details are available on our website -

    As Small Breeds are judged on Saturday, Large Breeds will NOT be allowed entry to the cattle sheds until after 4.00 pm on Saturday. Therefore if you do bring cattle on Friday night / Saturday that are being judged on the Sunday, they will need to be tied outside the cattle sheds until after 4.00pm Saturday. There will be exceptions to exhibitors who have travelled over 100Klms. This is to minimize potential overcrowding of the sheds on Saturday.

    Junior Paraders will be held on both Saturday & Sunday. The winners from Saturday will be asked to come back to compete against the best from Sunday.

  • 2014 AGM

    The 2014 AGM is to be held the weekend of the 26th & 27th July

    This year the AGM is to be held at beautiful Hahndorf, South Australia, located roughly 30 minutes South East of the Adelaide airport. A booking has been made at the Hahndorf Resort for this weekend, so please book early to ensure you don’t miss out.

    A schedule of events for the weekend will be distributed closer to the date. Any South Australian member wishing to open their farm on Sunday the 27th for the ABGA farm visit day, please contact Aimee on 02 6773 3243 or [email protected]

    This is a great opportunity for members to visit other studs and catch up with fellow breeders. It is a great place for new members to introduce themselves and speak with other Belted Galloways breeders!

  • Right: Kay Dawson of Ballanbrae Stud, Geelong, and her heifer Manoora Park Hermione, Grand Champion Belted Galloway exhibit at the Royal Geelong Show, held Saturday, October 19, 2013.

    There were only a small number of entries at the 2013 Royal Geelong Show with 6 females representing 5 studs.

    Results below

    Heifer over 12 mths, not over 16 mths.

    1st. Brookvale Hannah S. Van Eyle

    2nd. Cumbria Bewaldeth Lady 30th. S. Van Eyle

    3rd. Koralea Macy K. Bakker

    Heifer over 16 mths, not over 20 mths.

    1st. Manoora Park Hermione K. Dawson

    Heifer over 20 mths, not over 24 mths.

    1st. Pine Gully Park Gilly R. Alexander

    Cow or Heifer over 30 mths.

    1st. Cumbria Arnside Holly H. Biersteker

    Jnr. Ch. Belted Galloway Heifer Manoora Park Hermione

    Res. Snr. Champion Brookvale Hannah

    Snr. Ch. Belted Galloway Female Cumbria Arnside Holly

    Res. Snr. Champion Pine Gully Park Gilly

    Grand Champion Belted Galloway Exhibit Manoora Park Hermione

    Most Successful Exhibitor Sue van Eyle

    2013 Royal Geelong Show Results

  • 2014 Ballarat Rural Lifestyle Expo

    The Ballarat Rural Lifestyle Expo held on a beautiful, sunny Saturday, the 5th of April 2014. The Rural Lifestyles Expo is organised by the local Agricultural and Pastoral Society, with significant support from the Weekly Times. The expo was evolved from the recognition that more and more people are seeking a better lifestyle in the country to raise their family and perhaps slow down a little and enjoy life. Due to this, they are continually seeking as much information and advice with regards to setting up their property including soil preparation, pasture management and management of all different types and breeds of farm animals.

    This expo aimed to bring together the experts and representatives from rural businesses and people who are already achieving the lifestyle change, to help to arm the growing number of tree changers with all the information they need to make a successful move. Some of the many exhibits and demonstrations included:

    • Pasture Improvement and Weed Control • Fruit Trees - Orchards - Start to finish • The Farmers Friend - Healthy Productive Soils • Trees & the Small Landholder • Setting up Solar Hot Water & Solar Power Systems • Waratah - Fencing Demonstration & Advice

    including practical demonstrations on: o Strainer Assemblies - Do's & Don’ts o Stocklock & Plain Wire Fence Erection o The Waratah Accessory Range o Handy Hints to save you Time and Money

    • Sheep, Cattle and Calf Rearing including: o Cattle - Vaccinations o Parasite control o Heifer management o Calving problem solving o Sheep - Vaccinations o Parasites o Feet conditions

    • Animals - Demonstrations and Advice from Alpacas to Goats, Sheep to Donkeys, Chooks to Ponies,

    Cattle to Pigs with many varieties and breeds of animals on display.

  • This year also included a demonstration on Cattle Exhibition Judging which was organised by Cameron Woolfe with the assistance of Junior Judge - Ruby Canning, who did an exceptional job on discussion all the various aspects of the cattle on parade from all the breeds on show. The demonstration attracted a large crowd, particularly the afternoon session and covered information on selecting good cattle, how to choose a breed of cattle, and what to look for in an animal. Along with parading and assessment of individual animals, with veterinary and breeders commentary.

    This year’s expo was marketed strongly through the Weekly Times, a multitude of websites and through the local Win Television. Attendance was once again impressive with thousands of people through the gate, all looking at well over 200 stalls and demonstrations. Six cattle breeds were represented, Belted Galloways, Lowlines, Speckline, Limousin, Maine Anjou and Santa Getrudis. The Galloway display was

    jointly manned by AGA and ABGA members and was once again co-sponsored by both organisations so sharing the cost. Wilkamdai stud from the AGA displayed Miniature Galloway with Cumbria stud from the ABGA displayed standard Belted Galloways, representing the breed. Once again we also had visitors from bo