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“Artful Expressions: From the Mountains to the Sea” NCAEA K-12 Student Art Exhibit & Reception June 21, 2013 “My Blue Mountains,painted by Allison Roberts, Cartoogechaye Elementary, Franklin, NC; Naomi Albee, art teacher

“Artful Expressions:

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  • Artful Expressions:

    From the Mountains to the Sea

    NCAEA K-12 Student Art Exhibit &


    June 21, 2013

    My Blue Mountains, painted by Allison Roberts, Cartoogechaye Elementary, Franklin, NC; Naomi Albee, art teacher

  • Thank You

    North Carolina Art Education Association members for your support

    and planning of this event. It takes great volunteers like you to make

    things happen. You are awesome!

    Sandra Williams, NCAEA President, and Cheryl Maney, NCAEA

    Past President, for your hard work in arranging and planning this

    wonderful opportunity.

    Penny Freeland, NCAEA DC Exhibit Chair for all the hours spent

    organizing and answering questions for everyone. You make it all look so


    Public Works Commission of Fayetteville, NC for your generous

    donation of water for our reception.

    Jackye Zimmermann, Nicole Carinci, and Doug Herbert from the

    U.S. Department of Education for making this event both possible and a


    Parents for allowing us to share your childrens talent with others

    and supporting them in their pursuit of the arts.

    Mosaic Duck, paper mosaic created by Yakirah Davis, Piedmont IB Middle, Charlotte, NC; Natalie Czerwinski, art teacher

  • Welcome

    Laurie Calvert

    Teacher Liaison, U.S. Department of Education

    Artful Expressions: From the Mountains

    Liam Zink, Violinist

    Max Adair, Pianist

    Caden Mather, Pianist


    Sandra Ruppert

    Director of the Arts Education Partnership

    Penny Freeland

    Forbush Middle School Art Teacher

    Codi Alyssa Brindle

    Hobbton High School Senior

    Artful Expressions: to the Sea

    Cherrie Yoon, Violinist

    Jodie Coble, Dancer

    Sandra Williams

    NCAEA President

    Recognition of Students

  • Butterfly, oil pastel by Lily Morgan, C.D. Owen Middle, Swannanoa, NC; Patti Lloyd, art teacher


    *Listed by NCAEA Regions 1-8. Region 1

    Ananda Moore Primary Marine W.H. Robinson Elementary

    Winterville, NC Eleanor Allen, teacher

    Joseph Midgett Walking in the City Wintergreen Intermediate

    Greenville, NC Melissa Inman, teacher

    Jeremiah Horton "A" is for Alligator Eastern Elementary Greenville, NC Charlotte Kassnove, teacher

    Cherrie Yoon The Moment When I Kicked a Soccer Ball

    St. Peters School Greenville, NC Borim Song, teacher

    Region 2

    Ashley Hollowell Color Run Pamlico County High Bayboro, NC Holly Bradley, teacher

    Karley Lech Van Gogh's Flowers Silverdale Elementary

    Maysville, NC Lee Ann Doss, teacher

    Codi Alyssa Brindle

    Art Influences Everything

    Hobbton High Newton Grove, NC

    Jennifer Jackson, teacher

    Vega Shepherd Purple Flower Sand Ridge Elementary

    Hubert, NC Fawn Lansley, teacher

    Katelyn Auger Eye Spy South Brunswick High

    Oak Island, NC Patricia Lyles, teacher

    Bryanna Owens Marilyn Monroe Arapahoe Charter Arapahoe, NC Daryn Martin, teacher

    Liberty Maddle Bridge Graham A Barden Elementary

    Havelock. NC Kate Radcliff, teacher

    Justin Spruill Me, Myself and I Pamlico County High Bayboro, NC Karen Spruill, teacher

    Maggie Smith Spring is in the Air Topsail Elementary Hampstead, NC Carol Vincent, teacher

    Region 3

    Noah Schaffer Monochromatic Me Mills Park Middle Cary, NC Rebekah Arrington, teacher

    Isabella Kron Self-Portrait Ravenscroft School Raleigh, NC Joyce Fillip, teacher

    Kira Redmond Tasty Thiebauds Richland Creek Elementary

    Wake Forest, NC Carrie Klestinec, teacher

    Christine Do Irises Daniels Middle Raleigh, NC Melanie Walker, teacher

    Region 4

    Olivia Billings Negative Boardwalk

    Fairmont High Fairmont, NC Ashley Berdeau, teacher

    Ty Jewell The President Massey Hill Classical High

    Fayetteville, NC Mona Brown, teacher

    Natalie Jones Home East Robeson Primary

    Lumberton, NC Barbara Coble, teacher

    Abril Salinas untitled SanLee Middle Sanford, NC Ellen Duncan, teacher

    Raphiel Rodriquez Army Strong! Lee County High Sanford, NC Jody Stouffer, teacher

    Elijah West Saving Private Ryan Lee County High Sanford, NC Brian Wohleben, teacher

    Region 5

    Eian McDonald Texture Collage EP Pearce Elementary

    Greensboro, NC Cammie Berrier, teacher

    Robert Hamlet The Circuit of Life Northwood High Pittsboro, NC Leslie Burwell, teacher

    Lauren Chesnet Eyes North Stokes High Danbury, NC Janis Henderson-Hunsucker, teacher

  • Irises, crayon etching by Christine Do, Daniels Middle, Raleigh, NC; Melanie Walker, art teacher

    Region 6

    Yakirah Davis Mosaic Duck Piedmont IB Middle Charlotte, NC Natalie Czerwinski, teacher

    Phoebe Guice Monet's Pond Providence High Charlotte, NC Susan Daisley, teacher

    Toni Vargas Koi Color Wheel Vance High Charlotte, NC Christopher Grimm, teacher

    Maisy Meakin Musical reflection Gaston Day School Gastonia, NC Holt Harris, teacher

    Elif Altug untitled Elon Park Elementary Charlotte, NC Genevieve Balcer, teacher

    Alex Carroll Tools Triptych Northwest School of the Arts

    Charlotte, NC Tamara Conrad, teacher

    Maria Buck Oxford Cathedral Jay M Robinson High Concord, NC Leighann Jackson, teacher

    Nick Mills Self-Portrait Winecoff Elementary Concord, NC Aimee Mills, teacher

    Kayley Pennington

    untitled Crestdale Middle Matthews, NC Michelle Newman, teacher

    Leslie Cisneros-Sanchez

    Dancing Crab Lake Wylie Elementary

    Charlotte, NC Jane Rankin, teacher

    Samuel Rezac Winter Tree Pineville Elementary Pineville, NC Mary Rutherford, teacher

    Fabiola Perez Resonance Vance High Charlotte, NC Amena Saeed, teacher

    Jennifer Rushing Coral Reef David W. Butler High Matthews, NC Kelley Shelley, teacher

    Jessica Krom The Park Hopewell High Hunterville, NC Deborah Watson, teacher

    Ellison Sherrill All is Well Myers Park High Charlotte, NC Lynn Wu, teacher

    Region 7

    Max Adair Kind Liberty Prep Christian Academy

    Mooresville, NC Carolyn Fisher, teacher

    Morgan Bellanger Magic in the Mist Forbush Middle East Bend, NC Penny Freeland, teacher

    Alyssa Livengood Self Portrait in Blue Starmount Middle Boonville, NC Andrea Raines, teacher

    Freddy Luviano Aztec Warrior Statesville Middle Statesville, NC Claude Jones, teacher

    Region 8

    Allison Roberts My Blue Mountains Cartoogechaye Elementary

    Franklin, NC Naomi Albee, teacher

    Madison Ammons Zinnia Madison Middle Marshall, NC Kerstin Davis, teacher

    Chloe Harnett-Hargrove

    Recycled Radio North Windy Ridge Intermediate

    Weaverville, NC Dietra Garden, teacher

    Liam Zink George on Vacation Brevard Elementary Brevard, NC Pam Granger Gale, teacher

    Kylie Fisher Bald Eagle North Canton Elementary

    Canton, NC Mae Kelly, teacher

    Lily Morgan Butterfly C.D. Owen Middle Swannanoa, NC Patti Lloyd, teacher

    Radiance Ramirez Space Boy Swain County High Bryson City, NC Dora May, teacher

    Ariana Alfonsa Still Life North Buncombe Middle

    Weaverville, NC Laura Norris, teacher

    Yarrah Swan-Sullivan

    Exaggerating the Blues

    AC Reynolds Middle Asheville, NC Szabo Rose, teacher

    Gracie Dearing Color Targets Hot Springs Elementary

    Hot Springs, NC Sara Sagar, teacher

    Hannah Gilbreath Proportion and Shading

    Clyde A Erwin Middle Asheville, NC Diane Strazzer, teacher

    Autumn Allen Self Portrait 2 and 3 North Buncombe Elementary

    Weaverville, NC Marti Svoboda-Sidelnick, teacher

    Krista Hall A Butterfly Life Bethel Middle Waynesville, NC Annelle Woggon, teacher

    Kaitlyn Parker My Cherokee Roots Smoky Mountain High Sylva, NC Gayle Woody, teacher

    Caleb Forbes Portrait of Brad Pitt Mitchell High Bakersville. NC Jennifer Robinson, teacher

  • Spring is in the Air, tissue paper collage by Maggie Smith, Topsail Elementary, Hampstead, NC; Carol Vincent, art teacher


    Violinist, Liam Zink, 4th Grade, Brevard Elementary, Brevard, NC- Bonapartes Retreat by

    unknown & Old Joe Clark by Pee Wee King and Redd Stewart

    Pianist, Max Adair, 1st Grade, Liberty Prep Christian Academy, Mooresville, NC- "Star Quest"

    by Phillip Keveren

    Pianist, Caden Mather, 4th Grade, Liberty Prep Christian Academy, Mooresville, NC- "Blues

    Around the World:Chasing the Blues Away" by Bert Konowitz, "Blues for Wynton Marsalis"

    by Bert Konowitz, "Why am I Blue" by (unknown composer), "Good People" by Bert

    Konowitz, and "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin

    Violinist, Cherrie Yoon, 2nd Grade, St. Peters School, Greenville, NC- Chorus from "Judas

    Maccabaeus" by Handel

    Dancer, Jodie Coble, 1st Grade, Tanglewood Elementary, Lumberton, NC- American Kid by

    Go Fish

    Reception Performers

    Flautist, Mrs. Anna Peterson, Music Teacher, Yadkinville Elementary School, Yadkinville, NC

    Pianist, Mrs. Shannon Taylor, Music Teacher, Forbush Middle School, East Bend, NC

  • Mission Statement: The mission of the North Carolina Art Education Association is to promote

    and improve quality visual arts education throughout the state. NCAEA will focus on three broad

    categories to accomplish its goals: LEADERSHIP, SERVICE and ORGANIZATION.

    Membership: Membership is open to all visual art educators. We are affiliated with the National

    Art Education Association. Our membership consists of elementary, middle and secondary

    school art teachers, museum educators, supervisors and administrators of art educators, higher

    education art educators, retired art educators, private business art educators and higher

    education student chapters of future art educators. We have approximately 650 members and

    rank 7th in the nation with our membership total. NCAEA is governed by a 40-member board of

    directors. Our states eight educational regions are each represented on our board. All levels of

    teaching, also, have a representative on the board. Our statewide association proudly serves

    from the mountains to the sea.

    Services: NCAEA provides a three-day fall professional development conference annually for

    members. Many regions provide a spring regional professional development workshop as well.

    Student exhibits are sponsored throughout the state including a yearlong exhibit at the NC

    General Assembly for our Raleigh legislatures, a statewide traveling National Art Honor Society

    exhibit, and many more regional shows provided by our very involved art educators.

    North Carolina Art Education Association

    PO Box 53593

    Fayetteville, North Carolina 28305

  • A is for Alligator, painted by Jeremiah Horton, Eastern Elementary, Greenville, NC; Charlotte Kassnove, art teacher

    The U.S. Department of Educations Student Art Exhibit Program, now in its 10th year

    under the direction of the Office of Communications and Outreach and the Office of Innovation

    and Improvement, features visual art created by students in U.S. and international schools. The

    program provides students and teachers an opportunity to display creative work from the

    classroom in a highly public place that honors their work as an effective path to learning and

    knowledge for all. The works also provide Department employees and visitors with both a

    beautiful environment and the means to be in touch with the Departments principal customers


    The program features two exhibits at all times throughout the year: The winners of the

    Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are exhibited for a year beginning every August, and another

    exhibit, rotated every two to three months, accommodates the many educators who want to

    exhibit their students work. To schedule a visit to the exhibits or to learn more about the

    exhibiting opportunity contact Nicole Carinci by phone 202-453-5585 or email at

    [email protected]