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Artful Activism Flyer

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marrico Gill's Event

Text of Artful Activism Flyer

  • Use Your Talent to Be Heard and Seen!Become an Artful Activist!

    Do You Write? .......... Draw? ............ Play Music?Do You Care About Your Community?

    Music*Video*Flash Mobs*Spoken Word*Writing*ActionsMusic*Video*Flash Mobs*Spoken Word*Writing*Actions

    Join Other Youth April 9-12thJoin Other Youth April 9-12th

    To learn more about the hosts, visit:

    and present:

    Youth Training and Art Build9-4 pm, Monday, April 9th -Thursday, April 12th

    6-8 pm, Tuesday Evening- Share Your Talent Show (Everyone has talent, share yours!)Theme: Liberate the Dreamer Plug the School to Prison PipelineFor more details contact Lashaundra Smith: [email protected] or 228-435-3113

    To Register Visit: