Ancient China Chapter 6. Physical Geography Geography played a major role in the development of China – Separated China from the rest of the world –

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  • Ancient ChinaChapter 6

  • Physical GeographyGeography played a major role in the development of ChinaSeparated China from the rest of the worldSeparated China from itself

  • Vast and Varied LandCovers nearly 4 million square milesNearly the size of AmericaContains deserts, mountains, beaches, plateaus, and more

  • Gobi DesertThe Gobi Desert ran along the northern border.

  • Mountains to the west

  • Pacific Ocean to the east

  • Plateau of Tibet as peaks that reach past 26,000 feetFrom this point smaller ranges spread eastwardQinling ShandiSeparates northern China from Southern China

  • Weather and temperatureVary across ChinaNortheast: Cold and dryTemperature can be below zero Rivers freeze for half of the yearNorthwest: DryDue to the desertsEastern Plains: Heavy RainsTropical SoutheastThe wettest regionCan bring 250 inches of rain a year

  • Rivers of ChinaTwo major rivers flow west to eastHelped link people from the east to the west.

  • Yellow RiverHuang HeAlso known as the Yellow RiverStretches nearly 3,000 miles across northern ChinaOften floodsCan be very destructive

  • Yangzi RiverChang JiangLongest river in AsiaRuns from Tibet to the Pacific OceanCuts through central China

  • Civilization BeganFirst settled along the rivers.

    Farmed, built villages, and formed a civilization

  • Development of FarmingAs early as 7000 BC farmers grew rice in the middle Chang Jiang Valley

    North along the Yellow River millet and wheat were better

  • Getting FoodFishedHunted with bows and arrowsDomesticated animals Pigs, Sheep

    With farming civilization grew

  • Early SettlementsArchaeologists found early villages by rivers.Houses partly underground, straw covered roofs, animal pens, storage pens, and cemeteriesAs villages grew so did their defensesWalls surrounded towns to defend against invaders

  • Chinese CultureOver time became more advancedPottery wheelsDig water wells

    As population grew, villages spread out, culture expanded

  • Burial SitesProvided us with a lot of information from this period

    Filled their tombs with objects

    Some included foodFor the afterlife

    Some graves had more than othersSocial order

  • The Xia DynastyAround 2200 BC Yu the Great, a king, founded the Xia [SHAH] dynasty

    Tales of Yu helping the Chinese people with the floods

    Stories were important to ancient China because told of a king who Helped peopleExplained the geography of the country

  • The Shang DynastyEstablished in the 1500s BC

    Ruled a broad area in Northern China

    The King was the center of the political and religious life

  • Royal Family / NoblesWarrior LeadersArtisansFarmersSlaves

  • The Shang AdvancesChinas first writing systemTodays writing is based on this systemMilitary advancementsWar chariotsBronze body armorOrnaments from JadeJade- a hard gemstoneDeveloped a calendar based on the cycles of the moon

  • Oracle Stone